Professional development skills


Professional development skills are becoming more important everywhere which is not a new concept. To develop the professional and personal skills we need to use our knowledge effectively and efficiently. Nowadays the working environment in every company have changed a lot from past. It is very important to use the employees skills and improving them for the companys overall development. This assignment deals with how to improve the managerial skills and also about the time management, stress management, running meetings and presentation.

Outcome 1

Identifying the personal and professional skills and providing methods to improve them.

Task 1: Importance of personal and professional skills

Professional skills such as time management, stress management, making presentations and running meetings are important for a manager. Using the workforce and resources should be managed efficiently for the development of an organization. Only a skillful manager can manage and utilize the resources available efficiently.

Time management

Every process and work are time dependent. Managing time is one of the important concepts everywhere. An efficient time management plays a major role in the development of any organization. For managing time efficiently we can make use of some principles and methods. It is important to maximize the work and make profit from the available employees working hours. In many organizations and countries employees are paid in hourly basis, this shows the importance of time management. Paretos law states that 80 percentage of the result can be achieved by 20 percentage of work which is done efficiently. Time management is not about doing lot of work but doing the work in an efficient way.

Running meetings

Managers should be skillful enough to conduct meetings efficiently and effectively. Meetings deal with making future plans and implementation for the organization. Time management is also important in running meetings. Every meeting is important for the development of the organization because the plans, ideas and decisions are taken in meetings. It is also important to get the suggestions from everyone and also a meeting should be preplanned to have an effective and efficient meeting.

Making presentations

Presentation skill is also an important managerial skill which is required for every manager to meet their objectives. Time management is also plays an important role in a successful meeting. The job which is assigned to the manger should be present in an effective way. To make the presentation effective managers should plan and check the necessary steps to be taken to have a successful presentation. For example the plan and steps are planning how much time we should take for every meeting, the objectives should be covered during the meeting and preparation.

Stress management

It is natural to be stressed out during the work but it will drain the energy. Managers should be skilful enough to deal with the stress because they have to manage work force and also meet the objectives of the organization. Stress may lead us to have mental or physical problem so it is important to tackle the stress. Stress may cause the wasting of time and also may lead the managers to professional and personal problems such as loosing concentration and confidence.

Task 2 :Ways to improve skills

To improve Time management

  1. Learning
  2. Learning about the skills make us deal with time effectively. For example some managers use one or two fingers to type in the keyboard which is a waste of time. In this situation the manager should learn and trained well to deal with the time management.

  3. Delegation
  4. It is used to reduce the work load by dividing the project or job in small and giving it to other people. Delegation helps to save the time and also reduce the work load on one person.

  5. Prioritizing
  6. Prioritizing is about doing tasks or job based on the importance. Depending on the importance we can classify the jobs as high, average and low. It will help us to reduce the wastage of time by doing the low priority jobs and work on most important tasks.

  7. Avoid procrastination
  8. Procrastination is postponing one task or job to another time. This is a complete waste of time and it will increase the work load.

  9. Say no
  10. It is important to complete the task or job in time than taking up every available task. It is important to say no if the workload is very high.

  11. Avoid interruption

It is also important to reduce the interruption such as talking on phone with someone which is not about the work related stuff. It is good to evaluate how the employees are managing time once in a week. This will give a clear idea about how efficiently the managers are utilizing time.

To improve meeting

  1. Agenda
  2. Agenda is known as the success factor of running meeting. Agenda will help to plan about all the aspects of the meeting such as time, venue and subject.

  3. Circulation
  4. The documents stating the agenda should be circulated to people who all attending the meeting. It is good to send the documents one week advance which will help them to know about the meeting and contribute their ideas.

  5. Running a meeting
  6. Running meeting plays a major role in the success. The meeting should be controlled by one person. It is also important to give a chance to others to know about their ideas. The person who is controlling the meeting should explain the purpose of the meeting to others and motivate them to contributing others ideas and also motivate them to execute the plans in an efficient way.

  7. Circulating the documents
  8. It is important to circulate the relevant documents which describe the decisions and plans to the employees after completing the meeting.

  9. Executing the decisions

The decisions, plan and ideas which is came across the meeting should be executed to make a meeting valuable. Failure of the execution will also show that the meeting is a failure.

How to improve presentation skills

  1. Preparation
  2. Preparation is the basic step toward improving the presentation skills. Preparing a clear form of agenda and outcomes will make the presentation easier. The person should have the evidence, blueprint and other relevant paper works. Motivation and confidence also play a major role in improving presentation skills. The person should also check the equipments which is being used during the meeting in advance which may boost the confidence. It is also important to have a backup files or documents if there is something wrong happens during the meeting.

  3. Attention
  4. It is important to have the attention from all the listeners from the beginning of the meeting itself. The meeting will be a failure if the person is not able to get the attention during the meeting.

  5. Interest
  6. Interest of the audience is very important factor for a successful meeting. Sometimes the audience know about what is going to be presented but getting the attention and making them to have an interest is an important factor. For example it is good to ask about the ideas which the audience have in their mind, using good language, using the screen aids effectively and also try to gain the involvement of the audience.

  7. Close

End of the presentation it is important to ask the audience about their ideas and questions. If they have any doubt we should clarify with the evidence which we have already. At the end of the presentation ask for approval, action or order to conclude.

How to manage stress?

  1. Find the cause
  2. To reduce stress it is important to find out the route cause behind it and categorizing the causes like environment, work load etc

  3. Change the behavior
  4. Some behavior such as smoking, drinking and sleeping disorders may cause stress. Tackling all these problems effectively and managing time can reduce stress.

  5. Change the environment
  6. Some environmental issues such as noise, pollution in the work place will cause stress. To reduce stress we can always change the environment and work in a better place.

  7. Use meditation
  8. Meditation can help to reduce the stress and stress related problems. It also helps to get a good mental power to tackle the stress in an efficient way. It is also good to practice exercise like yoga which will help to refresh our body.

  9. Use time table and reduce work load

Keeping a time table for doing each task and completing it on time will reduce the workload and also the stress. If the workload is too much to handle then try to avoid it and manage the task which the person is capable of doing. This strategy can reduce the stress and give confidence to the employee.

Outcome 2: Preparation of personal skill audits

Task 3

There are a set of methods which can be used to evaluate the personal skill audit. Personal skills are classified into four time management, stress management, running meetings and making presentation. According to David Kolb learning style can be classified into four

  1. Activist
  2. Pragmatist
  3. Theorist
  4. Reflector

Every person comes under any of these four learning styles. We can make use of a questionnaire to find out which category we are belonged. For example we can use Peter Honey and Alan Mumfords questionnaire.

By this questionnaire we can evaluate the learning style skills. We need to prioritize the things which we would like to do. Prioritizing can be done by numbering each column and row from one to four. The most like can be given as four and least as one. After completing the questionnaire we can know which category we are belonged according to the score. I found myself as a pragmatist. Pragmatists plan everything before they do something and have strength to use the knowledge efficiently. Pragmatists also like to work independently and try to make use of each opportunity as experiments. There are weakness for pragmatist also such as acting without caution, impatient and no personal feelings. They also do not know how to utilize the people efficiently.

Pragmatists are not good in time management because they like to work independently. Working independently may also cause to make more workload and stress. Pragmatists are so much involved in running meetings and making presentation. Pragmatists would like to become a team leader and manage workforce to get maximum outcome. Pragmatists also have good detective skills which may help them to make a good presentation.

SMART is an analysis which is helpful to improve the skills within a period of time. Like other learning styles pragmatists can also be analysized by SMART analysis. One of the weakness in time management is the pragmatists can not use other people effectively. Delegation which reduces the work load and stress is not useful for pragmatists. To improve the delegation the pragmatist manager should learn to assign tasks to other employees. Learning delegation is not necessary in some cases but reducing the weakness is always a better thing to do. This may take several months to reduce the weakness. Acting without caution is another weakness of the pragmatists. This weakness can be reduced by reviewing each job before acting and analyse the opportunities and threats. Previous experience and asking others to help will help us to improve. This method will also take several months to overcome the weakness. Another weakness is that pragmatists can not stick to one plan. Making a time log or time table will help to overcome this weakness.

Over confidence and enthusiasam is one weakness in running meeting. To run a meeting successfully pragmatists should have a proper planning and time table. Evaluating feedback will also help to have an idea about where should we improve. Making presentation is easier for pragmatists because they can use their detective skills. To have the attention from all kind of people the pragmatist manager should be well prepared. Pragmatists can also ask for advice from other and implementing them in presentation may help them to improve their presentation skills. Stress management always a difficult task for pragmatists. Awareness of their weaknesses will make them more stressed. To avoid stress pragmatists can stick to a proper meditation and time table. This will help them to have an idea about what they should do to achieve their goals.

Task 5

Like other learning styles pragmatists are also different in nature and learning style. To improve the managerial skills the manager has to find out his weakness and try to make it as his strength. He can also take other learning styles and try to learn new skills which will have a positive effect on the manager. These factors are important to achieve goals and to have a successful career. A pragmatist manager should make use of his past experience which may help him or her to work with caution. A pragmatist manager should make sure that he or she is using the workforce effectively which is an alternative for reducing the work load and stress. All pragmatists are impatient and work without caution which is a major drawback. This weakness can overcome by maintaining a time table and thinking before every action. This will also help to deal with stress related problems. Meditation will also help to improve the skills towards stress management.

Task 6

A skillful manager will always achieve success in his career. Key skills behind every successful manager are time management, stress management, running meeting and making presentation. However it is not possible to find all the skills in one person. Time management can be improved by using time logs and daily or weekly analiyse. Using these methods we can monitor the success and improvement of the person. During the meeting and presentation the manager can use the new skills which he learned and make the presentation or meeting effectively. Stress management can be done by regular exercise and meditation. By reducing the stress we can also manage the time effectively. Improvement of the learning style by analyzing the strength and weakness will help me to have a successful career and become an efficient manager in future. I will also try to adapt positive things from other learning styles. These key skills will help me to become successful in life and also in the career.


All the aspects of Personal development skills such as time management, stress management, running meetings and making presentation are studied and analysed in this assignment. Suggestions are made to improve the key skills and make a manager to work efficiently. With his skills, managing time and stress a manager can create a successful path for his or her career.


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