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In the advancement of education the chances for gaining knowledge at the collegiate level are higher than ever. Technology permits researching strategies, distance learning of the course and tutoring capabilities to be exploited by all students keen to obtain them out. Regrettably as the chances for wide learning increase, there are also some students who use these technologies like internet to attempt to make an unfair benefit over their internet by doing such things as sharing their finished assessment papers on sites/blogs , to cheat in tests and duplicating online sources of the papers in their reference lists. These situations, while the olden times in mortar and brick classes, have now transformed into online education. Excercising doubtful ethics in higher school education is not a new issue for students. Such practices are happening for years and years and unmoral practices range from the line of copying from another students paper, In today's complicated search engines and Internet paper mills.


Unfair Practice can be defined commonly as any kind of activity where a person would get for her/himself or for any other, an not permitted benefit or a higher percent or grade than her/his capability is deserved. This Practice is applicable to any forms of assignment. Unfair Practice can be classified into one or more of a forms in number in connection to examination and non examination conditions, including:

Plagiarism: Plagiarism can be commonly defined as, using the ideas or words of other authors or other students with lacking of acknowledging the authors as such and submitting the papers for assessment like it was their own work. These things can be plagiarised in several kind of ways, which are:

  1. Using any kind of quotations from any articles, websites, books or any other online source or any other format which are not properly referenced or used within any quotation marks and not properly referenced with any reference conventions under specific discipline.
  2. Paragarpahs that have been modified from the original with some minor changes and are parphrased in the manner to appear to be original.
  3. Without referencing the ideas that have been taken from any source and not listing them in the bibliography.
  4. Downloading or using an essays from the essay banks or from any other online source or any other external agencies.

Collusion: this occurs when one student submit the copy of another student in the name of the other. When one person submits solely off the work of another person. When the author of the original work complaint both parties are considered under fault.

Self plagiarism: this occurs when submitting an assessment that has been previously submitted before. The previously submitted assessment may be from different course of study and it also can be within or form other university.

Examination misconduct:

  1. Using any not permitted or unauthorised source of information in the examination or in any other facilities.
  2. Copying from or Communicating with other student/person in the examination room and in any other similar facilities
  3. Communicating through electronically or verbally with other person/student in the examination room or in any other similar facilities.
  4. Writing exam for another student or allowing other person to write exam.

Justifying the mistake or acting like not have done any mistake, including:

  1. data forging;
  2. Doing fake act that have done research, experiments and any other kind of research.
  3. Making false evidence for any circumstances.

The above statements are thorough and other kind can also come under unfair practices.

Students involve in more unfair practices often today, the techniques that they use are very complex and highly sophisticated and many confess their fault only when they get caught. A question arises why do students involve doing such unfair practices? The answer is very common (1) It's very easy with today's technology, Internet has made it possible to do it in their tiny laptop. (2) Only very few students less than 10% get caught and (3) Internet attracts even an student not having intention to do such practices to do it.

Many articles and journals accepts and warns that unfair practices increasing rapidly and it has become one of the serious issue. Although some students get an shining grade because of their knowledge and their research but also some students continue to show they are accomplished cheaters.

Electronic Plagiarism

There are plenty of research papers available in the internet and they can be downloaded for free and several more papers are available in paper mill websites for sales. Some research sites even produce original research papers for the students for some fee and to be more accurate in that some websites even request for an sample writing from the student to produce the same style of writing and language of the student to avoid any doubts and the fee transactions are made through credit cards and research papers are sent through e mail.

Some students download an article or journal form some site they use word processor softwares like ms office, open office to reformat and edit the pages and pretend and present it like their own. This makes even more difficult to identify the original papers.

How easy is to prepare an new research paper from the Internet?

Only with less than five keystrokes, Mike copied a research paper about Human resource management and he passed it into a Word processing software. In some instance of time he edited and reformatted the paper and he used the tools review and thesaurus to replace some word just by clicking search and replace tool. He changed certain words in the paper and finally he used Spelling and grammar check option which showed some suggestion to reparaphrase and some spelling check, Now Mike made his Research paper ready to be submitted (Magney, par. 16)

More than fifity online websites has been identified to prepare assessment papers to students those who wish not to write their own assessment. In this fifty websites about nineteen websites offer this service for free and other sites charge about 5 dollars to 20 dollars for each page. Some websites even offer their service to write papers on the topics requested by the students ranging from 10 dollars to 50 dollars. Some sites offer research papers but they strictly warn students to use it only for research purpose only and it should not be shown as students own work.

Websites Offering Research Papers

  • www.absolute-essays.com
  • www.scribd.com
  • www.buy-papers.com
  • www.research-paper-store.com
  • www.pdf-search-engine.com
  • www.acceptedpapers.com
  • www.cheathouse.com
  • www.schoolsucks.com
  • www.slate.com/id/2059540
  • www.essay-lab.com

What's Available on the Internet?

The new term given to student who are copying from internet resources like online we sites is called as "Cyber-plagiarism". These websites offer free research papers and journals in any topic of their study , there are thousands and thousands of papers available on the internet. The access to internet for students is described by an author as "a big study group and an endless archive of cut-and-paste essay components [where] the ability to easily scoop a little flotsam from the vast oceans of the Internet doesn't seem nearly as nefarious as pilfering a passage from a library book" (Fritz, pars. 67).

It is not possible to find out the stuff that is available in the internet with a single term, Students can search several websites that offer research papers in any paper mill site. Due to availability of plenty of papers students can make an comparison among the papers he/she downloaded from the site for the specific topic. It is very expensive to compare papers form the sites. Some sites charge for every page that's called cost per page. But some sites do this for free, they offer free research papers for students they get gain from the advertisements for marketing for teenagers, games etc. In recent survey it is said that about more than fifty sites offer free research papers, some sites get an exchange paper form the student for its service. Around half of the paper mill sites charge around 100 dollars to write research papers for students. Some sites display an warning banner that copying is against law only because many sites have been charged for this service.

Students should learn to write their own papers, That's what all faculty and university wants. These are the times where writings losing its essence, there's no wonder why student lost their interest in writing essays. To avoid the deadline of the university they go for this cheating process and also in the fear of getting poor grade, but the fact is no grade is better than writing of their own. Its an risk to copy the words of other authors than losing the grade. Students who cheat lose their honesty and integrity. Students can type 'buy paper' in any search engine and can see thousands of websites coming up to help them.

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