Child labor

Executive Summary

Child labor has been one of the biggest demerits of mankind since times immemorial. There have been a number of revolutions against the same but the matter of distress is that it continues even today in many places in the world especially the underdeveloped or developing countries like India and Bangladesh in Asia, Morocco and Gambia in Africa and many others all over the world. The main objective of the research is to estimate the extent of child labor that exists even today after all the oppositions from the Human Rights organization. The crime goes back as Industrial revolutions when the extent of child labor used to be soaring high. Then there came the Victorian era which resulted into even more notorious acts with respect to child labor. Children were expected to work for more than 15-16 hours per day before they finally got a chance to go to sleep. Much of the child labor acts have been with harshness to the core. As for example, children were given minimal food for days together and often mercilessly beaten on committing mistakes which were never under their control! Many of the children had no other option but to declare themselves as slaves and often had to undergo physical abuses in course of the labor asked from them. There used to be times when children of the age of three or four were also put to work. One can imagine the extent of merciless behavior that children have seen in the past. Much of the robberies and cases of deliberate physical abuses have resulted from the atrocities of child labor. There are many areas where child labor is most common. These areas include agriculture, mining or even working n parents' business. The latter case occurs generally in case of wards of step parents.

Progress Report

As far as conducting the research is concerned, it is going fine. This was inevitable. The reason for the same is that the frequency with which child labor has started to develop these days in spite of all the progress that the world is doing, is very high. There are many developing and of course the under developed ones which do not have the capacity or the capability to produce more labor. Under the conditions, the only place which gets them the requisite human resource is through children. There have been many astonishing cases in course of the progress of the research. It is certainly shocking to see child labor in sectors like shoe polishing, maintaining stock at shops, cleaning places having dirt of all kind and at all places and also in assembling boxes. These are some of the activities which were most common as the research progresses. The problem that was associated with getting the findings of the research was the continuous involvement of the human rights people. Even though their basic job is to make sure that child labor is prohibited, they were not very happy with our work. The reason for the same is that we could see what they wanted to show to the world. Other than this, there are many areas where the abundance of child labor is more than what the actual findings of the results say. There are so many areas in the world where child labor is in abundance but it is a very difficult task to make it to these places. This is because of the filthy atmosphere that these places maintain. The resources so far have been secondary in nature in the form of web sites, magazines and journals. There have also been certain primary researches like observation in the country to come to a certain conclusion. (Child Labor: Frequently Asked Questions, 2010), (Child protection from violence, exploitation and abuseunicef, 2010), (Initiatives towards Elimination of Child Labour - Action Plan and Present Strategy, 2010), (Child Labor India, 2010)

Final Executive Summary

There are a number of dimensions of defining the amount of problems that this very fallacy of mankind has resulted into. The group as a whole feels that the biggest disadvantage of the practice of child labor is the loss in the amount of education that the children are receiving. In this world of growing competition, if one increases the rate of growth of child labor then there certainly would come a time when the advancement in the world would see a negative rate of growth. The reason for the same once again is that the amount of education that needs to be given to children is increasing day by day considering the rate of growth of those countries that have child labor in a lesser ratio. One can say that child labor is one of the biggest disasters to children because it reduces the self-confidence in a child after being so mercilessly treated throughout childhood. The main reason that the group has deducted which has caused child labor to increase many folds is the minute level of parental salary. If the Government of respective countries even bans child labor and starts to consider it an offence to the country, one would see more cases of robbery, physical abuse and even suicides in greater numbers. So, one of the justified ways of removing child labor is that the parents of children who have been exploited should be paid higher in all the respective jobs that they undergo. These jobs include any Government, non-Government or even private jobs. The group concludes that the Government would have to set a lowest income scale with respect to each country as per as its economies. So, working in this research was certainly a challenging job. The reason for the same is that it was based on such a sensitive issue that at times it becomes difficult to even bear the conditions of children under labor. But certainly, the research has taught the importance of removal of child labor from being> practiced.


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