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Interview Person A

Q1. Do you think that people with special needs will be applicable for your organization?

I do not at all think that I can hire people with special needs at a higher popular because I own an Airline industry where physical activities are more needed by the employees. There are very lesser number of employees working only as a mental worker in the company but yes, I can make sure that there are various departments like ticket counters, help lines, etc where there is no need for physical activities, I can hire people having special needs in such departments. I do not have any problem in that. Rather, I would love to help these special needy people who have not been blessed by the god as we have been.

Q2. Do you think that employee relation in the organization is the most efficient part of building an organization?

Hmm, I would not say that employee relationship is the only important parts of making an organization, there are various other activities as well which build the company but yes, this is absolutely true that for making a strong built in the organization we need to have a strong employee relationship maintained within the company. This is the reason that I always keep on try to make string bond between employees with special needs and employees who are normal

Q3. Are you making certain special arrangements for employee relationship between employee having special needs and normal employees within your organization?

Yes, absolutely! I am giving special treatment to the employees having special needs this does not mean that I do not treat normal employees well. I also conduct various meetings within the organization in which I try to remove the gap between the two classes of employees. I always try that employees having physical needs do not feel inferior at any cost. Hence I always try to give special treatment to them so that they can work without any inferiority complex

Q4. Don't you think that treating employees with special needs differently, however better, than normal employees may make them feel inferior?

See, situations could be never ending. You can always ask questions according to the question and particularly going against. I just want to say that I always do what I like. I think that employees with special needs are mentally equal as compared to normal employees but the only problem with them is that they are physically challenged and this is the reason that their confidence is low. My work is to boost their confidence up, that's it!

Interview Person B

Q1. You are the top most real estate company in the country. Do you have employees with special needs in your company?

I am very proud of the fact that the company I own is one of the leading real estate companies in the world and is the biggest in the country. But this is really unfortunate to say that I do not have employees in the company having special needs. This is not because I do not want to have them in my company but the problem is I own a real estate company and there is very less requirement of employees with special needs. In fact there is no need for our company for people with special requirement.

Q2. There are companies which are keeping employees with physical needs in the department where mental work is needed? You can also do the same?

First of all I do not copy others. I know they speak more and do less. I you want to check, you can go their department and find out how many employees with special needs are there in those companies. But I am a straight forward person and I say that I do not think that there is any place in my company for the employees with special needs. I am really sorry to say that. I can help them in other ways like I can donate for their development but if you say that I will keep them in my company then I am really sorry to say that they are not applicable in our organization. (Questions to Ask a Real Estate Agent - How to Interview an Agent)

Q3. Don't you think this rude on their part?

I do not at all think so because I know that these people are mentally very much capable to understand that our is a real estate company and we require more of physical work in the company. This is the reason we are not hiring them. I do not have any personal conflict with these employees. I know that some of them are much highly qualified than the normal employees but still we don't hire them as well.

Interview Person C

Q1. Your entry in the business is on the main theme that you are very objectivist in nature. If this is true, then how does it possible for you to stand you objectivist nature with the collective nature of your company? Accordingly, how do you see people with special needs as employees in your company?

Yes, this is absolutely true that I am very much objective in nature. I consider my self to be very powerful supporter of the giving reasons for any thing, whether it may be personal or professional issues or it may talks about self esteem. But the company that I am running is something for which I am very passionate about. I consider it to be my work of art.

I do not at force any individual to sacrifice their own individuality or individual value for any thing but I force them to know that how my company is valuable for their life and also to know about how can values of our company be helpful in growth and development of the individual and his or her values. (Rawat, 2009)

People with special needs, accordingly to me are a better option fo my company to be the part of my organization. There is a specific reason behind that my organization does all the activites which are to be done by mental ability of the people in which there is no physical run required by anybody. Hence I would suggest that being objectivist in nature I would give job opportunities to people with special needs or physically challenged people.

Q2. How will you manage workers with special needs in your organization?

There are various ways in which I manage the workers and volunteers with special need in my company. I will try to provide all the possible facilities to such people so that they do not have any problem while working. I thing physically challenged people will prove better for my organization because they do not have much extra work to do like physically well people, as a result they will give more time to the company. In order to make sure that there do not exist any problem to these employees, all the facilities will be provided to them.


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