A financial business plan


Before going into business plan it is necessary to know what is all about the business plan, the business plan is a necessary step before and while operating any business, it explains the business opportunities and other strategies which should be consider while operating business. It is fact that most of the successful small business managers had a realistic goals and plans for their businesses for how they run their venture this won't finish by having finished product in hand, but it require research and think about the venture in a proper systematic way, and this gives tips for business in some unexpected situations. So a successful business is very much depends on its planning and the way it had taken.

Executive summary:-

Any successful business had a plan and goal to survive, and this plan and goal should be prepared by the manager or the proprietor of the business, for this business plan which I am planning, is franchising or dealer of one of the world's largest and well known soft drinks manufacturer coca-cola, the company had got reputation as a good service provider with healthy and energetic soft drinks depends on the culture and nature of the people, as it is a multinational company, the behaviour of the people will vary from country or region to other. The name for my business is RIGHT TIME DISTRIBUTORS. The reason for choosing franchise of coca-cola is the well known fact that the company had got good reputation as soft drinks producer and this helps in market to go with backing of such a large company and their support in the market, and the business is in my home town in India.

Mission statement:-

The mission of the business is "to craft growth strategy to bring good to the people, and help in strengthens people everyday and stimulating shop keepers with our brands and our actions and to develop the business and help in development of our employees".

organisation strategy:-

Why is the organisation in business:-

Working with one of the worlds trusted and well known multinational company, coca-cola, and the reasons for choosing this business are to be a respectable enterprise in the society by can be possible working with coca-cola one of the worlds popular mnc with more than 200 products all over the world, helps in stimulate the growth and in development of the venture. The business is in India, which is a tropical country where the climate will be hot all over the year, temperature will reach 45c (112F) in summer, and the country is a developing country most of the people are below poverty line and middle class people working in the hot weather, chilled drinks will certainly help them to sustain in that climate, for cheap rates and branded and healthy drinks, and cool drinks had become as a essential and common item in any home now a days, help the people working with us and take them to a honourable position in their life.

What does the organisation do:-

The main role of the organisation is distribution of the soft drinks from manufacturing plant to the shop keepers in the market from there to the customers, this is the process of supply chain management, in this business organisation won't have direct contact with the customers and is indirect service provider to the consumers. The products include various types of soft drinks like aerated, carbonated, real fruit juices, flavoured drinks, mineral water etc., as the products are of coca-cola company they will have a specific identity for each drink, and the products which we distributing are

  • Coca-cola (carbonated cola drink).
  • Thums up (carbonated drink).
  • Fanta (orange flavoured aerated drink).
  • Maaza (real mango drink).
  • Sprite (aerated drink).
  • Limca (lemon flavoured aerated drink).
  • Kinley (mineral water).
  • Kinley (aerated water).
  • Minute maid (real orange juice).

These are the products produced by coke in India, and where being distributed and providing service to the people. The process of distribution starts from, ordering drinks from the manufacturing plant, all the different drinks we need and stack them in ware house and distributing them to all the shops in the market, away from market the drinks will be supplied to rail station, bus station, cinema theatres, functions, schools and colleges, companies and offices etc.,

How does the organisation do what it does:-

Quality is one of the important aspect which should be consider in soft drinks industry, being with coca-cola one of the worlds trusted brand, apart from the business side the company maintain high quality for their product and there are different levels and quality assurance strategy for its consumers, the industry is a very competitive one where quality is one of the important tool to compete with the competitors, for this the company operates the symbol of quality campaign, quality system and manufacturing process, water quality, sugar syrup quality, finished product quality and quality management these are things which company is following to maintain high level quality products for its consumers, the raw material used to prepare drinks also should meet the national and international standards and laws for using in the preparing the final products, company is taking most of the care in maintain the quality of the products, as from the business side the quality includes supplying of hygiene products to the shops, this include first stock should go first, and proper records will be maintain for stock in taking, the details of the stock like manufacturing date of the goods, and this also include the quality of the employees, like honesty and loyalty to the business. In our case the quality means value for money, and the customers should satisfy for the money which they are paying.

Who does the organisation do it for:-

The customers or consumers of the soft drinks are the target of the business, there is no any specific section or region of people who drink soft drinks and the price of the drinks can be affordable by any class of people in the society, so the customers can be of any section. In the past in India, where soft drinks are an identity used in rich people's houses during parties or celebrations, and these are not as much available in the market as it is now, but now days the spending of the people had increased and they are not hesitating to spent money on soft drinks.

It is not possible to categorise people into categories who are using the products, as this is like a necessary and daily consuming product by the people and can be affordable by any class in the society it is highly impossible to categorise people who consume the drinks, but is appropriate to categorise people who drinks each drink, as they are of different types with different nature and each one is different from other, firstly the carbonated drinks and aerated drinks will be drink by most of the youth, flavoured drinks will be consumed by the all class of people, and the fruit juices will be mainly drunk by ladies, so it will be a good idea to distribute the drinks where there is most of the section people will fall

Where does the organisation operates:-

The business is franchisee of coca-cola company; the company divides the country into regions for their proper operations and the regions to the small areas, the company is strict in boundaries as there will be disputes with the neighbour distributors for the area and they will, franchisee each area to a effective and a good person.

The main duty of the business is to order the products from the manufacturing plant and store them in ware house and distribute products to the shops in the given area properly and supporting the shop keepers in developing their business.

organisational objectives:-

Every organisation should have objectives, which will leads the company smoothly and profitably, the objectives should be placed for all the cases in the business, it should be effect and touch all the areas in the business and as it is known the objectives should be smarter, these includes considering all the factors in the business, and there should be proper planning in preparing the objectives of the business. In the case of smarter objectives,


The goals should be specific, and they should be supposed to be achievable and should be narrow, and the goals should be clear and understandable by all the people in the organisation, this explains how to proceed in the business.


The goals which had set should not be too vague, and it should be suppose to be achievable and completed in time and there should be no confusion in achieving and it should be measurable in multiple ways and the goals should be measured continuously whether they can be achieved in time.


This is an important step in planning goals and keeping objectives for the business, all the employees in the organisation should be clear about the organisation goals and they should be prepare and agree that they can achieve the goals set by the organisation.


This include the goals set should be realistic, like they should be achievable and there should be adequate resources for achieving the goals and the plan in achieving should be admire by all in the organisation.

Time frame:-

The plan which should be achieve should have enough time to achieve and there should be proper time table for each step or stage in the process which should be achieve in time, and there should be analysing for the reason why it was not achieve if it was not achieve in time, at the same time the time should not be too less or too much for completing the goal, and the work should be done continuously rather than thinking of doing all the work at the end of the day.


The goal should motivate the people who are included in achieving it, and they should not feel depressed by seeing the goal, the goal should help them as an energy in achieving it, and should improve the capabilities of the people and there should be continuous contribution from the organisation to the employees in achieving the goals.


The people or employees who are participated in achieving the goal and they should feel that by achieving the goal, they can gain some good results from it, and the organisation also reward him for his efforts to achieve the goals of the organisation.

Business objectives:-

As this is a small scale industry, where distributing services and goods to the shops, our objectives of the business are to grow and continue market share, and ensure survival in business, developing and motivating employee status, providing good service to the customers and satisfy them, long term survival in the industry, reputation and brand image in the market.


The information flow in the business is from the business to the company and from business to the shop keepers and the consumers, the information should be flow constantly in between these as then only the business will be in control, there should be constant update of things in between these people about the changes in the market which help in be in control over the market and the market share, there is no much equipment require for this business, as most of the work will be done manually, but a fork lifter to carry crates from ware house to the vehicle which takes products to the market, and a personnel computer for keeping business information and other financial information, the quality control will be controlled by the company, but the care should be taken to rotate stock like first come first go policy should be maintain for keeping fresh stock in and old stock out as they will get spoil if kept for many days with out consuming.


The personnel department is the back bone of any business, in the business, which is a small scale business, there is no specific department for human resource, but care will be taken for the rights and needs of the employees in the organisation, in the organisation there is totally 20 employees working in various levels of operations, whose contribution is very important for the growth of the business


in the chart the head of the business is managing director, who will be supervising all the employees in the business and will communicate with the company regarding the stock intake and position of the market and any promotional offers which should be implement in the market, then the manager, who is the operational head of the business and who reports to the MD will supervise and give work to all the supervisors below him, and take daily notes for future use, and the accountants who is responsible for maintaining accounts will report to MD and will work combining with the manager and other staff, below manager, there are supervisors for different sections like ware house will be taking care of the ware house like security and condition and stock intake and out take for the selling of the products, below him there will be labour working for transporting stock from inside to out side and from out side to inside. Then the stock in charge whose duty is to taking records about the stock and reporting the manager, this is mainly for quality maintenance where the old stock should go first, then the labour supervisor whose duty is to allocate duty to all the labour and distributing them to different sections depending on the requirement of different departments, and the supply distribution supervisor, whose duty is to distribution of stock to the market and he will take care of the all the area which is necessary of stock and will sent the stock by vehicles to that area, under him there will be drivers for vehicles who will take the stock to all the areas and under them the helpers who will help them in distribution of stock.

Training will be given to all the staff, depending on the task they are taking, but there are some basic necessary things like knowledge about the company, and the drinks and the area and others include how to handle with the shop keepers and weight management.


The finance is a very important pillar in a business, which indirectly helps to know the performance of the business and the condition of the business how it will be proceed in the later times, for this I prepared balance sheet, cash flow statement and profit and loss account for my business, which will help in knowing the performance of my business. The business which I started is a small and therefore the accounts prepared with the limited resources which in have got.

Action plan:-

The only aim for our business is to be well placed in the market with a market share of 80% in the next one year, and extending the area and going to the neighbour areas with good reputation from the existing area and to play an important role in the company operations by being an important person in their company and helping the people working with us with a better life for them and improving their life standards.

This is the business plan for my business which includes all the necessary topics which should be there in a business plan, which will influence the performance of the business.


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