Literature review

Chapter 2


Literature Review is considered to be a document which retrieves all the data which is published or not published from the secondary source available like internet, books, journals, etc. Main aim of any literature review is to collect all the important information about the selected topic which has been researched in the past. This research is done in order to see its impact on the present work.

There are many ways which we can perform literature review for any particular topic. These ways are getting information from the secondary sources like government publications, theses of master degree project, articles from journals, news papers, books or any other research study. Advantage of literature review is that it gives us a lot to focus on. We get the past information and we get to know what to be in the future in the same. Literature review is considered very much important to perform a research as it gives a theoretical framework for any hypothesis.

Employees Attitude

There is always a conflicting issue regarding the attitude of the employees in any company. Some say those happy employees are productive for LIFCO Group and some say that happy employees are not productive for the company. As said by one of the great Human Resource professionals that there are several areas in which can be helpful in identifying the customer attitudes. These areas are employee's attitude has a specific cause, positive job satisfaction and negative job satisfaction has specific result and measurement of the employee's attitude.

Causes of attitudes of employees

There are various causes of attitude of employees with the satisfaction of job. In the last two decades a lot of researches were conducted on cultural influence and dispositional influence of satisfaction of job.

Cultural Influence on Satisfaction of jobs

Organizations with cross culture and with issues of Human Resource are helping to solve the problems related to the challenges proposed by globalization of organization (Erez, 1994). Culture of any country is considered to be one of the strongest predictor of satisfaction of job for nay person

Dispositional Influences on satisfaction of jobs

It has been seen that satisfaction of job for any employees has an upper edge regarding his stability over time, No matter whether he changes the job or not. There are different types of job satisfaction for the employees and these job satisfactions are according to the position of the employees. For example it has been seen that job satisfaction for twins in a company are computed as similar. Some of the people say that it is easy to be measure the difference between the measurement of satisfaction of employees according to his or her temperament and his or her disposition.

Result of Positive and Negative Job Satisfaction

Satisfaction of Job and Performance

The first study conducted for the performance of job and job satisfaction came out in 1930 and it was a study of Hawthrone. Job performance and Job satisfaction has a statistical correlation of 0.17. This showed that there is a trivial relationship between the two. But further study said that there is a strong relationship between job satisfaction and job performance.

Relation between life satisfaction and job satisfaction

There are three types of relationship, spill over, segmentation and compensation. Every individual is classified under these three categories for the study

Measurement of influence of attitude of employees

Employee Attitude Survey

Under the Employees attitude survey, there is a job descriptive index set by the organization in order to measure the employee's attitude. There are five different areas come under JDI like promotion, pay, work, supervision and co workers.

Result for Action (Analyzing and Interpreting Survey)

Result for Action (Analyzing and interpreting) gives an analysis of attitude of employees and statistical analysis which are considered to be major contributor for measurement of psychological impact on the employees. These survey help in analyzing different aspect of human resource strategies for an employee in the company and this would give a probable result for the measurement of job satisfaction for the employees. There are various factors on which comparability of employees in different companies is done. There are several new methods for comparison between the level of job satisfaction and numerical accuracy for the measuring employee's attitude is found out. There is various measurement issues need to be taken into account while making any decision about employee's attitude. (Saari, 2004)


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