Advance professional development


Managers play very decisive role in every operation and for whole administrative structure of the organization hence they are immensely vital for deciding the state of the existence and the future of the organizations. In all the business processes such as business activities and development planning and their executions, monitoring and modifications directly relates to the managers who synchronizes them too. The manager is the epicentre of the organization that does not only synchronizes the business processes but does the same for human responses. In other words they lead the workforce and their endeavours and thereby the organizations towards accomplishments of their goals.

Accredited to the massive increase in the value of the managers, there has been constant and significant upgradation in the standards of the required abilities of the managers which includes personal and professional both type of the skills. In order to explore the managerial skills required in current scenario we will discuss both.

  1. Introduction of the skills:
    1. Personal Skills:


    There have been constant and significant academic and experimental researches in context of organizational performances by the management experts. All these exercises done to find the factors affecting the organizational performance aim to indentify to comprehend the previous circumstances, operations and evolving states that smooth the process of getting productive organizational accomplishments. One factor which is rising as the major affecting aspect in making the progress of organizational accomplishments' improvement is leadership.

    Leadership is defined as 'It is the art of motivating a group of people to act towards achieving a common goal."

    Introduction to Leader / Manager

    The manager's responsibilities are wide ranging and multifaceted hence they must have specific skills to be able to carry out specific duties. One of them is the synchronizer between the management and the workforce. He has to lead the workforce and the organization in many ways. Due to this reason, the subject "difference between the managers and the leaders" has been the topic of the intense discussions since last some years. The administrators accomplish the operations as per the strategies and operations structure while the uniqueness is the main trait of the leader whether it is related to strategy planning or its execution. The manager plays the best role for conserving the business policies and success rate while the leader plays a role in developing all these. The areas of the concentration for managers are operations layout and its structure while for leader it is the workforce. The leader stresses on opportunities whereas for manager it is the groundwork. Focus on initiation is the leader's character while replication is the manager's.

    Before sometimes the leaders and the managers were differentiated by these differences but now a time the scenario has changed as the managers have to grasp all the virtues of the leaders along with retaining of the proficient managers. In the present competitive situation, the manager requires to kick off the productive and accomplishable targets on behalf of the organization and have to organize the operations to be able to accomplish them later on. With all these addition in the required skills for the managers they have to have and enhance varied proficiencies as they have to undertake varied tasks such as the planning, managing, leading, mentoring, facilitating and controlling of the workforce and the tasks.

    Professional Skills:

    • Time Management

    Even though time management could be considered as personal skill, considering its comprehensive value in current" multi tasking age" it is now considered as professional skill. Time has been one of the most precious things that the human beings have and the value of it is increasing day by day with the increasing value of resources. Whenever the person uses his or her time sensibly and productively, they raise the chances of success drastically. The value of the time adds more for the managers who have to undertake various operations. The successful administrators do not waste the time for any unnecessary act but employ their time in a way that they gain some thing in terms of knowledge or skills even from their relaxation activities.

    To utilize their time in a best way, the first task the managers need to do is the perfect assessment of their overall amount of work and next to it is to decide the priority of them on the bases of their significance not only in context of their nature but in context of its order too. It has been seen many times that the administrator had poured his committed endeavours in operations but did not find any significant result due to the lack of skill of analyzing of priorities. Along with the significance of the characters and order of tasks the managers must recognize their own capacities and the areas of their strength and weaknesses. To recognize his or her own personal traits the managers must have the idea about their inherent character which is the main drive behind their behaviour. Such identifications are crucial as no matter how much professional you are, the personal traits leave their impacts on the rate and the ways of accomplishing the tasks. Hence the administrators must identify the best time in his working schedule when he performs the best which definitely should be spared for the most significant task.

    Along with the assessment and the prioritizing the activities the skill must be achieved by the managers is the delegation of the responsibilities as it has been imperative in present business scenario. The managers must have the abilities to identify the inherent and developed abilities of the employees in order to judge the best suitable work for them which are truly significant to enhance the performance standards of the employees and the organization's as well. Delegation of the work must be done to meet the requirements of the task which sometimes might be segment of the comprehensive operation.

    The effectiveness of the time management can be enhanced by setting deadlines for each task whatever might be the importance of it is. This also requires ability as lesser than the required time would result either in failure or in deteriorated performance while greater than the required time would result in wastage of time and other resources.

    With sole consideration of all the abilities related to the time management, the manager succeeds in achieving the organizational and the personal targets.

    • Running Meetings

    Meetings now a time have become part and parcel of the business activities as to organize the business activities, on many occasions the effective communication between the different stakeholders is inevitable. One of the best communication tools from business perspective is the meetings hence it has been in vast practice in business world. When the task becomes important, the ability to do that also becomes important which is true for the skill of conducting meetings too. Proficiently conducted meetings achieve many targets such as save time, create the unambiguous communicational environment, enhance the passion among the members and the most is solve the problems. The significance of the meetings has been proved by the findings of the surveys also which have acknowledged its usefulness comparative to other communication tools such as the emails, letters or telephonic conferences.

    The character of the meetings are distinguished in two ways; Planned, Unplanned. Planned meetings are meant to follow predecided agenda and other procedures such as 'minutes', decision of chair etc. whereas the unplanned meetings used to be arranged in crucial situations hence they are not supposed to follow the procedures. Proficiently conducted meetings achieve many targets for managers such as conveys the information effectively, encourage the desirable and honest opinions, and prudent decisions. As the decisions taken in the meetings usually have the majority consents used to found effective execution. When the meetings are organized for strategic discussion the significance of the meetings drastically enhanced as the decisions taken in it will affect the organization for longer time. For example if the meeting is organized for discussing the modification plan of the existing product range, whatever the outcomes of the meetings are, will be decisive for the organization for the organisational performance for longer time. With all these significance taken in consideration, the manager must ascertain the information provided the opinions of the members and the sensible and democratic decisions.

    • Giving Presentation

    At the time of practising the presentation, the purpose of it must be clear in the manager's perception. Along with the purpose he or she should have unambiguous idea of the required information related to the subject to convince the audience. The manager must involve the audience and stimulate them to perceive the subject and convince them with his or her perception.

    With unambiguous perceptions about the topic and the audience the manager must obtain the outline and the comprehensive knowledge of the subject and systemize them. The impacts of the presentation could stretch by involving the supportive audio video devices such as overheads, Power Point, handouts, smart board etc. Prior to the presentation, the efficiency of all these tools is very essential to flow the presentation smoothly. While addressing the numbers of the people and holding their attention nervousness is the obvious feeling which can be overcome by the prior practicing of the presentation and detail study of the subject.

    All these practises are necessary for gaining attention of the audiences for which the another significant exercise to be done is to maintain eye to eye contact, confident body language and clear delivery of the speech. To enhance the listener's involvement with the presentation, they should be provided the opportunity to clear their queries and their perceptions. For example, if the presentation is being done about the modification in the organization's existing products the presenter must give the detail idea about the features to be changed, impact of the modification in product and on market in front of the audiences consisting of the distributors and retailers. All this information can be conveyed in impressive way with the help of power point presentation, by using smart board, marker pen etc. If the presentation is done with proficiency will enable the manager in justifying and establishing the modification in supplier chain.

    • Managing Stress

    It has been well known fact that the managers have to undertake diverse and multifaceted jobs which many times lead them to the stressful situation. There may be the personal or occupational issues responsible for the stress. If the manager is undergoing the stress, there may be the chance that the stress will flow on lower level and will generate the troubles for others which collectively affect the organization's performance. In usual circumstances the stress used to be developed in the type of situation where the manager is overloaded with accountabilities, the assistant's carelessness or the lack of awareness, unhealthy professional environment or schedules physical or psychological disorders are affecting him or her. The manager's innate negativity also causes the stress.

    Though the stress is increasingly becoming a part and parcel of the human life, it is the human beings who had found the ways how to overcome it. To overcome the stress, the manager must develop the type of character which enjoys challenges and accommodate with any positive or negative situation. The perfect assessment of the situation and timely necessary measures to cope with it helps a lot in avoiding the situation which is the ability the manager must develop. Apart from that many significant skills related to the managerial work such as delegating skill, time management skill, leadership skill, human resources development ability, involvement of the advance technology in the work play significant role in keeping the stress away or reduced its intensity. The manager must know the importance of the health rules and allocate the time to be relaxed. Well organized and time schedules help the manager to avoid being in stress. To learn the stress management skill is not only vital from personal perspective but for the organizational perspective too.

    Internal and External Relation of These Skills and Managerial Responsibilities:

    The managers must need to be skilful of the four crucial managerial abilities which can be done in many ways. Exercising them in day to day managerial practice will enable to earn expertise in that. For any development, the reorganization of the grounds where any thing is going to be built up is very important. The state of the grounds means the identification of his or her strengths along with opportunities and weakness along with threats as well. To assess all these aspects the SWOT analysis is the best exercise. Many administrative areas such as delegation, recruitment, technological expertise, setting deadlines and accomplishable goals are the areas where the managers need to be perfect in planning and execution as all these abilities would bring lots of success from individual perspective and organizational perspective as well. Time management is the most significant skill which enables the manager to develop all three others and which is the important component of all three areas. This can be exemplified as, for giving excellent presentation, precise identification about the subject and the audience along with the comprehensive knowledge of the topic and the most important the accomplishment of the presentation within its time limit are the crucial components. For accomplishing the presentation in time, all the phases of it must be accomplished within time limit too. Involvement of the study of the past own and others' performances, mock presentations, audio - video technology etc. smoothens the process of developing the presentation skill. All these could be recognized as the opportunities or the threats whereas the success or the failure in managing the time lines relates to the strength or weakness.

    In order to enhance the skills needed for running meeting the manager has to be proficient with time management and presentations skill as both these are component of the meetings. Sensibly and priorly designed agendas, accurate assumption for the participants, physical background of the place of the meeting are the areas which can be fit in opportunities and the threats whereas the skill in using the time productively and expertise level of the presentation skill can be recognized as the strength or weakness of the manager. Leadership virtues have become the essential components of the manager's character which will help him or her in controlling over the meeting. To obtain the expected and prolific eventualities from the meetings, the manger should go through the previous meetings' records and develop proper agenda.

    To develop or perform the stress management, the personal strong and weak virtues are more relevant than the opportunities or threats. The manager who is proficient in rest of the three skills can manage easily of being at distance from the stressful situation. Developing the better understanding with the subordinates by applying friendly approach, perfect time management, giving the due importance for relaxation, managing human resources effectively the manager can avoid the stressful situation.

  2. Personal skills audits and learning styles:
  3. On the bases of learning style assessment I found that all my traits are matching with the ones of the pragmatists. To achieve my goal of growing as an expert manager, I require developing or enhancing the vital skills such as "Time Management", "Running Meetings", "Giving Presentation" and "Stress Management" and all the relevant skills needed to develop all four. To advance in the process for accomplishment of my objective, my own strengths which I intend to enhance and my endeavours to reduce the flaws of my character will strengthen me. The managerial skills have been significantly connected with the organizational performances hence the proficiency in all these has only been the criteria of being the successful manager.

    My personal negative traits such as lack in many areas such as patience, skill of delegation, friendly and open approach for others etc. are the real obstacles in my path of development. I have got a habit of intervening in the matters of others. Due to all these character flaws, the result converts in negativity even though the considerable amount of the resources have involved. All these unconstructive virtues must be converted into the constructive ones. Along with these flaws, there are many positive virtues which can help me in succeeding my goal such as deliberate assessment of the alternatives, involving various techniques and methods in activities which must be developed more. In order to develop the skill of time management the most crucial parts to be served deliberately are define the ideal goals and the self inspirations for succeeding in achieving them in priorly set-up time lines.

    As in current business scenario where the presentation of anything has been the quality component of it hence for managers it is the area where he or she must be proficient. In my case I have perceived that I do possess necessary competence for the presentation but I need to enhance their levels and polish them more. Enthusiasm of adapting new theories and perceptions along with the technology are the strong aspects of my character which I will employ in developing my presentation talent.

    Some of my characters flaws such as propensity of avoiding others' opinions and feelings which mainly rise due to bit vanity which can be an obstacle in the development of the presentation skill must be pull down. Further, I need to be expert in leadership qualities which helps the controlling people and situation and develop the cautious attitude instead of the casual which I possess.

    In business world the manager has to come across many issues, which he can smoothly handle with the use of creative meetings. Two flaws of mine; incapability of delegation, decision applying separately are the greatest hindrance in the way for building up this skill. Further, a bit self egotism which draws me to disregard others' feelings and higher level of impatience do not let me succeed in grabbing thorough attention of the members of the meetings. Further I need to know which other areas can affect the meetings negatively and correct them with proper planning.

    Disregard of others' opinions and emotions and their endeavours and highly impatient nature are my flaws which cause the tremendous stress for me. All these character flaws will come in the way of the development of other three abilities in one or other way and will cause the occurrence of the more pressurised situation. Increasing stress never can be the ideal situation for any kind of personal or organizational development. Contrary to that I used to consider evaluate the all the possible options prudently which is one of my strength which can help me in identifying the best option and reduce the stress. I will have to concentrate on the improvement in weaknesses and development of the strengths for bettering the managerial skills.

    On the bases of the evaluation I done to find the strength and weaknesses which all can affect each other either positively or negatively have potential to prove an obstacle in my career development path. Therefore they must be treated in right way to make the process of development smooth and easy which will be done by the improvement plan.

  4. Personal Development Plan:

For personal improvement plan the application of SMART is advisable. The development plan I have designed is mainly based on the findings which are found with the help of learning style and study skills questionnaire.

Plan for Development in Time Management:

For the manger, the utmost critical task is the accomplishments of the organizational goals in predefined time limits. In order to be able in delivering such accomplishment time management is the utmost desired ability. Being a pragmatist I used to be good enough in deciding rationale and accomplishable targets and on their grounds, I can draw layout of operations along with the deciding time limit for individual task and the whole assignment. The most significant challenge in front of me is the development of delegation ability. I need to know how to differentiate the persons according their skills and allocate them jobs accordingly. Success in delegation will lead the situation to accomplishment of the target in time limits. In this plan, my inherent pragmatist qualities of applying the various options by involving various methods will help me.

Development of skill which enables me to get the best within the available time is my one of the most important aim of this plan as being a pragmatist I hugely lack this skill. As the manager have to be enough shrewd to ascertain the best participation by developing dedication and the skills of the subordinates I also have to develop in this area. In order to do this practice efficiently, I will have to throw out my flaws which force me to disregard others existence simultaneously. One more thing I need to do is to convert my weakness of reckless attitude towards the task in the skill which enables me to do shrewd consideration of all the factors and choose the appropriate option. This skill will prevent me from the choosing and implementing inappropriate strategies.

Plan of Development in Presentation Ability:

As with its apparent significance in business execution and development in current business scenario, it has been inevitable responsibility for the manager as he or she will have to make presentation now and then to make familiar the stakeholders and external associates with the management's decisions, modifications or organization's upcoming projects.

With the help of inherent pragmatist skill there is higher scope for the developing high skills of the development of the presentation skill. Though the area where I need to better is the skill of effective communication. In my perfection plan, I have decided to involve the committed participation in workshops, seminars and group meetings with having note making of significant matters. Involvement of different advance audio video effects in finding the draw backs of the presentation and practice of summarising the ideas or other material related to the subject of the presentation is useful to enhance subject competency.

Plan For Conducting Effective Meetings:

For the ability relates to the expertise conduction of meetings I need to concentrate on various aspects. The inherent pragmatist strength for deciding ideal objectives can help me in setting ideal and appropriate agendas. It has been clear that I will need to improve my natural flaw of doing intervenes and impatience attitude to accomplish the meetings in preset time limits. With development of the virtue which will me inspire me to regard the others' existence and opinions, I will be able to grab the attention of the people which eventually help me in keeping hold over the meeting.

Plan of Improvement for Stress Management:

In order to enhance the very crucial time management skill, I have involved various methods among the utmost is the sensible delegation. For instance as now I have been able to identify the person having sound technical or technological knowledge or the person having better evaluation power or the person who is extrovert and can help in finalizing external deals. I can utilize these entire subordinate in the relevant works. I can involve the subordinates' knowledge and information for delivering best presentation. With increasing practice of improving inherent impatience and self egotism, I will be able to compatible with various individuals and situations which eventually provide me peaceful mental state. Along with all, as now I understand the value of the relaxation and health more deeply, I dedicate the required time for these activities also. Though there is a considerable scope in developing the abilities which are required for doing successful the presentation and meetings.

  1. General Plan for Acquisition of Four Skills:

Considering the analysis of SWOT and SMART for developing the improvement plan, I need to modify by adding some further improvements. I will have to upgrade my technological knowledge in order to involve advance technology in my presentation. Dealing with the toughest challenge for me of delegating tasks, I found difficulties some times while in some cases delivered the progressive result. Therefore more practice for identification of other people's abilities will provide me better result. With this result, I have decided to take the help of the organized and reliable data for identification of the individual abilities; proficiency and the past experience of the persons which I assume will enable me to reach to the desired level of this skill. All these practice has developed me personally and professionally including boosting my confidence level.


Taking the support of the findings derived from the learning styles and study skills audits to become an efficient administrator, I will have to boost my strength and overpower my flaws in well structured manner. The perfection plan plays a crucial part in the process of acquiring the major managerial skills. By applying SWOT and SMART analysing applications, I prepared the proper grounds for the development of the strengths and elimination of the weaknesses.


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