Nuclear as an alternative energy source


Nuclear is very popular in nowadays. Almost entire civilizations have already recognized this kind of alternative energy source. During the progress, it has been playing a significant development since the era of World War II until recently. As a consequence, countries have already needed nuclear power plant to grow them up. Indeed, the development of nuclear plays very important in countries.

Considering on the fact, it should be reflected on what kind of its progress in Indonesia. Over the years, nuclear in this multicultural nation also plays a crucial role for human society. Under the circumstances, the government has to consider the whole impacts of nuclear if the development often causes the benefit or it can be massive loss for society. Then, it also comes with variety of using nuclear as the major application of energy resources. In addition, various samples of cases also provided in variety whether those case itself represent neither beneficial nor destructive result from this gigantic and powerful energy resource.

1.0 Background

Nuclear is a well-known energy source. It has considerably been becoming one of the human energy resources for many years. Indeed, almost all countries worldwide have been using this kind of energy either developing or developed countries. Even most developed countries also developed it for maintaining human societies, which are include house and appliances, electricity stuffs, and low-cost as well as low-emission. Truthfully, the effect is nuclear play tremendous effect, which benefit a lot for human in their daily life.

The history of nuclear was begun since the initial time before the Second World War. Over the years, scientists had discovered the essential parts of chemical elements in 1932. Afterwards, it had been continued with its further development to be used for political sake, which was not except Manhattan Project (wikipedia 2009) in order to utilize it as the first destructive weapon, and successfully used in both Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Then after that, it has been growing into the alternative resource for recently.

However, the development of nuclear itself has also needs to be clarified since the progress would be different for countries around the globe. The developed countries in which has better advancement of nuclear power should have subsidized to developing countries where they have lacked of its power supply. Indeed, the countries are also considering the further impact of its development whether it is truly benefit or harmful for human civilization.

2.0 The Works of Nuclear

The basic application of nuclear has to be discovered at first. In identifying what form of nuclear is, people usually familiar with gigantic concrete towers (built in two) emitting steam in form of giant cloud towards the sky. Looking for the inside of nuclear chamber, there is a main reactor in which contains the huge amount of radioactive covered by a container. The radioactive fuel is controlling on the fusion reaction in stable process. During its working progress, it usually sealed by a confinement in making the radioactive inescapable.

Specifically, here are the steps of identifying the inner works of reactor. First, the power plant operator has to be capable of controlling the whole energy, which came from the plenty of uranium to heat the water inside the steam. Afterwards, it has a pellet that is controlled into long rods, called control rods and collected together into bundles. Those parts has to maintain uranium in order to create overheat and melt. Furthermore, in preventing overheating, the operator has to handle the capacity of heat according to its reaction inside. In this condition, control rods are absolutely needed to stabilize the uranium. If it wants to produce more heat, the control rods have to be increased to the uranium bundle. In the opposite, if it produces less heat, then the control rods have to be decreased and automatically deactivate the reactor in particular incidents such as neither accident nor change the fuel. Afterwards, high energy source of heat, caused by the movement of uranium bundle, transferred into the water and turns out to the steam. And finally, the steam activates the turbine and automatically spins the main generator to yield power.

Moving to the outside of the chamber, as explained above, it has huge steel container to cover the reactor along with massive outer building. Despite the strong protection of its material, it has to be kept with strong precaution from the workers because the structure sometimes can be going wrong in case of any natural disaster such as earthquake and outer accidental event such as air crash in the location.

The working of that kind of reaction is actually worth of low-cost. Therefore human can utilize this energy more fluently and more efficiently for their daily life. It happens a lot where the truth is that local community are able to use their own appliances in their household. And definitely this system is often applicable very well mostly in prosperous nations.

3.0 The Importance of Nuclear Worldwide

Figure 02. Nuclear Reactors around the Globe (wikipedia 2009)

Nuclear is also emphasizing the following points that might be well-regarded and acknowledged to be beneficial for human life as well as creating various jobs and development. Therefore, here it comes into several points refer to the fact as appeared below.

  • Low-cost management. It produces maintenance and stability needed for increasing national income. From the statement, it projecting that, "cost can be brought down.... [to].....about the same as the cost of electricity
    from conventional source..." (wikipedia 2009)
  • Enormous amount of electric energy. The truth is that it will create more productive energy in order to fulfill human needs.
  • Creating variety of job-networking in which towards to connected industrial occupation around the globe, certainly with big salary to earn.
  • Increasing public awareness related to the whole impacts from nuclear. As a matter of fact, it was established the real organization of nuclear development such as WANO (stands for World Association of Nuclear
    Operators) and also World Institute for Nuclear Security (abbreviated in WINS).
  • Nuclear networking among nations where they usually have a good corporation in dealing with some nuclear issues globally.

4.0 Nuclear Development in Indonesia

Figure 03. Nuclear in Indonesia (Reliance Industries Eyeing Nuclear Power Generation 2007 - 2009)

After looking down the whole influence of utilizing nuclear in various countries, the real thing is focused on developing countries. The obvious example is taking placed in Indonesia, where it has possessed its own nuclear reactor. Beforehand, it has to be described regarding nuclear position in Indonesia.

Indonesia as an archipelago country also could not be apart from this a well-known energy source. Indeed, this country is actually has its own objectives in building nuclear reactor in territories each. Those locations are.

  • Kartini nuclear research reactor, located in Yogyakarta, Central Java.
  • MPR RSG-GA Siwabessy reactor, located in Serpong, Banten, West Java.
  • Triga Mark II nuclear reactor, located in Bandung, West Java.

Moreover, other various and possible locations in nuclear reactors are also built in the purpose of generating the energy, it take place at both Muria (Central Java) and Gorontalo (North of Sulawesi). At the moment, the process of nuclear development has been continuing for years to build.

It has a major cause of earning benefit by producing nuclear reactors around Indonesia, because it would create better cooperation with energy resources in various countries such as South Korea, United States of America and Russia, which are other countries of nuclear producer.

In overall, nuclear developments in several regions of Indonesia are basically supported by following motivations. Those kinds of motivations encompass as following.

  • Raising energy consumption that has been increasing very rapidly in Indonesia for recently.
  • Producing renewable energy in which considered low-cost.
  • The possibility of exporting more oil in high profit if the nuclear developments are provided very well.
  • Reducing carbon footprints and gas emission.
  • Avoiding the long-period use of petroleum gas.

5.0 Nuclear Problems and Cases

Despite the successful Indonesia development of nuclear, it continuously deals with variety of problems that had to be solved. By developing nuclear, Indonesia has to be able to adapt its own condition in which related to real condition that is often occurs, starting from the situations of geographical location then continued with social background and also other obstacles (environmental impact, political sake, etc.) that would have put this renewable energy into serious problem.

Responding on many cases of nuclear reactor taken place in Indonesia, it has been identified through various reasons as appeared below.

  • Putting subjective opinion from the society that nuclear is very dangerous.
  • Indonesia has some of locations that are always being threatened by natural disaster such as earthquake, massive flood, etc., which very harmful to construct nuclear.
  • Extreme decreasing of human resources in taking control of the facilities around factory.
  • Economical impact, which lack of money earned by government to build the factory (very expensive).
  • Promoting political issue of being threatened by some cases of nuclear weapon affected by most advanced countries around the globe.

Also, the whole consequences that often cause the impact of nuclear limit in Indonesia comprise of this following.

  • The rejection of applying nuclear power from community.
  • Their continuous dependence of using oil petroleum gas since it has been something common as a consumption for people.
  • Tendency of banning the old factory of reactor at the place.
  • Inefficiency of its factory maintenance.
  • Not only domestic, but also international threat.

According to the latest article in which come from particular website, it has truly been stated that nuclear in Indonesia would be abolished by thousands of protesters. The factual problems of this energy are really appeared. It because the tendency of Indonesia's dependence towards international investment. As a matter of fact, global capitalism, and international debt as well as foreign government control has made Indonesia's natural resources kept exploited in huge amount. Responding on the fact, the government has been put the statement announced by public attention that nuclear would not amount to anything for Indonesia natural resources. As a result, some nuclear factories in Indonesia would lead to be neglected and taken away to other renewable energy that might alternatively be available to use.

President of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, had also announced through his memorable speech in which related to his decision to stop the build process of nuclear power,

"In 10 years to come, or 20 years or 30 years to come, Indonesia must really develop its existing resources and these should be environmentally friendly," he said, adding that water and wind power options would be also explored. (Indonesia goes cold on nuclear power 2009)

"If there are still other alternatives, we will not take nuclear resources." (Indonesia goes cold on nuclear power 2009)

As a result of his intriguing decision, Dr. Yudhoyono seemed to refuse the idea of building the nuclear power plant. It because of the consideration of Java's territory remained unstable as well as plenty of population around the region. And the effect is that he has already decided with it.

6.0 Conclusion

In solving this issue in Indonesia, it should be looked at the Indonesia government role of this issue. Between the government and the public, which the public should have reflected on what they respond about positive impacts of nuclear and how long they are able to maintain it. On the other hand, the government has to ultimately focus on establishing the regulations and attention to its own public itself, which in order to realize how to make them positively sustain the energy beside other energy resources.

Now, it eventually comes into the end of this chapter. Conclusively, to sum up the points, it has to be clarified that nuclear has brought quite much public intention and government either came from national or international. Likewise, in Indonesia, the agreement of this energy has been prolonged debatable. In advantage side, nuclear is basically low-cost energy and intended to bring benefit to people. Oppositely, nuclear would bring destructive impact and hazardous to the people. Even in Indonesia, nuclear would probably banned by people who rejected the existing of it. That might be unimportant to say so about it, but it has to be believed that nuclear would bring people to wealth and prosperity to the nation even though the community was still ambiguous to think about it.

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