Have You Negotiated How You'll Negotiate?

This was a very interesting article dealing with negotiations. I fill that negotiation is a topic that is important to many individuals. Negotiations are seen in business deals, but negotiations are also seen in different parts of life. People have to compromise and work out agreements to make both parties happy. However, this article focused on structured negations. I fill that there is something that everybody could take away from this article and use later.

The author begins by informing the reader that the reason many negations fail is because of the process that was used by the negotiators. This article is focused of the process of negotiations, and how having a solid process before negotiations begins can lead to more successful negotiations. The process of negotiation issue is about solving problems that brought the group together to begin with.

The author lays out three reasons why the process is important. First, process drives substance. Second, a fair process increases legitimacy and satisfaction. Third, a laid out process increases the willingness to abide by it.

The author lays out a three step approach to managing process issues in negotiations that will lead to significant rewards.

1. Explicitly negotiate a process.

In this steps the author recommends that before negotiations begins explain what you hope to accomplish and how plan to achieve these goals.

2. Build an agenda.

The author recommends that you don't just dive in to the substance of negotiations, but first set up an agenda and clarify you purpose. In this step it may be helpful identify core issues, clarify where each part stands. Also, make sure to choose achievable goals for each session, and while planning this agenda don't forget to include breaks. Breaks are important to the process.

3. Manage the commitment process.

When parties are making agreements about the negotiation process such as when and how to talk about the issues, or what decisions to make about the issues. They are engaged in the commitment process. When engaged in the commitment process you should make sure you focus on the sequencing of issue to be discussed. For example let the first issue that is discussed be issue that is simple. Something that both parties can find some common ground with. This can help build momentum to successful negotiations. The sequencing of issues can affect the outcome of the whole negotiation.

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