Suzlon energy

About Suzlon Energy

Suzlon Energy is a leading company in the world of energy; company has strength of 14,000 employees working in the 21 countries. Company operations across the Americas, Asia, Australia and Europe. Company has fully integrated supply chain with manufacturing facilities in three continents. It has sophisticated R&D capabilities in Denmark, Germany, India and the Netherlands. Suzlon is market leader in Asia and 3rd largest wind turbine manufacturing in the world, Suzlon market share rose to 12.3% thereby making Suzlon 3rd largest wind turbine manufacturing company in the world.

Reason to Choose Suzlon Energy

The reason to choose Suzlon Energy is that it is the leading company in energy sector. Its policies have helped the company to become a key player in the energy sector. The philosophical and strategic are the main reasons that reflect the Suzlon's identity. These factors are discussed in detail below:

Suzlon ethics and beliefs

As a company it contributes to the society a sustainable wind-energy on a commercial scale with focusing to increase efficiency and reliability to produce better wind energy.

Suzlon's strategy is always focused on good relations with their customers, which ultimately results in total customer satisfaction (Suzlon, 2009). This will help Suzlon energy to maintain their market share in the energy sector and will provide it the long term sustainability.

Furthermore, Suzlon also focused on standards related to quality, they believe in better quality by maintaining safety on work place. And they consider environmental factors for local community and whole society. The most important philosophy is to build relationship with internal and external parties, and Suzlon is focus to maintain relationship with their shareholders, their employee, suppliers and service provider, government, local community and the most useful their customer. As per the company philosophy this is imperative to maintain relation to all this parties and that's what Suzlon does (Suzlon, 2009).

To contribute the society a healthy energy, Suzlon stand forward, they produce wind energy which is environment free and they not use any fuel to produce the energy, on that way its not west other resources in their operation.

Strategic factors of Suzlon

Turnkey Solutions

Key factors of Suzlon are to offer clients range from development, in construction and in operations. Manufacturing-driven supply chain strengths and global expertise help offer customers the best in quality services.Suzlon is good to help clients in overall wind power project delivery.

Vertical Integration

The Wind Industry's supply chain experiences the critical bottleneck of a long production lead time for key components such as Bearings, Gearboxes, Forging materials etc. However, Suzlon has gained the critical competitive advantage like,

  • Suzlon control on better quality, focused on time and cost.
  • They provide long term support to their customer after delivery.
  • Combination in turbine technology.
  • Easiest production rolling

Global Integration

The growth of Suzlon Energy can be classified with reference to its global integration, which classify. Company has global experience and a talent capital to run their operation in the 23 nation which gives the company to expert workforce.


It can be seen from the sources that the overall strategy of the Suzlon leads to the company towards the overall development. Apart from this the company has global reputation in the energy sector working globally, these key factor attract to choose the Suzlon to write this topic.


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