Advanced organizational management

Advanced Organizational Management

"How to see our everyday life through Advanced OB eyes"?


The management overlay the basics of an organizational behavior in a human being. The basic motive is to increase your efficiency or your attractiveness as the head or the manager .Attention is thus given to the personality, thinking, group discussions, person's attitude and thus leadership .The management not only gives the individual an idea to approach an organizational behavior in a single pathway rather it conveys that multi -perspective situations may be more appropriate .

"How to see our everyday life through Advanced OB eyes"?

Our daily life is smothered by situations that require the management eyes.


The organizational behavior eyes are the need of today .There are many things in our daily life that needs to be analyzed upon such as the images of the camera, television commercials.

Basically advanced organizational behavior puts an emphasis on discussions, whether the person is able to withstand in the discussions with his or her friends, secondly on how the things are things are being presented is also included in advanced OB

Regards we can say that a diagnostic approach is being speculated in a person to analyze things that happen in daily life and putting them forward in an attractive manner or rather grasping things from a different perspective .


In the daily life one needs to analyze different things. From the point of view of advanced OB eyes an individual should make a diagnosis or make a point of view about his or her personal images, the cartoons ,the TV commercials ,the movie - fragments and many more things. Analysis is to be made on: How the scripts of commercials are made i.e., what is the basic motive of the director and what does the script conveys. How does the animation of the cartoon is done, what must have been going through the maker's mind that the cartoon was made like that. How the transaction does takes place in an organization or a firm or a company, this certainly becomes much important. Cognize the challenges faced by the people and how do they face off it, how do they find the solution in minimum time. Understand the needs of people and know how the different parts contribute to the whole.


After analyzing you need to understand the importance of effective organizational behavior, systematically study organizational behavior and the capabilities .Another important thing is to you have to forbid your own self fulfillers. Application in everyday resources.


This is the most important thing in a person's daily life .while taking a picture in our cell phone or our cameras ,we thus have to be innovative that how can it look pretty ,expose our talent to share our mind set through the images .When we share our image in social networking we thus have the perspective in our mind or rather a particular mind set that people should like the images so there we use our talent and have the images in the different postures ,different looks so that's where we use our advanced OB eyes in our daily life.

TV commercials

While watching our television set we certainly like some commercials because some how they entertain us. Certainly having advanced OB eyes helps us to share our thoughts with our friends and relatives.

Recently in a survey it was found that while watching DLF IPL in India most of the people are very keen to see the ZOO-ZOO because they entertain us in a different manner with a different perspective set in their mind. The company Vodafone was not even interested in launching the commercials but it was the talent of the person or perspective that the commercial is huge hit in the present time. This is because analyzing what the people need and applying it to the commercials .some of the commercials that touch our heart and some other which make us laugh and while discussing it .

So that's where we see through our advanced OB eyes in our daily life.


When we look at a cartoon the first impression we get is how much the maker must have thought, analyzed upon the cartoon, how has he she thought that the nose of the Donald duck would make people laugh. When people see SOUTHPARK, most of them like the fancy dialogue delivery of the CARTMAN who has a different ascent with the big fatty stomach. This is the talent or the innovation of the maker.

The talent is always praiseworthy but you must know the major components of it.

When you discuss about any cartoon with your friend you must know the major components of it like the customer connection .this makes a free mind set of your brain over a particular thing and that's where we see through our advanced OB eyes in our daily life.


Almost every person has a type of interest in movies and the movie liked is always by a fragment or the concept of the movie. While when we like a movie there is a certain fragment which is liked the most because of the people connectivity and the director's mindset or rather the talent and innovation of the director. So that's where we see through our advanced OB eyes in our daily life.


At our home we have many paintings in the drawing room ,at the entrance ,and many more places .so thus it is our talent where to put the painting to make it look fancy and attractive .whether the posture is allright or not should it be a little more up and down ,we should keep changing the places It is our mindset that shares with people and that's where we see through our advanced OB eyes in our daily life. Understanding the different organizational capabilities is thus also important we thus have a look on them -Talent - it is the talent of an individual which organizes all the parts or certain parts. We should always evaluate the value of diversity and praise the talent. Talent is thus an important factor.

  • Customer connectivity - while launching a thing we have to keep in mind the customers need and that's where we make a customer's connectivity which is thus essential .
  • Leadership brand - making our brand more popular ,more genuine with the quality products is thus an another important factor .
  • Innovation - it thus becomes important because the same thing cannot be continued over several years .There has to be a change which is liked and more of the quality type which is thus innovation and is thus needed every time .
  • Shared mindset - there are many a times many people of the family put forward their points and a combined decision is made keeping in mind different visions which is thus the shared mindset with the healthy vision in today's daily life.
  • Efficiency - the more the efficiency the more the work is done .for example when we have to cook food for 4 members at home and at the same time 2 guests come we need to be more efficient at point of time . Efficiency thus becomes important factor too .
  • Learning - in daily life a person has to learn or grasp things more quickly for further better prospects.
  • Strategic unity - while taking a combined decision in daily life the strategy unity is thus required to have the quality and all different views .
  • Networking - networking is the most important factor in a person's daily life as for application new innovative and better ideas good networks are needed.
  • Accountability - while taking the prospect of daily life, it thus becomes important.

Synthesis (creative thinking)

A lot of creative thinking is needed for the customer's connectivity. An analysis has to be done on the literature and for that higher imaginative power is needed .systematically description, studies of the literature has to be done. So the purpose of having advanced OB eyes is developing a diagnostic approach. Acquiring management skills for any project to be completed. Management skills thus become essential. Removing problems faced by the people of different ages and different gender. This will not only give an idea of the problems but also give an inner satisfaction of being a human being. Amend everyone to achieve their goal to a certain extent, encourage them in every critical situation and thus help them building their careers. Explicate different programmers for further different prospects and having different ideas of the people. Perform as the manager or the leader .this will help you out many a times. Having a vision for your personal daily life propel others for achieving their goals. Diagnose your personal discussions and actively participate in group discussions, put forward your opinion in a correct and proper manner. Exploit on different tactics to help improving relations. Management thus helps you to maintain professional as well as personal relation also. Emphasize on the basics of functioning. Basics are important in every single part Transform efforts to high quality results. Having put your maximum in a project and get quality result will give you an extremism of satisfaction. Make a competitive atmosphere around yourself so that you never have the feeling of losing a target or the project.

Optimum utilization of time. Uphold an organization to help achieve your goals and make sure the people are honest and have a motive. Contrive a more reconciling structure. Meet out with the impact of failure. This is certainly most important as some of the people give up after their first failure so knowing the impacts you could be careful about each and every prospect.


Evaluating in format or rather compiling things in a definite pattern. Bringing innovative ideas into your mind at the time of evaluation, performing the roles appropriate to the job all these things are seen while evaluation. Evaluation thus becomes important for achieving higher motives in a fixed manner. It thus includes combining different elements in new pattern in different way. While you have the solution you must know how to present it in an attractive and definite way and also know that if the solution does not work do you have any proposed alternative solution. Presentation thus becomes much important because your whole effort is based on it. Suppose we take an example of our daily life that suppose we have a photo frame in our house so your first choice would be to present it in the drawing room or the place where people could see it and then put it in a way so that the viewer has an option of analyzing the picture. Thus presentation is too important. Judgments are also to be made at the proper time and opinions expressed thus become extremely crucial because every person has a different vision. We also know that capabilities are only fruitful when you have the connecting capability with the people, nobody will ever listen if you are harsh at times. Thus in this way we see through our advance OB eyes in our daily life.

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