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“Jane's Sentinel Country Risk Assessments provides you with in-depth, up-to-date and accurate data and analysis on the latest events and trends in pol, security and eco affairs. It provides a comprehensive one-stop info source covering 190 states and 30 territories. Jane's worldwide intelligence network of over 120 expert contributors delivers incisive and impartial analysis to help nations protect their eco, strategic and pol interests”.

- Jane's Information Group.


1. After the disintegration of the erstwhile Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) into Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), this region has seen a transition from Communism to Capitalism. With natural resources like uranium, copper, natural gas and oil in abundance; this region is one of the economic hubs of the world.

2. However, this region has been a cauldron of pol and mil upheaval due to the challenges of integration faced by Russia and the CIS, in the post-Soviet era. Sitting on a stockpile of Soviet era nuc wpns, this region is very volatile to strife, changes in leadership and pol upheaval between Russia and the CIS.

3. In the book under review, the authors have analyzed the pol, eco and mil strengths of Russia and the CIS in great detail to generate a threat assessment for the world order to assess.

About The Authors

3. Founded in 1898, Jane's Information Group has always been at the forefront of publishing and developing information solutions for its customers.

4. Jane's Information Group is a world leading provider of intelligence and analysis on national and international defence, security and risk developments. It is an independent organization with an unrivalled reputation for accuracy, authority and impartiality. Governments, militaries, business leaders and academics in over 180 countries rely on Jane's Information Group for providing timely and insightful info on threat and security issues.

Other Works.

5. Jane's Info Group offers a full range of off-the-shelf information solutions as well as specific tailor-made consultancy services in the following fields:-

(a) Country by country internal and external security and threat assessments.

(b) Defence news and analysis.

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(d) Orders and formations of worldwide armies, navies and air forces.

(e) Mil systems and eqpt.

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(g) Worldwide geopolitical int and news analysis.

(h) Terrorism int, news and assessment services.

(j) Risk assessments for businesses and industry looking at markets and nations.

(k) Worldwide national rail and urban transportation systems.

(l) Police and law enforcement news and eqpt info.


6. In order to assess Russia and the CIS, the authors of this book has combined expert analysis of the latest events and trends in pol, security and mil affairs of these nations along with a detailed breakdown of the global mil and pol structures on a regional basis.

7. The region has been broken down country wise with each country profile providing a detailed analysis of pol, diplomatic and mil capabilities to form an analysis of these nations' global security risk.


8. Layout. The book is exhaustive and the contents are presented in a methodical and logical manner. It begins with a regional overview covering the resurrection of Russia, the ongoing separatist conflicts, the various competing regional organizations in vogue and the Central Asian instability prevalent in the region. The risk assessment of these nations has been covered country wise in twelve elaborate chapters. It is followed by a Glossary of Terms used in the book. Photos and statistics have been incl at relevant places in each chapter, thus making the Layout reasonably good. However, there is a conspicuous absence of Endnotes giving out the details of the source of info. The book goes about the topic in the following chapters:-

(a) Chapter 1 - Exec Summary. In this chapter, an overview of the country along with its risk pointers, economy, pol & def details are given out in great detail.

(b) Chapter 2 - Security. This chapter deals with the stability of the nation, its international relations, terrorism/insurgency and organized crime prevalent in the state.

(c) Chapter 3 - Pol Leadership. This chapter gives out an overview of the pol, pol leadership and pol profiles of the nation.

(d) Chapter 4 - Natural Resources. In this chapter, a detailed study of the nation's major natural resources, oil & natural gas res, power generation, land use and food/water supplies are discussed.

(e) Chapter 5 - Internal Affairs. This chapter deals with the nation's pol summary, pol system, pol parties, elections and civil society in great detail.

(f) Chapter 6 - External Affairs. In this chapter, the nation's foreign policy, multilateral relations, relations with the USA and trade/external assistance is discussed and analyzed.

(g) Chapter 7 - Defence Budget. This chapter gives a summary of the nations' def budget and def related spending trends'.

(h) Chapter 8 - Armed Forces. This chapter deals with the assessment, doctrine and strategy, chain of comd, strategic wpns and NBC capabilities of all three arms of the nation's armed forces.

(j) Chapter 9 - Security & Foreign Forces. This chapter deals with the nation's police, customs, border gds, security forces and foreign forces in great detail.

(k) Chapter 10 - Non State Armed Groups. This chapter gives an overview of the nation's PMFs.

(l) Chapter 11 - Procurement. This chapter deals with the nation's Armed Forces' procurement and major conventional mil procurements.

(n) Chapter 12 - Def Production and R & D. This chapter deals in great detail with the nation's def productions, mil research and development.

Production Value

9. This book has been published in 2009 by Hobbs the Printer, a subsidiary of Jane's Info Group Inc. The hardbound book consists of 779 pages and is priced exorbitantly at £ 69.50 or Rs 5,055/-. The paper used is of good quality and the print is crisp and makes for easy reading.

10. This book contains photographs of the imp heads of state and extensive figures and tables showing the various expenditures incurred under various headings.


11. This book is invaluable ref material to all mil ldrs dealing with the mil matrix in the Asian & Eurasian continent. It provides a comprehensive country wise assessment of mil profile along with detailed analysis of pol, diplomatic and eco assessment. Jane's Sentinel Country Risk Assessments: Russia & the CIS is a complete guide to global security risk.

12. This book is recommended for purchase by mil libraries up to fmn level.

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