Assurance/Trust (guarantee): Competence (related to knowledge, skill, and ability), courtesy (attitude, personality), and credibility (can trust), manner

The knowledge and courtesy of employees and their ability to inspire trust and confidence

  • Webside, web trust
  • Better control
  • Legitimacy and integrity
  • Valid and updated assurance
  • Ensures privacy of Information
  • Consumer complaint resolution mechanism
  • Provides continuous guidance and assistance for internal auditors
  • Broad coverage
  • More accurate assessment
  • Safe Trade
  • Internal Control
  • Assurance customer information
  • Trust Managment
  • potential transaction anxieties being addressed by the various assurance services
  • understand generally what they stand for.
  • Understanding the general theory and concept
  • interviews with the different assurance service providers were sought
  • WebTrust provides a framework and methodology to provide assurance as to the integrity and security, as well as adherence to the disclosed business practices of an e-business.
  • Assurance services are considered the wave of the future, as well as, the lifeboat needed to keep the profession afloat.
  • the assurance services are not experiencing the same sort of growth as attestation services. This lack of growth could be attributable to several factors.
  • electronic commerce assurance,
  • health care performance measurement,
  • entity performance measurement,
  • information sys-tems quality,
  • comprehensive risk assessments, and
  • geriatric care assurance.
  • Assurance services are the concept that has been proposed as the solution to meet these new needs. They are broadly focused on improving information relia-bility, relevance or context, and "can be financial or about past events or condi-tions or about ongoing processes or sys-tems...[and] can be direct...or indirect ... internal or external"
  • The Assurance Service will periodically visit each institution to gain an overview of the adequacy of their risk management, internal control and corporate governance arrangements and to assess the extent to which reliance can be placed on the institution's accountability reports/processes and assurances.
KLCC Assurance

In the service quality of assurance in KLCC, we are view into few parts. It includes internal control, safe trade, security, performance assurance and website.

Self assessment, questionnaires and personal observation to identify potential internal control problems, it can help to have a better define to the weaknesses and develop recommendations. In the KLCC Annual Report 2009, they mentions that they provided a reasonable assurance of effective and efficient business operations .The Board has overall their responsibility for maintaining the sound system of internal controls and compliance with laws and regulations as well as internal procedures and guidelines. Other than that, we also found that KLCC are trying keep their shopping mall clean all the time. We saw there are many cleaner around the shopping mall to insure the environment are clean and comfortable in all the time that consumers visit.

To provide a safe trade and secure environment for genuine traders to sell their products, KLCC creates a sense of confidence among the customers that they are protected against misuse from an accredited organization. Furthermore this acts as a good marketing tool for the trader. With the high secure environment provide consumer a better humor to shopping among the shopping center.

After we visit KLCC, we found that the security is very strict. There have a lot of security guard patrol around. In the every entry of the KLCC door we can saw there are notice boards that remind visitor the notice of strictly in the building. Filming activities within KLCC are strictly prohibited. Photography for personal use is permitted but is strictly confined to the centre court areas at concourse and ground level only. From this, we found that KLCC are protecting their customer right and the branding company in their building.

Consumer always concerns about the performance assurance such as seller performance and business performance. Example situation like how long have to wait to receive the ordered good, employees provided courteous and attentive service. KLCC had gain ISO9001, ISO22000 and win the bronze in Green Globe in the year of 2008. With this certificated programs, it can adequately include a set of performance criteria and posted on the KLCC's web site for public viewing. Developed an elaborate performance or business practices criteria, so that the business can be exhaustively assessed.

Other than that, the most important part is the website provide by KLCC. There are few key for building trust on your website. It includes use virtual-advisor technology to gain customer confidence and belief, provide unbiased and complete information, include competitive products, provide open and transparent organizational communication and the most important part is keep your promises. From the KLCC's website, they are provided unbiased and complete information. The information provided in the web site is abundantly and updated time-by-time.

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