Analysis and Interpretation of Data

Data Analysis and Interpretation

The interpretation of the data is an important aspect of a research study. The data collection is of no value if it is not used or analysed for future endeavours. The aim of the research is to study the strategic and marketing orientation of the small business run by urban women in UAE. It further aimed at exploring the consumer attitude towards the firm in business. The study is significant as it underlines the beginning of a modern era in which women have a major part to play.

The data has been gathered mainly from reading materials such as books and publications. A questionnaire has also been taken to facilitate the views of women in UAE. According to the survey taken up by the National Human Resource Development Authority, the percentage of women in the public and private sector is quite less, close to 11% and 8% respectively. According to the findings, the population has nearly doubled to 4,104,695 from last time in 1995 but the percentage of nationals i.e., the people contributing to the economy of the nation is low to 20% which shows the number of expatriates is high which accounts to 99% in the private sector. The statistics by the Centre for Labour Market Research and Information in Tanmia has revealed that women are part of the 50% citizens' unemployed; however the literacy level for women and graduation is quite high. It is thus a serious concern as to why the women are unable to find jobs, the reason being the still prevailing restrictions on the women community. The government has taken up the responsibility to incorporate women in the working class by nationalising female friendly work areas. (UAE : More women in college)

Education and Employment

The stats show a good pi

cture in terms of graduates. The female participation is exemplary and has been increasing. This shows the growing awareness among the female population in UAE. This also reflects on the success of the government program incorporated to uplift the women education.

Let us now see the employed nationals on the basis of their education. The table below gives precise information on the women employment in comparison to the men.

The above stats reveal the dearth of jobs for women in the country. The above two tables briefly examine that in spite of the higher enrolment the employment prevails for women in UAE.

The main reason for the small business driven by women in UAE is because of the restrictions imposed on them which are as follows:

  • Size - the companies indulged in work specifications such as jewellery, nursery etc are not allowed to have many employees working for them i.e., they are limited to a certain number adding to their small sizes.
  • Regulations - the restrictions imposed to control market serve women population negatively such as constraints binding to advertisements etc.
  • Socio cultural obligations - the restrictions faced by the women forces them to operate mainly from their homes, limiting contacts to strangers and hence limited number of social contacts. This greatly affects their growth and is limited by boundaries.

Thus about 50% of the women are involved in trade sector such as trade of jewellery, clothing and many more small businesses. They are preferred as they require lesser exposure from outside world. Apart from trading most women are engaged in manufacturing. These manufacturing industries comprises of small cottage industries, adding to the independence of negotiation from sellers.

Conventional Marketing Strategy

In a survey conducted consisting of a sample size of 47, all women, the marketing strategy to attract prospective customers was adjudged. his shows that the women in UAE are not gaining exposure from the outside world. They are restricted within the home boundaries selling their products to their relatives and friends and friend's friend. It is important for women to explore newer dimensions by crossing the boundaries to grow the business and add widely to the economy of the country. (Haan, 2004)


The questions are rated on the scale from 1 to 5 i.e. from (strongly disagree to strongly agree). At the end of the questionnaire the bar graph represents the graphical representation in which the question number is on y axis and the answer to the question as calculated from stratified sampling is on x axis.

  • The marketing strategies followed by Women in UAE are traditional and lack modern technological reforms?
  • Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree

  • Are the government policies supporting the growth of Women as entrepreneur?
  • Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree

  • Small businesses run by women are restricted to local markets and have limited or no global contacts?
  • Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree

  • The higher enrolment of women in universities does not reflect on their economic participation?
  • Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree

  • Women population plays a dominant role in the domestic economy of the nation?
  • Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree

  • It would be beneficial if women are made part of the decision making process?
  • Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree

  • There is no need to open special institutions to train women in UAE to start and run business?
  • Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree

  • The most common economic activity for women in UAE is trading?
  • Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree

Strongly Disagree

Here the result of each question interviewed is an average answer of the sample size of 50 people surveyed. None of the answers holds a total majority in terms of their answer and neither minority.

Women Market Share

There is a surge in the share of women in the job market at domestic front. The percent of job occupancy rose from a minor 5% in 1980's to 14% in 2009. This increase clearly reveals that the women population has begun to join the labour market. There are a majority of reasons contributing to the fact - stable governing reforms and policies, more freedom on the social spectrum. The government policies such as loan schemes, training courses, availability of modern equipments, reservation in public sector jobs and business networking are the prime features to the special edition of success of women in UAE. However, the number is still small but it has been progressive over the past years and is picking momentum.

Thus, it is easy to interpret that the Emirati women are more traditional mainly because of the social and cultural restrictions employed upon them. The relaxations regarding global contacts are required to run a sound business. The government policies have had a minimal impact on the condition of women in the nation. Still, about 99% of the business is run by expatriates in private sector. The indulgence of women in the private sector is growing with the government support. The recent surge in the women employment is considered as the sole responsible factor for the increasing unemployment among the male population in the nation. There are a wide variety of job opportunities available to women but somehow the small business entrepreneurship is best suited for them presently. This is because of lesser global contacts and traditional obligations. It is also quite certain from the statistics that the domestic front is still not up with ample women contribution. The numbers of success are small and growth is mandatory. (UAE women strengthen role)


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