Global scale change


The changes that have impinged on society over the period of time and it have deeply affected the management of organisation. Global scale change in technology, changing people's lives, increase disposable income and purchasing power which are directly force the change. Resulting change in government form also affect change. Market, their size, scale and nature are ever changing. Competition also change business environment.

Wilkinson has been growing its high street retail offer of high quality product at low prices for all customers. Wilkinson has over 321 stores across England and wales. 24,056 team members having worked with Wilkinson. I would like change in bonus system in Wilkinson. In bonus system directly depend on the performance of individual as well as hall team of Wilkinson.

In this assignment I explain background to change in Wilkinson than I develop a system that involves stack holder introduction of change. After that I discuss merits and demerits of system which is use for change in bonus system of Wilkinson. I use appropriate models for change in Wilkinson and finally, I implement change through this model.

Background to change

Background to change that exist in today's economy

Major change is those situations in which corporate performance requires more people through the organization to learn new behaviors and skills. These new skills must add up to a competitive advantage for the enterprise, allowing it to produce better and better performance in shorter and shorter time frames (John Katzenbach, 1997).

Internal factor


Every company have a different policy for employee to get reward in their work. Wilkinson has promotion policy and training policy which is indirectly related with bonus system. Wilkinson may develop bonus system which improves employee performance and company growth. This improves Wilkinson productivity.


Leadership through Wilkinson achieve their goals. More and more involvement of leader and their subordinate in an effort to reach organisational goal. Leadership involve mentoring, coaching, inspiring and motivating. Leader may create powerful change in bonus system which improve efficiency and performance of individual. Leadership create personal confidence to achieve goal. Leadership need power and cognitive ability to lift Wilkinson achievement.


Management may insufficient behavioural aspect of operations, creating effective and suitable conditions and support system as basis for carrying out the work. This also includes insufficient attention to the need to motivate and value the staff engaged in it. Bonus system through we can directly identify the best employee out of others and Wilkinson can give promotion which truly deserve this promotion.

External factor


The technology was found to impinge on all factors like Wilkinson objectives, line of authority, role and responsibilities, and the structure of management committees. The nature, complexity and personality of systems for control were also found to be related to the technological process in place. Bonus system with the help of technology through monitor employee performance which is gives good result to the company.


Turbulence in the global economy, especially competitive surge from different parts of world. Globalization creates more opportunity for Wilkinson and employee of Wilkinson. To get competitive advantage Wilkinson conduct bonus system which make differentiation from other competitor and Wilkinson get more effective employee. Skilled employee through Wilkinson can achieve their goal.

Social Culture

Social and cultural change is directly affecting Wilkinson productivity. The entire employee have strong relation and they fill as family it is necessary to achieve goal. In spite of that, there so many problem and conflict may take place in with the group of employee. Sometimes employee cannot get reward for their better work. Employee can not satisfy with policy of organisation which makes conflict between employee and organisation. Wilkinson may use bonus system give good result to resolve these problems.

strength and weakness of bureaucracy in Wilkinson

Alternative form of organisation


Employee sales performance and business process re-engineering as the means of doing that which required. The main contribution of these to Wilkinson is to challenge existing thinking and act to act as the mean by desired developments can be introduced which can help to change in bonus system. Business process re-engineering may be part of bonus system in Wilkinson. Wilkinson makes attention to administration and procedures for the purposes of simplicity, clarification and speed of operation. The premise is that these improvements are always possible. Business process re-engineering to transform Wilkinson's employee bonus system to analyse employee performance and customer satisfaction.


Attention to every aspect of Wilkinson practice in pursuit of continuous improvement, the highest possible standards of practice, product, services and customer service. In practice, Total Quality management tends to be prescriptive in approach and dominated by paperwork and administration systems rather than attention to product and services. Total quality management is a part of bonus system in Wilkinson. Wilkinson may improve quality of employee workforce to introduce bonus system in Wilkinson which change through Wilkinson can aggressive goes forward.


Kaizen refers to the constant progress of humanity, and the continuous striving for perfection. In management terms, this has become constant continuous improvement. Wilkinson requires continuous staff training and development and kaizen is the part of bonus system in Wilkinson. Japanese companies set out to offer lifetime employment to their staff and lifetime service to their customer. This can be achieved if the company can adopted bonus system and evaluate employee performance. This way Wilkinson gets emerging leader for organisation.

Learning organisation

System for involving other in process of change in Wilkinson

system to involve appropriate stake holders in the introduction of change


Meeting through employee, manager, supervisor and management discuss change in organisation and discuss problem and benefits of change. With the help of meeting Wilkinson can discuss bonus system to involve employee, manager, supervisor and management. Meeting through employee cannot get clear cut decision about the change. Meeting is the one way where management involve their subordinate to discuss about change.

Feedback latter

Wilkinson may make one feedback form through know the opinion about the change. This bonus system change feedback letter develop Wilkinson can involve employee, supervisor and manager. Feedback letter through to know overview about change and how it will affect to individual and Wilkinson development. Feedback letter show the opinion of employee, supervisor and manager. They also give their idea about change like which is possible effective way to do change.

Notice boards

Notice boards are displaying company rules and regulation and new event and change in system or organisation. Employee bulletin board should be an official site where the employer communicates policies and procedure to employee. Most company maintain posting new information and dutifully displaying labour and employment law. Wilkinson also use notice board to introduce change by involving employee, supervisor, manager and management as well.

Print media

Print media is very effective way to promote change in bonus system. Quick turnover of newspaper is good medium to reach the customer. With magazine advertise can focus in on a specific target audience. Poster is more effective way of outdoor advertising. Print media will help to know about change in bonus system to involve employee, supervisor, manager and management.

Analyse and evaluate the system



This system we can develop through discussion about employee performance like if employee sales increase more than fix sales, employee can get reward of extra sales. This reward through employees get motivates. This change through employee tries to improve sales of Wilkinson.


Meeting through we cannot identify thinking of employee about change. Sometime change give different opinion to employee about change is better for employee or not. Meeting does not give perfect favour of employee about change.

Feedback letter


Feedback latter through we can get perfect review of employee, supervisor and manager. Feedback latter through Wilkinson can involve employee, supervisor and manager to introduce change in bonus system. Feedback latter helps to find effective way of change. Feedback letter through management get different view about the change. This feedback letter prepare path to implement change in bonus system.


Feedback latter is a long process to get feedback so it directly delay change in bonus system in Wilkinson. Feedback letter sometime not give true feedback which is derive wrong way to implement change. Feedback latter detail sometime management not get right view about change from the employee, supervisor and manager.

Notice boards


Notice board is effective line of communication where to introduce change in bonus system to involve employee, supervisor, manger and management in Wilkinson by displaying change and their benefits. Notice boards through company directly inform employee, supervisor, manger how affect in their growth and earning and company performance.


Notice board through Management is not directly communicated with employee, supervisor and manager about change in bonus system. Employee just knows about change but employee cannot give their opinion about change. Notice board never consider obligation to enforce regulatory requirements met by merely positioning the information on a notice board.

Print media


It has a general and wide appeal. It can be repeated as long as advertise desire. The effectiveness of advertisement can also be estimated. The life is such longer than life of a newspaper. The get up is more attractive and use of colours is possible. Advertisement is accessible to each class of the society. Because of large circulation, low cost advertising. Print media through employee, supervisor, manager and management share information about change in bonus system.


It has a very short span of life. The use of colours is often not possible. Illiteracy is also affects the utility of newspaper advertising. Advance planning is necessary limited circulation of magazines. Repetitive advertising is not possible.

Implement model for ensuring on going change in Wilkinson

appropriate model for change in Wilkinson


Quality improvement teams, universally adopted by every company engaged in quality improvement, are an example of teamwork. Quality circle is another way of using the benefits to teamwork. Teamwork can provide a focus for group of people in a task force looking at cross functional problems. By making significant change of a TQM process and moving towards cross department team to define and solve problems, organisation was able to use the power of the team to suggest change and then to implement changes at a pace that would previously have been impossible.

Employee want to spend time implementing changes through TQM if they were being rewarded based on historical rates and historical methodologies and there was no reward for implementing the change. Moreover, change would in effect, decrease their productive output in short term and therefore reduce their bonuses. When change is implemented, the first result is a drop off in efficiency. Then employee slowly become better and eventually achieving a new higher level of output. Without people who are willing and motivated to change, no world class organization is possible. It is "We the People" you the manager, bosses, employees, customers and vendors.

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