Interview person A

Interview Person A

Q1. Your entry in the business is on the main theme that you are very objectivist in nature. If this is true, then how does it possible for you to stand you objectivist nature with the collective nature of your company?

Yes, this is absolutely true that I am very much objective in nature. I consider my self to be very powerful supporter of the giving reasons for any thing, whether it may be personal or professional issues or it may talks about self esteem. But the company that I am running is something for which I am very passionate about. I consider it to be my work of art.

I do not at force any individual to sacrifice their own individuality or individual value for any thing but I force them to know that how my company is valuable for their life and also to know about how can values of our company be helpful in growth and development of the individual and his or her values. (Rawat, 2009)

Q2. How do you manage your workers or several volunteers to work for your company?

There are various ways in which I manage the workers and volunteers of my company. These ways are debate, healthy discussions within the company, dialogues. I always keeps this in mind that all the employees in the company should have lots of fun while working. Various common applications should be given to the employees to solve problems in the company and in order to avoid conflicts within the organization

Q3. You always talk about collaboration with the other companies. Do you think that collaboration with other companies would help your company to get more knowledge and growth in the future?

This is a new generation. The concept of small scale singly owned business is almost finishing at the present era. I obviously support collaboration at this point of time because it will help my company to grow at a higher pace. I have another thing in mind about concept of collaboration with the companies that in case of collaborating with different companies I am reducing competition in the market and this is the biggest advantage for my company as there will be less number of competitors, there will lesser effort the company will have to make and as a result there will be better profit for me and my company. And it is quite obvious that if we have a better profit is better for the employees.

Interview Person B

Q1. Do you think that being a niche is the market is profitable for any organization? What makes you different in the market with a huge competition?

Yes, I absolutely agree to the point that having a niche in the market is profitable for the organization. Any organization having a different image in the market has an upper edge over its competitors because they are the sole supplier in the market and they have something different that customers wants. Same is the case with our Air line industry; we have a different image in the market. We offer people with cheapest flights in the country and this is our niche. Our main aim is to understand what people want and that's what we do. We have made a successful image in the market that we are providing services which people want in the lowest cost and this is the reason that we are highly praised by the people and we are earning huge profit.

Q2. Do you think that employee relation in the organization is the most efficient part of building an organization?

Hmm, I would not say that employee relationship is the only important parts of making an organization, there are various other activities as well which build the company but yes, this is absolutely true that for making a strong built in the organization we need to have a strong employee relationship maintained within the company

Q3. Are you making certain special arrangements for employee relationship within your organization?

Yes, absolutely! I am giving special treatment to my employees while working. Our company makes sure that employee must get a desirable package or salary for his or her work and we make sure that if any employee is going over time, he or she must get some extra benefits. Salary is not the only part, there are certain extra benefits that are given to the employees like special treatments like pick and drop facility, lunch and dinner while over time. It is necessary to make an employee feel that the place at which he or she is working is the best for him to do so

Q4. Are you thinking of going into some other sector of the business or continue with the same?

This is something which I will reveal officially. We have not yet decided of doing so but we think that we can. As soon as we make some plan we will let you know that

Interview Person C

Q1. You are the top most real estate company in the country. Whom do you want to share your credits with?

I am very proud of the fact that the company I own is one of the leading real estate companies in the world and is the biggest in the country. I share all my credit with my entire team, my employees especially with out which it was impossible to go up to such a height

Q2. What difficulties do you face while working as a real estate company in the country?

There are several difficulties which we face especially to remain at the top of the industry. We all know that Dubai is a great hub for real estate sector; there is large number of companies working in the same field. So in order to survive in such a hard competition is really difficult and that to remain at the top most position something next to impossible. There are several internal issues because of which company has to face certain problems like employee dissatisfaction, conflicts in the management. We are really fortunate that we do not have much an issue with the internal problems of the company but the only problem which we face is of competition (Questions to Ask a Real Estate Agent - How to Interview an Agent)

Q3. You said that to remain in such a hard competition is really difficult and to remain at the top most position is next to impossible, the how come you are at the top most position for the past a long time?

As I told you that I share my credential with my employees. I have also told you that I am very fortunate to have very small number of internal conflicts in the company. This is the only reason that our company is at the top most position for the past so long. We have been working as a team and we are doing it in a passionate way. Coordination among the employees is really appreciable.

Q4. Is your company affected by the financial crisis of 2008?

Obviously yes, I don't remember the name of single real estate company which was not affected by the financial crisis but the only thing which we remain at was our number one rank in the country. We were number one in the sector at that time and we are number one today as well.


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