Consumer Behaviour in India

Consumer is the key for any business because eventually the all the products reach to consumer and it is only consumer who can accept or reject the product. Hence, it can be said that the consumer is the main reason for success or failure of any business. for establishing any business, it becomes crucial to understand the consumer behaviour. The consumer behaviour always varies due to various reasons e.g. country, location, age, sex etc. Different consumers in different countries have diverse behaviour of looking one thing. Especially for a country like India where there are diverse cultures and the consumers are not too broad in their thinking. The consumer of every state has dissimilar thinking because of the environment and the culture. As I have mentioned earlier that the consumer behaviour varies due to various reasons such as:

1. Country

- The thinking of a person living in America and in India would be unlike. The reason for this is the culture of country varies a lot. Indians with their roots in culture cannot accept the ultra modern ways of marketing or anything which is related to their religion. For example, McDonald's cannot sell the burger with beef in India because Indians treat cow as their mother and pray her.

2. Location

- within India, every state has its own culture and festivals. In the light of this fact, the location also plays essential role in planning the marketing strategy

3. Age

- There is known fact that the thinking of person changes with the age. Hence, the firm has to plan the strategy while keeping all age groups in mind.

The consumer decision making is a complex phenomenon which gets fluctuated with the many reasons. The consumer in rural India and Urban India has separate requirements, and needs. Even today, most of the consumers in rural parts prefer small kirana shops, or local baniya shops. While the consumers in Urban India are shifting towards malls and big retailers for their needs. Decision making is more complexes and even more important for consumers today than in the past(Grant, 2005). Consumers are besieged by advertising, new articles, and direct making that provide and abundance of information. . In addition, increases in the number and variety of goods and stores, and shopping malls, and the availability of multi component products and electronic purchasing capabilities have broadened the sphere for consumer choice and have complicated decision making (Hafstrom et al., 2002)

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