Cultural changes in UAE

Annotated Works Cited

Sharp, Heather. Dubai women storm world of work. BBC News. 4 August 2005.

This article elucidates the changing cultural environment where women are now working at par with men. Women in UAE are bound with rigid traditions like speaking to men or coming in contact with them. But today they are in all walks of life like police, doctors, media and crossing the barriers towards a brighter future. The ideas of employment of women are well argued hence I will be using the opinions of such women from the article.

Bianchi, Stefania. Culture Vultures. The Wall Street Journal 15 March 2010.

This article from the Journal Gulf UAE Report explains the shift of UAE from the image of an oil producing nation to a cultural destination. In the context UAE has planned to convert Abu Dhabi and its nearby islands to tourist destinations promoting western art in Dubai art scene. The article describes the new overview of manifesting cultures to attract tourism and points the degradation of UAE to hire people of outside to manifest it. The only thing I can derive from above is the change in UAEs outlook towards modernism.

Weissmlle, Laura. Winds of Change on Dubai's Cultural Scene. 3 December 2009.

The author clearly depicts the clouds shadowing the huge cultural changes in UAE by the recent financial crisis and also brings out the latest trends to promote the tradition of UAE to the world. The freedom can also be connected to the modernisation of traditions and thus as we see women have also started playing their role in the economy. The article can be used as a connective between modern UAE and larger participation of women in UAE in the new frontiers of cultural changes.

Focussing Statement:

I have chosen the topic Cultural Changes in UAE. The topic will primarily discuss the cultural changes and their impact on the rise of women in UAE crossing traditional barriers and freedom to do what they wish and are not merely puppet in their hands. It also explores the vast changes in the recent times that provide great opportunities to growth.

The freedom to women will be shall be opposed by many readers as a breakdown of traditions but the article Dubai women storm at work by Heather Sharp shall answer all their questions as to how women have played their role and also use the article to lay the statistics that prove higher education in women than men. This shall serve as one of the key points of the matter.

The cultural changes in UAE are all for deriving wealth like the Dubai Art scene and to develop a niche for itself. These changes would in turn create more art oriented jobs and hence are beneficial for the UAE population to take hold by striking out the expatriates. I see these changes as positive for women as through the articles Culture Vultures and Winds of change on Dubais Cultural scene point out the same in the favour of the topic chosen.

Finally the end of the essay would be a merger of the key points that correlate the cultural changes and their impacts on the people of UAE. These articles will help in fully materialising the topic and make the content useful for the end readers.

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