Employees attitude towards human resource

"A study of Employees' attitude towards Human Resource Strategies of ABC Company"

Literature Review

Much of the resources that lead to findings of a research are based on literature review. These are either those works that have been published in certain journals, Government publications, newspapers and other online media as well. Literature review at time even contains work that has remained unpublished work as well. The significance of literature review is that it puts the researcher along the correct path so that he can reach to a conclusion about the topic he is researching upon. As far as human resource management is concerned, literature review becomes of greater importance. Based on the findings in the past, one can determine whether a particular attitude of the employees is hinted towards a positive response to the human resource strategy of the organization or not. (Importance of Literature Review, 2009)

The best way to understand the different attitudes of an employee towards the human resource strategies of the company is to conduct a psychotherapy test, or a brain surgery or else a conversation which is of religious nature. This would be able to explain the reason for having a bad attitude towards the concerned topic if at all; otherwise the company can be rest assured that the employees are satisfied towards the strategies that relate to human resource management.

Another measure to analyse this attitude is to measure the degree of absenteeism. If the employees can retain office for maximum number of working days, this shows a positive attitude towards the human resource management of the company. The company employees would certainly have a positive attitude if they are working for greater number of hours as compared to what has been allotted. For every company that has succeeded in the past, the major reason has been the sincere and devoted work that has been shown by employees. Once this devotion starts to diminish when the company officials feel that money spent on human resource management is a waste. (Grote, 2005)

Another factor that measures a positive attitude of the employees in this respect is the degree of customer satisfaction. For a company that has a lot of marketing work, the degree of customer satisfaction measures the way they have been convinced. This in turn is dependent on the positive attitude that the employees have. In fact research says that customer satisfaction can never be obtained without the positive attitude of the employees.

The next point is over the number of employees who have worked for longer times for a company. If the number is big, it suggests the fact that the degree of positive attitude in the company towards human resource strategies of the company is convincing. This is generally applicable for those companies that have been functioning for a long period of time.

Finally, in order to establish a positive attitude of the employees towards the HRM strategies of a company, a number of motivational plans can be developed. This is required so that the employees can understand the policies of the company and develop an attitude in favour of the company at the same time. This would increase the efficiency of the company. (Employee Attitude Surveys Retain Employees And Customers, 2009)


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