What is PMI and PMP certification? PMI institute

What is PMI?

Let us first find out what the PMI is. PMI, Project Management Institute was founded in 1969 in USA. The institute began offering the Project Management Professional certification exam in 1984. PMI is accredited as an ANSI - American National Standards Institute standards developer. The institute also has the distinction for being the first organization to have their certification achieve ISO 9001 recognition.

PMI has over 100,000 memberships worldwide with members from nearly 125 countries.

There are many local PMI chapters in most countries where project managers regularly meet to learn and share information about new techniques and tools of project management.

PMI is most widely organized organization and the leader in project management practices. PMI works endeavor to encourage, promote and maintain ethics and standards in the project management field. PMI also offers training, publications, seminars, special interest groups, chapters to enhance the project management discipline.

Who recognizes the PMP certification?

Major companies and government agencies around the globe recognizes the PMP certification. Many companies including several Fortune 1000 companies demand that their employees engaged in project management activities should be PMPs. PMP certification has become a market differentiator; organizations that do not have PMPs to handle projects are at competitive disadvantage.

Benefit of PMP Certification

By passing PMP certification exam, individuals prove that they've the abilities and skills necessary to execute projects within budgets, effectively and on time. Given the comprehensive and rigorous PMP certification testing requirement, PMP certification has become the project management professional's most respected and recognized certification credential.

Becoming a Project Management Professional (PMP) will give you the project management skills to stand out in your company. You will be able to be more productive and valued contributor to your current and future employers. Consider raising your project management skills by working towards your PMP certification.

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