Climate survey

Please tick mark the relevant answer as provided against each question.

  1. Organisation ensures maximum safety when deployed in operational Areas
  2. My working environment is clean and comfortable with necessary weapons/equipments as deemed fit.
  3. There is a good and a healthy balance between work and other aspects of my life.
  4. I have the flexibility to arrange my work schedule to meet my personal/family responsibilities.
  5. Team Work
  6. My superior/senior officers give me help and support.
  7. 6. My seniors guide me & give me relevant inputs on what I am doing right and where to improve.
  8. I am able to work in team with my co-workers.
  9. My unit/sub unit has the liberty to freely communicate with other Higher HQ/ Commander & staff in Armed forces.
  10. My unit makes valuable contribution for the growth of the organisation.
  11. Management Effectiveness
  12. Leadership/Staff officers interact with me & are receptive to my suggestions.
  13. I trust my senior leadership.
  14. Senior officers/staff officers have a good understanding of what goes on in my unit.
  15. I am treated with respect by organization.
  16. I wish to give suggestions for the development of the unit.
  17. Involvement
  18. Brigade/senior staff keeps my unit adequately informed about what is going on in brigade.
  19. At my unit, senior officers seeks the involvement of soldiers when making important decisions.
  20. My unit is sensitive to my individual needs.
  21. I know what is happening in other parts of my unit.
  22. Reward and Recognition
  23. I am recognized for my good work.
  24. I receive appropriate feedback about my performance.
  25. My unit has realistic work expectations from me as per my training and employability.
  26. I am satisfied with the pay and benefit I receive.
  27. Promotions are based on the performance in my unit.
  28. Competency
  29. I receive adequate training relevant to my job in the armed forces.
  30. I have the training & skills I consider most important to fight effectively.
  31. Training helps me to improve my performance.
  32. I feel stress in my job.
  33. My unit helps me to develop myself and my career.
  34. I think my work is overloaded.
  35. Commitment
  36. I am willing to put in extra effort when necessary.
  37. I am proud to say I work in my organization/armed forces.
  38. I am loyal to my unit.
  39. I plan to spend my entire career in my unit/armed forces.
  40. I have a high working morale.
  41. I recommend my unit/armed forces as the best place to work to others.
  42. Appraisal System
  43. Appraisal system in the organisation is just & fair.
  44. I am satisfied with the current appraisal system.
  45. What are the greatest strengths/good practices of your organization?
  46. What are the areas that need the most improvement/poor practices in your organization?
  47. What in your opinion are the reasons for attrition in the armed forces in the recent years?
    1. Better Pay & benefits
    2. Field Conditions
    3. Increased stress
    4. Promotion
    5. Medical & health reasons
    6. Any other aspect.

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