Limitation and Future Research

Limitation and Future Research

The study conducted by the researcher has many limitations. Although the measures used in this study gave rise to interesting results, the questionnaire should be reexamined. The stating part of the questionnaire measured only individualism which lacked explicitness. On the other hand, they could also perceive as having collectivistic value. Some terms should be more specific in the questionnaire. For example, question 2 says that whether the employee lives in an area which is suitable for them and their families. The researcher could have rephrased it saying ‘immediate' families which would have helped in differentiating collectivistic and individualistic values. Individualistic individuals are more concerned with their immediate families (husband, wife, and children) rather than uncle, aunt, etc. This clarification and careful selection of words will help the respondent to avoid any type of misunderstanding to the intended questions.

Another limitation is that many employees worked with their managers for approximate one year. This may not be long enough time for the employee to know the manager and to be able to identify the pattern which would enable them to accurately figure out their perception of manager's culture and work, which would in turn be able to identify manager's management style.

Lastly, there will be a difference in the style of manager to perceive a particular management style depending upon the experience and generation of management.

Future Research

First, future research studies suggest that managers also should have taken the questionnaire and examined their management style. It would prove to be interesting whether or not there is a difference or similarity between the employee's perceptions of their managers and their managers' self-evaluation. The managers' results of their self-evaluation would match how employee perceives their management style.

Secondly, it would be more informative to add another variable, job satisfaction, to observe the effect of manager's choice of management style. Manager should treat each of his employees in such a way that the employee will view this experience as supportive and one which builds and maintains a sense of personal growth. This suggests that the managers who are following autocratic or persuasive management style would not be a successful manager where consultative or participative management style is preferred.

Extending this study would answer questions as to which of these different management styles would enhance job satisfaction the most.


 The manager should offer training and development sessions for the new employees, which would help in selecting and recruiting future employee.

 Starbucks should reduce traditional values by giving rewards to employees for suggesting new and effective ideas which would benefit the organization. This will not only provide a wider range of ideas but also act as a motivational tool for the employees.

 Starbucks should arrange extra curricular activities for their employees to further improve the relationship between employees, managers and the organization.

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