Planning principles of marketing strategy


I would like to evaluate Marketing Strategy of Viyella Retail Store. Formed in 1784, Viyella understand of women's fashion needs. There are currently 75 Viyella Retail Store and consistently planning to open more Stores. Viyella is largest retail chain in United Kingdom. Viyella Retail serves Knitwear, Tops, Shirts & Blouses, Trousers, Skirt, Dresses, Jackets, Outerwear, Accessories, Home wear.

Viyella's Marketing Strategy mainly baise on Visual Merchandising. Visual Merchandising is a creative yet commercial method of presenting the collection of

  • Provide service to customer
  • Strengthen the brand
  • Active drive Sales
  • And Ultimately maximise profit

I would like to show Visual Merchandising Encompasses.. (Complete brand image)

  • Layout of the sales floor
  • Product knowledge
  • Fixture & fittings
  • Windows
  • Interior display & graphics
  • Standard of Presentation
  • Lighting, music, etc.

Now we can refer how is Merchandising Principal works.

  • Visual Merchandising is a silent way of selling benefits of good Merchandising
  • Outfit building which encourage multiple purchases and maximising full price sales
  • Clearly defined looks and product categories
  • An easy to shop environment for our customer
  • Strong visual impact on your sales floor

Fashion is always decline rapidly so company also continue develop new designer cloths for their customer. Company also continually change their marketing strategy. Once new product introduce in market, company use advance promotion for new product. This advance promotion take place by create awareness, encourage sales, develop an image.

Viyella also use marketing Calendar, Marketing summary and marketing information for marketing purpose.

Viyella is globally well established and well known brand. Viyella's all the retail stores are perfect designed for their customer. Viyella different types of marketing Strategy like loyalty card. Viyella's all the products are very famous in global context. Viyella always change there marketing strategy for customer wants and needs. Viyella also constantly change there product and price time to time.

Viyella is pensioned about there style and fasion status. Viyella gives good quality product and better price that's viyella consensually stand with global market share. Viyella is committed with their customer to give best product and unique design. Viyella constantly monitor global fasion and global design. Viyella also place globally there product promotion and product knowledge. Viyella has globally master in particular design and product. Viyella retail specially design every level of customer. Viyella use best marketing strategy like visual merchandising, this visual merchandising is more effective for retail. Visual merchandising marketing best global example to cover more market share via good marketing strategy.

Every retail store has own e-business strategies in their marketing. Some retail store is more effective while some retail not get good benefit on e-business strategies. Viyella has effective e-business strategies so it's give more benefit to become brand image. Viyella introduce special free video with their every Retail product detail and viyella also mentioned their product id, name and all the product detail. Even viyella email address gives massive promotion so that customer can do directly contact the company and they can solve their problem via internate.

Viyella also make their website for their customer. Viyella website through customer can see all products and their detail online and they can make order the entire product online. This way people get good facility to use online services. They also see what new product come and product offer, everything become very easy for customer. Viyella gives special advertisement in well know website, this is another way viyella give extraordinary adversities their problem. This is the main out come through viyella hold their popularity.

International Opportunities (Get reference from viyella official website)

Viyella established 1784, has been internationally renowned for well over a century and today operates in major markets from Europe to North America and Japan to South Africa.

Essential Partner Credentials (Get reference from viyella official website)

Below are some of the essential credentials we look for in our International Partners.

  • Established retailer with international licensing or franchising operational experience.
  • Commercial knowledge and experience with the fashion retail sector in the local territory.
  • Experienced management team with strong operational support structure throughout all aspects of the supply chain.
  • Willingness to emulate Austin Reed's brand operations and work within guidelines.
  • Financial stability and strength to develop a multi-store business and to deliver sustainable growth throughout the territory.

What New Markets Are We Interested In (Get reference from viyella official website)

  • Asia
  • Australasia
  • Central & South America
  • Turkey
  • Central & Eastern Europe
  • Western Europe
  • Scandinavia

BT Fresca has configured its e-commerce platform FrescaCommerce to meet the demanding design and functional requirements, and has integrated the platform with Viyella's merchandising system, Mercatus from BT Expedite, for dynamic updates of product information and stock availability.

The FrescaCommerce Platform is a feature-rich, high-availability, on-demand e-commerce platform used by a number of leading retailers. It can be tailored to provide a unique customer experience, provides a sophisticated and powerful back office toolkit for merchandising and managing the site, and is hosted and managed by BT Fresca.

By carefully and correctly entering yourVIP Card Number in the box provided at the check out stage, you will be able to earn loyalty reward points on yourViyella internet purchase.

AlthoughVIP Reward points can be collected when shopping on theViyella Internet store, they CANNOT be redeemed. To redeem you Reward Voucher, please visit your nearestViyella store. Click here to find your nearest store.

Card numbers entered incorrectly will not be picked up, therefore you may not earn loyalty reward points on that purchase.

Ford Motor Company SWOT Analysis

"Ford Motor Company is a global company with two core businesses: Automotive and Financial Services. The Automotive business consists of the design, development, manufacture, sale and service of cars, trucks and service parts. In 2003, the Company organized its Automotive business as two primary segments, Americas and International. The Americas segment includes primarily the sale of Ford, Lincoln and Mercury brand vehicles and related service parts in North America and Ford-brand vehicles and related service parts in South America. The International segment includes the sale of Ford-brand vehicles and related service parts outside of North and South America and the sale of Premier Automotive Group brand vehicles and related service parts throughout the world" (Yahoo Finance).

Ford's chairman and CEO, Bill Ford has a simple strategy, "Our vision for the future is simple: We want to build great products, a strong business, and a better world." Ford's vision is, "To become the world's leading consumer company for automotive products and services" (

Ford has been focusing on cutting costs to increase margins more than its competitors. In 1997, Ford cut $1 billion in costs as a result of work suggestions and using standardized parts for different Ford models. As a result of using standardized parts, Ford was able to decrease the number of inventory parts, which decreased the chance of inventory parts not in stock. This meant the assembly plant would be shut down less for out of stock parts, saving Ford money (Stevenson 548).

Ford has used reverse engineering in the development of their products. The Taurus is one example of this tactic. Ford examined the close competitors of the Taurus to see which parts on each car were the best of the group. Ford then designed the same parts as well or even better than the competitions. Since the Taurus had the best parts when compared with its competitors, the Taurus was viewed as the best-in-class car. This tactic allowed Ford to "leapfrog" ahead of the competition in the family sedan category (Stevenson 130).

In 2008 the automotive industry faced a deep recession in the United States and Europe, the worst worldwide financial crisis in decades and a dramatic slowdown in all major global market. Like all auto makers, ford motor company was adversely impacted by these extraordinarily difficult economic condition.

However, the plan ford is operating under what we call one ford is helping us endure these current conditions and position ourselves for future success.

Our plan has been consistent for the past two years

  • aggressively restructure to operate profitably at the current lower demand and the changing model mix.
  • Accelerate the development of safe, fule-efficient high quality new products that customers want and value.
  • Finance our plan and improve our balance sheet.
  • Work together as one team averaging our global assets.

One ford has transformed us in to a different auto company : different than others. However, the worldwide economic slowdown driven by tight credit markets and weak consumer confidence has shaken the foundation of even the strongest companies, in the automotive sector and in every other industry.

As a part of ONE Ford plan we also secured credit in advance of the financial market meltdown. As a result of all these actions and based on current planning assumptions, we have sufficient liquidity to make it through this global downturn while maintaining product plans, without the need for government bridge loans. They expect this will contribute to significantly reduced negative automotive operating related cash flow in 2009 as compared with 2008, and position ford for growth when the economy rebounds. Based on our current planning assumptions, we believe we are on track for total company and north American automotive pre-tax results and Automotive operating related cash flow to be at or above break even in 2011, excluding special items.

Ford also is on track with its plan to invest in new, smaller, fuel-efficient vehicles and achieve a more balanced global product portfolio. Within the next five years, all ford vehicles competing in global segment will be common in north america, europe and asia fulfilling a key element of our ONE ford plan. This include ford fiesta and focus sized small cars, fusion and mondeo sized midsize cars and utilities, as well as commercial vans. Importanly, every new product will be the best or among the best in its segment for fuel economy, while providing top quality, safety, smart technologies and value.

They also are launching the most aggressive vehicle electrification program in the industry. By 2012, we plan to produce at least four high mileage vehicles that will use the most advanced form of battery technology in family of hybrids, plug-in hybrids and battery powered vehicles.

In addition to producing these vehicles, they are employing a comprehensive approach to electrification that will tackle commercial issues such as batteries, standards and infrastructure. They are working with Southern California Edison, the Electric Power Research Institute and six additional electric utility companies from New York, Atlanta, Detroit and Raleigh to develop plug in hybride vehicles and infrastructure.

Despite of extremely difficult year we continue to see many positive developments. These ongoing improvements make us more confident than ever that they have the right plan and are taking the right actions to survive the downturn and emerge as a lean, globally integrated company poised for long-term profitable growth.

Ford is very popular company and every one knows there capabilities and management. When ford came badly condition at that time ford dramatically get improvement and come out bad condition. Ford should more focus on ONE ford plan and they have to manufacture low cost car and they have to manufacture more and more small segment car. This way ford can get improvement in current situation. Ford have to more focus on hibride car and find the new potential region where ford easily sell product. Ford is leading car maker company have ability to grove itself and improve quality of product and customer relation.

Political changes

If government can change or government policy can change at that time government law and policy also changes.

The railway industry in UK has changed in many ways during the last 30 years. The industry was privatised by the previous Conservative government (a political decision) moving from being run by British Rail (a public corporation) to a new structure where the track and stations are maintained by Railtrack and there are a range of private railway companies seeking to make a profit in the various regions of the UK.

Obviously politicians don't operate in a vacuum, and many political changes result from changes in the economy or in social and cultural mores, for example. Thus although tax rates are generally decided by politicians, tax decisions generally also include economic considerations such as what is the state of the economy. In Europe, the politicians drove the introduction of the euro currency but the impacts include economic factors: cross-border pricing, European interest rates, bank charges, price transparency and so on.

Economical change means change in standard of living, general level of demand, interest increase or decrease, etc.

As people's living standards have risen (an economic change) most families now have cars, so the rail companies are having to compete vigorously with road transport for customers.

Social change

In this, more changes are in the society and their life style; like wise more women going out to work, change in buying pattern, change in clothing fashion.

A major social change has been that many people are working from home today using home computers to communicate with their offices. This has led to a reduction in demand for rail transport, although many office workers commute by rail on the days when they visit their offices (for example, in London).

Technological change

This is particularly relevant to new invention and idea, development in internet and website business.

Changes in technological that on some rail lines we are seeing the development of high speed trains, as pioneered for example, by Richard Branson's Virgin Rail.

Economic factors include exchange rates, inflation levels, income growth, debt & saving levels (which impact available money) and consumer & business confidence. There can also be narrow industry measures that become important. Issues such as the availability of skilled labour or raw-material costs can impact industries in different ways.

Advances in technology can have a major impact on business success, with companies that fail to keep up often going out of business. Technological change also affects political and economic aspects, and plays a part in how people view their world. Just as one example, the Internet has had a major influence on the ways consumers and businesses research and purchase products. Whereas in the early and mid-1990s, it was rare for consumers to consider cross-border purchases this is now becoming common via services such as ebay with the result that even small businesses can now serve a global market.

The Airline industry exists in an intensively competitive market. last couple of years, this industry fall down which is more effect on the domestic and international airlines. Airlines industry largest amount of revenue is coming from regular and business passengers. Business travel is more important part of industry because they are more likely to travel several time throughout the year. Airlines are closely monitor their costs. The airline industry is very sensitive to cost such as fuel, labour and borrowing costs. Fuel prices trend fluctuation on monthly basis and it is highly volatile and it is adversely affect on air fare so they always keep eye on airlines industry. According to ATA labour is the an airlines No.1 cost, airlines must pay pilots, flight attendants, baggage handlers, dispatches, customer services and others. Sometimes weather affect airline expenses like extrema heat, cold, fog and snow can shut down airports and cancel flights which costs an airline money.

Private label popularity is challenging the region of famous brands, like wise in uk coke is make by GB label that make difference in coke. In this way company directly not invested money in particular region but they just their name to manufacturing the product and give huge brand image. Private labelled coke is very popular in all around in uk. This is main things to get good profit without investment in particular region an get profit. Private company manufacture product of brand company so there is need so much money to enter in another region. This way company save there lost of money and lots of investment. It is very popular nowadays because this both get good amount of exposure.

There are so many europen company to recover their profit or adapt their trademarked goods to meet changing customer needs so this is very essential to grove globally and make their position every where. This style is more adapted because this give large amount of profit without investing money and get good and sustainable return. There are no risk involve in this position because company gives there policy, standards and the preparation skills and management so this will give more surety to get success in business.

Private lable through we easily meet customer demand and we can serve our product as much as possible market. This is the thing band become more popular and their market share also become more wider. Every company trying to improve market share this is best option to sell more product and customer get more benefit about product.


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