Professional skills

Task 1

Professional skills:

counselling and mentoring to support staff with their own learning and development requirements, coaching skills, multitasking, leadership skills, theories of leadership eg Adair; management styles, leadership styles, continuing self-development to meet requirements for industry sector professional bodies, leading and chairing meetings, delivering effective presentations

Personal skills:

time management, what is time management, benefits of good time management, how to use time effectively, analysing time spent over a period, eg day, week, monthly logs; setting objectives, prioritising work tasks, effective delegation of tasks and monitoring, procrastination, comfort zones, dealing with interruptions to planned work, planning aids, stress management (recognising stress, dealing with stress), problem solving


using conceptual tools, identifying own strengths and limitations, developing personal networks, management development programmes, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programmes

Personal skills audit

Skills audit: personal profile using appropriate self-assessment tools, psychometric testing, personal SWOT analysis (listing Strengths, Weakness, identifying Opportunities for improvement or career progression, identifying Threats to such progress), assessment against relevant management competence standards, importance of feedback from others, defining the gap, identifying learning and development needs to meet organizational objectives, identifying own learning style

Personal development plan

Personal development plan: strategy for developing a plan, importance of having a plan — to provide a systematic or structured approach to decisions about what is needed to learn and how to plan to learn it; setting objectives for life and career planning, identifying resources and support needed and available to meet objectives, identifying obstacles to achieving objectives and how to overcome them, review and monitor plan — the importance of self-review, provide a reflective record of management experience; gaining support from others to achieve goals and work objectives

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