OPITO Management


OPITO is providing about 40,000 jobs out of which 30,000 are working in extraction of oil and gas from the North Sea and the rest of the 10,000 jobs are involved in exporting of oilfields goods and services. The annual tax paid by the company is about £10 billion. The company provides offshore jobs (drilling extraction oil rig management) and onshore jobs (buying and selling of oil and gas legal services) to the workers.


At OPITO management do work in different ways to achieve the goals. In the organization there are many hierarchies levels and the management at the top level have more power as compare to lower level. It is the management responsibility to carry on all the work i.e geological exploration technical and scientific support sales purchase etc. academy has created a learning supply chain to ensure that the worker doing jobs in the organization have proper skills and knowledge.

Management Style

At OPITO every manager is responsible for the work done by him, either he fails or succeeded in performing a task. In order to achieve the objective the manager have to ensure that each worker is performing the task according to the instruction given to him.

Autocratic management style

In autocratic management style all the power is in the hands of top management. Decisions are made without consulting with the lower level of management. The company follows this rule to ensure the safety of the workers especially in offshore operations. A benefit of this style is that it ensure the compliance with the safety regulation, while the drawback of this style might lead towards the reduction of the motivational level.

Democratic Management Style

In democratic management style employees are involved in making decision making process. The company had established a employer-led skills forum to get feed back from the workers performing their jobs in the industry. This style helps in getting required information about the work and the required skills needed within the industry. Benefits of this style is that it develop the thinking skills among the employees and enables the whole team to contribute in the decision making process. In oil and gas company it is done in onshore operations where the time is not critical and there are many alternative solutions available to resolve the problem.

Paternalistic Management Style

In some cases the managers make decision without the consultation or participation because the managers have their employees best interest at heart. This is done when the employees are less likely to feel unhappy regarding the decision made in such way. In the oil and gas company it is necessary to create safe environment for the employees to acquire the right attitude and skills. The paternalistic management style helps the workers to

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