Assessing network

Analysis on assessing network

Analysis of the network pertaining the areas to consider one needs to know the business procedures in that, one should do any process that depend on getting at the information which can benefit from storing this centrally and letting staff access it through their individual PCs. Also one needs to consider processes networking could support, like staff might need check the customer records for them to create sales quotations in future. Estimation of the future computing demands for the company. If the business acquires more staff its IT system will need to be expanded to support them thus, creating measurability of the company. There should be an audit of the existing equipment in the company. Also you consider the number of the users of the network, that is, staff, suppliers and customers. This analysis, assess the publishing demands and the best areas for equipment like scanners and disk drives. There should be a good decision making on how much should be spend on the computer networks. Cost calculations should include purchase, installation, back up, sustenance and training and also the baffled business due to staff involvement in the company activities. The calculation of potential savings and replacing manual and paper processes, sharing facilities amongst common operations to minimize hardware costs, and capital allowances expenditure of the company.

Security considerations

With the more pronounced security demands there is a need to consider who will use the network, since they have the information on the purchasing of these products and the sellers of these products. There ought to be a protocol to check what approach controls that will require those passwords to access the database of their system. Practice back up procedures to recover the data if the system crashes. A research for the availability of technology across networking suppliers' websites, specialist exhibitions, or may be holding discussions concerning requirements with PC and networking companies. Online updates about the latest changes in technology would be of greater help to the company's' IT management. There is a need to have the preparation of a list of suitable products from different vendors and talking to people using the products and have a greater exposure to internet reviews. It is also very important to consider the backup facilities for each the products. These considerations have their attached threats which are to be avoided. The much increase in businesses connecting the systems and the use of the Internet gives disadvantages. When all computers are working in network one user's issues may affect everyone , therefore, one should consider the greater risk for data loss, security breaches and viruses when creating a network.

Ensuring data protection through steady maintenance such as backing up files, password acts and system logs. There is a necessity to eliminate access from employees who leave, otherwise they may however, be able to get reach of the customer records in the company. As the company's data is be stored in a given location on the host, physical security is very important. Thus the company should increase security to protect their business from potential virus attacks and hacking by non-stuff, This ought to have anti-virus software and a firewall or software baring. The stored in one location should be up to date and download the only important patches. Updates to software that fix security threats to the system should be taken into much consideration since new viruses are frequently released.

LAN design

Much attention is required when designing LAN for documentation and this involves a number of steps which does different assignments in the system. First there is always a need to the result of the input to the system about the company's plans hereafter as per the realized development and system utilization and the problems encountered by company in its operation time. On classifying the company's requirements there is a need to start the desired design. This involves engineers who are obliged to design these networks to give the development of the planned networking of the company. There are development strategies planned for the company when design is ready which involves trying the technologies incorporated within those networks. The future developments needs the originality of the design to allow room for expansion of the new changes. There is a need to prevent future changes in the design therefore, a for continuous development in the designing of the system is required to minimize big changes in the design during the future in the execution of the design (Ciccarelli & Faulkner, 2004 p.216). Once the design has fully been developed and satisfied as per the requirements, the network are installed to the system and this may involve IT personnel or consultancy firms dealing with IT if the programme to be dealt with are large. When all the installations are done, the design has to tested for its functionality and evaluated to test the network traffic before approving it be ready for the operations in the company.

Benefits of network configurations

Many certifiable Network Engineers can incorporate and configure hardware components and software onto networking facilities before being delivered thus this would reduce the installation costs for the company. These configurations would give positive credits to the company through: reducing expenses on networking consultants, Saving of time and wasted on search for the personnel and by focusing on more productive IT Tasks. Ensuring networking equipment is working properly and ensuring the production rates are maintained, for example, if there is a good relationship in the use of material that show the relationship between the original product and the output that make up that product as is in the Adventure Works, if the original product is a bicycle, the initial level part might be the assembly of the wheel which has its own components, such as reflectors, tires, rims, spokes and tire tubes. Creating of online coverage systems can be a timesaver for all the involved activities or they can otherwise cause wasted time of unnecessary frustration to the company. Working on big applications potential Vendor evaluates a list vendors against a number of essential and important features for online applications and reporting, to help granters to identify the best systems to support their system making.

Considering the manufacturing scenario for the Adventure Works in the inventory and manufacturing areas within Adventure Works Cycles the products and parts are stored as inventory or built, thus developing this network of the components owned by the company. For example, paint is stored in both the Paint Storage location in the warehouse and in the manufacturing work center, Paint Shop, where the bicycle frames are painted. With innovation and competition pace in recent past good management on the planning within the organization has a greater impact.


As a planer one should maintain the networking needs for the company and working as per the business plan of the company and knowing the company plans for a given period of time having worked with the company. There is a need also to know the need to the working of different departments within the company and be able to determine how the networking would boost the company's business objectives in development. Once a good achievement has been attained there is a need to seek the opinion of the vendors to the company. The choice of the right suppliers will determine the future of company's network in the business. The suppliers to the organization are of greater impact to company although they sometimes ignored and made the minors in the given transactions. On realizing their position they try to fight for that position in which a good planer is supposed to a step in ensuring that there are no failures in the business.


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