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HDFC Bank was incorporated in August 1994, and, currently has an nationwide network of1,725 Branches and4,000 ATM's in 771 Indian towns and cities.


Our single-minded focus on product quality and service excellence has helped us garner the appreciation of both national and international organization.

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All the facts and figures highlighting the rapid growth of HDFC Bank over the last nine years.


Join the workforce of India's leading private sector bank that has won accolades from top national and international magazines, and explore a world of opportunities.

Citizen's Charter

Our Citizen's Charter offers relevant information about the products, facilities and services we provide.

Corporate Governance

HDFC Bank's Corporate Governance Policy has been adopted keeping in mind the importance of attaining fairness for all stakeholders, as well as achieving organizational efficiency.

Shareholding in the bank

Browse through our current as well as previous records detailing the distribution of shares.

What Does Customer Service Comprise?


Customer Service

Customer Service is the sum total of what an organisation does to meet customer expectations and produce customer satisfaction.

Think about the definition and relate it to your own and your team's work with customers. The actual services that a customer receives will vary from one situation to another. The combination of services that you deliver to customers depends upon a number of factors:

  • The core product or service being delivered
  • The organisation delivering the service
  • The individual delivering the service
  • The customer receiving the service
  • The specific point or stage in the Customer Transaction that has been reached

Service is provided at various Touch-Points during a customer's relationship with an organization - this relationship could last for years, especially for your organisation's valuable, long-standing customers. In addition, there are different aspects of service provided at different times during a customer transaction, such as before, during and after a purchase.

This applies to internal customers, as well as external customers. If, for example, a service is being provided to an internal customer this could be before, during or after a particular task was set. Remember also that the service itself might actually be provided by different means. Service can be provided by a person, such as a customer orders assistant, a logistics operator or a retail assistant. Service can be provided by automated systems such as E-Commerce (or self-service) websites, or automated telephone response systems. Some customers may prefer a human interaction to an automated or self-service interaction. Organizations need to choose carefully the type of interaction they are going to provide at these touch-points - and this will depend on costs to some extent. Indeed, customers do not necessarily reject automated services. Whatever the particular channel that your organization uses for delivering its customer service, it is essential that the quality and reliability is as high as possible and that you know what your customers think of the services they receive.

Service Characteristics

Service characteristics are the individual elements that make up the service provided to


  1. Reliability
  2. Competence
  3. Responsiveness
  4. Communication
  5. Understanding Customers
  6. Accessibility
  7. Personal Qualities

HDFC bank's customer servive strategies

Customers Are Key

Customers' Expectations are increasing. HDFC as an organisation has competitors who are trying to improve their own Service Standards in order to exceed their customers' expectations. HDFC is doing the same and in the better way. Because today's customers are so demanding, it is only those organizations which recognize rising customer expectations, and continuously go the extra step to satisfy and delight their customers, that will succeed. Customers, then, are key for you and your team.

Core Service - this will provide the basic products and services, and will meet some customers' expectations. It is unlikely to satisfy other customers who have experienced better service elsewhere. This could be through the purchase of an entirely different product or service. Today's customers remember the best service they have received (or heard about), and demand that level of service from all their transactions, regardless of the product or sector. So now, HDFC is not just focusing on core service.

Augmented Service - this goes beyond core service and is the minimum an organization should provide in order to at least keep up with the market. HDFC is generally be meeting and exceeding customers' expectations. Augmented Service will retain many customers in the short and medium term, but this level of service does not consistently deliver really exceptional experiences for customers - the "Wow!" factor is not there all the time.

Excellent Service - this means that HDFC Bank as anorganisation is maximising its chances of being the market leader, constantly innovating to find new ways of exceeding customer expectations, with highly skilled and motivated individuals delivering exceptional service to customers. It is consistently attempting to exceed customers' expectations - every time a customer interaction takes place. This level of service really does consistently deliver the "Wow!" factor.

Customer Focused Culture

A Customer Focused Culture exists in HDFC when customers (both external and internal) are given a the highest priority in the objectives, targets, activities, and decisions of the team.

The customer is placed at the heart of everything that the team does. The Components of Excellent Customer Service are described below.

Delivering The Promise

HDFC always keeps what they say they will do. They try to understand the way their customers want to be treated and adapt their behavior as far as possible. Whatever they do, they don't let their service delivery fall short of their customers' expectations.

Go The Extra Mile

HDFC try, to over-deliver. They delight their customers by giving them what they expect, plus some more. This helps them establish loyal customers, who will recommend it to colleagues, friends and family, and build a great reputation for the organization.

Keep It Simple

One of the HDFC's policy is "Make the customer transaction as simple as possible". Customers just want to do business with and then get on with the rest of their day. Yes, they want to be treated specially, but they also want the transaction to be simple and straightforward. So, to keep it simple HDFC has clear procedures and great internal communication. Processes are more customer focused than organisation focused.

Resolve Problems Well

If a customer has a problem, HDFC take it seriously and resolve it well. As if you resolve a problem for customers in a quick and responsive way, they will be your most loyal ambassadors in the future. So, they make the solution simple and deal with it efficiently. Customers want problems to be resolved quickly, but above all they need to be kept informed.

They want to know what the organization is doing about the problem, and what will happen next.

Service Personality

HDFC is having a well-defined personality which defines the particular way it delivers service and interacts with its customers. An excellent service provider tends to have its own Service Personality - an identifiable set of service characteristics that defines how its service provision is different from that of its competitors.

Service Culture

There is a culture throughout the HDFC's people that focuses on giving excellent service o both internal and external customers. Leaders and managers are committed to the service culture. They communicate the bank's vision, values, leadership and continuous improvement methods to employees. Employees understand their own role in supporting the service culture.

Committed Staff

Employees are well-motivated, have a can-do attitude, enjoy team working and supporting their internal customers. Professional relationships exist throughout the bank, with high levels of trust, openness and a no-blame culture, encouraging continuous improvement. Each month they appoint an "Employee of the Month" - and the winners of the award are sometimes people who deal only with internal customers.

Customer Focused Processes

Systems and processes are designed around customers, whether internal or external. Six systems or processes in particular are seen as fundamental: communication systems, systems for listening to customers and employees, training systems, appraisal, reward and recognition systems, performance measurement systems and service recovery systems.

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