Abdullah Al Mamun

Personal Profile:

To build my career by exposing myself to the competitive business areas and dedicate all my potential effort for the achievement to the goal of the company where I work and will be working. I believe myself to be an outgoing, honest, dedicated and hard working individual who enjoys being creative, responsible and learning new skills. I am able to initiate work with limited or without supervision. Working with other people has helped me to gain exceptional communicational skills and makes me an active team player, which is essential for my future professional development.

Major Achievement:

  1. Best employee of the month awards
  2. 100 percent mystery shopper certificate for my outstanding customer service
  3. Learned a number of new IT related skills and programme during my job training
  4. Create some new techniques and process for storing a documents, file, software etc.


Acorn house is centred on the key elements of health, training, community and environment. It is run by a trust named Terrence Higgins Trust. Also it is doing various types of business to improve the environment. However it holds a pioneering project to make a green and sustainable environment in the United Kingdom, which will de beneficial both the local population and those who staying outside of the country. And so it is getting a good support from all types of company.

Position: Supervisor


  • Providing any types of information to customer
  • Receiving all types of incoming call
  • Taking reservation from customer and save it into system
  • Dealing with all types of customers inquiry and complaints
  • Operating with new software and make it installed
  • Doing workshop about new software


It is one of the leading Indian cuisines in Somerset. There are about 15 professional staff and 5 trainees working in this restaurant. Also it has some other business and sponsorship with local charities and community centre. However it is offers some courses on NVQ level in cooking and wine services partnership with local university and college.

Position: Junior Supervisor


  • Ordering stationary and office supplies
  • Dealing with delegates and clients
  • Making schedule for part time staff during the office hours
  • Working with cctv for training purposes
  • Checkout stock and ordering necessary products for every department.
  • Doing calculation with schedule hours for payment
  • Preparing documents for tax and national insurance contribution
  • Doing workshop with trainees about their progress
  • Preparing files and documents for my manager


PDSA an animal welfare pioneer which is founded in 1917 by Maria Dickin CBE. It is also a leading veterinary charity in the United Kingdom. It is doing a great mission to care for the pets of needy people by providing free veterinary services to their sick and injured animals and promoting responsible pet ownership.

Position: Office Assistant


  • Compare package: Microsoft word, Microsoft excel, Microsoft power point, Adobe Photoshop etc.
  • Filing , stocking or shelving , binding
  • Making a good communication between every department
  • Dealing with invoice and order lists
  • Making lists of regular goods and equipments
  • Sending e-mail, letter, promotion leaflet to donators
  • Doing lists for everyday meeting and appointment
  • Receiving all incoming calls and transfer the line if needed


It is a good educational institution mainly renowned for teaching all types of English courses like IELTS, GMAT, TOFEL, General English, Basic English, etc. At the present time it is one of the best and leading tuition providers in the market. Because they have a number of high standard campus, library, and a group of high qualified and experienced tutor that make it difference than others. However they are making a good profit during their business. Also they follow some confidential policy for their business. And that are all about advertisement. Because saifur's spending about ten million local currency for their advertisemant each year.

Position: Assistant Supervisor


  • Designing module structure for every courses
  • Communicate with study material providers
  • Comparing between companies and report to senior personnel
  • Making guidelines for all students
  • Storing data from all students
  • Filing all accounts related papers and receipt
  • Receiving delegates from local study board
  • Arranging internal meetings between all staffs
  • Making feedback for quality purpose and return it to relevant department

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