Communication systems


Goal: Individually prepare a written report 2500 words that will focus on the issues to be considered when assessing how internal communication systems can be used to implement change successfully.

Question: In a world where the only constant seems to be change, identify the challenges that will be faced by the manager having to communicate the change and draft recommendations allowing the manager to maintain effective communication until the change has been successful.


The report needs to:

  • Describe the steps involved in change and how communication should be handle at each level.
  • Thoroughly describe an effective internal communication system and describe the different communication supports that can be used.
  • Explain how change will impact the communication process.
  • Identify possible obstacles or challenges that can be met through the different communication supports used in an internal communication system in a context of change.
  • Analyze the challenges that can be met when dealing with an international team.
  • Draft recommendations for managers having to communicate in a context of change.

Note: In all areas define the point, explain why this issue is important and give examples to demonstrate how an internal communication system can support successful change.

  1. Look at reference manuals and identify the different approaches to internal communication and change.
  2. Newspapers and business magazines that may discuss communication campaigns. These can be used to give concrete examples of different internal communication systems in a context of change.
  3. Ideally, interview a professional and try to identify the structure of his/her company's internal communication system and how they dealt with change.
Points to remember:
  1. Your report must be written in your own words by paraphrasing and using selected quotes
  2. Bibliographies must follow Harvard formatting.
  3. In-text referencing must be used
Time - frame:

Project is launched in week 1 and all reports will be completed by 17th of December 2009

Please send a copy of your report in electronic form to: xxx as well as sending a hard copy.

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