Role of Manager

Today's market is a market full of competition and uncertainty. So every firm is emphasizing more and more on selecting a team full of skills and knowledge to get a competitive advantage over their rivals. In any business, the most important thing is a proper management. Without it even if a business is flourishing or is in its peak will get ruined up. A proper management can only be achieved when the managing authority or better call as the Managers are well skilled with the management needs. It is very important these days to opt a person for such a role, who is well skilled and is full of leadership qualities. This is the reason why the organizations pay full attention while selecting a manager for their firm. The skill is not only to manage the human resource but more expanded to other skills like time management, presentations, resource optimization, cost reduction etc. These managerial skills can be developed and improved with continuous demanding efforts.

So the manager should be well aware of his team strength and weaknesses to manage it properly and to utilize their skills in different desired situations. Some of the most important features what a manager should posses in any organization are:-

• Knowledge of team's strength and weaknesses.
• Presentation skills.
• Delegation.
• Time management skills.
• Quality in the team.
• Oral and writing skills.
• Stress management.
• Human capital management skills.
• Project planning and management skills. Etc

All of the above mentioned qualities are highly essential for this place. Apart from this a combination of leadership savvy and good judgement based on knowledge, experience and information available and the ability to put the business in right direction is very much desirable. Also some more features like to choose competent subordinates, to demonstrate high moral standards, to exude charisma, inspiring attitude, to keep from being bounded by any controls, to be up to date, employee judgement skill, and lust for leadership, never let up attitude and stay focuses to their goals, judgement for the activities of rivals can devolve the manager's skill. Choosing the competent subordinates is the most important task for the manager to maintain themselves in this competitive environment of business. These qualities should be continuously checked up and updated by the managers. Especially the time management and proper utilization of human resources should be managed very effectively by them. And for this the proper and personal knowledge of every member of team should be known by the team leader i.e. the manager. An effective management can be only imparted to the organization when the manager himself is fully loaded with ala these qualities.

An effective manager should also know how to handle stress. Certain limit of stress is though necessary for a high performance but extra stress should be reduced. They should communicate, delegate and exercise for it in an order to make workers feel comfortable for work. But on the other and they should also be tough and strict towards the employee to force them to move in order as per company's need to achieve its goal. Also for good work from the team they should be rewarded to motivate them to result in the same way for the firm. This increases the employee's determination to come with more positive results.Not only employee check but a self audit of skills and desirability is essential for any manager to update himself. The questions like

• Is I am able to effectively prioritise my tasks and activities?
• Is I am able to work to deadlines?
• Is I am aware of what makes my learning more effective (e.g. place to study, time to study etc)?
• Do I have enough strategies to compete in the market etc.?

should be continuously asked to himself by any manager. This should be done in an order to check whether the manager is himself capable of leading the team and the company. Most of the time manager's are more involved in taking more and more efficient results from the employees and in this way the forget to check their own skills. So a self check out should also be done by the managers.

Another important skill what a manager should posses is decision making. Proper decision making is highly desirable by an efficient manager. Right decision at right moment and empowering it by using right employees is the best management policy. So the manager should be capable of detecting the new opportunities and making a right decision to accept it or leave it. The decision making capacity can be developed in two ways:

• By enhancing the knowledge and
• By empowering it into action through the skills.
Developing Managerial Skills in Engineers and Scientists.

Michael K. Badawy .

*For a proper decision making following steps may cause a better management and problem solving.

1. Define the problem.
2. Identify its potential causes.
3. Find alternative approaches to resolve.
4. Choose the most appropriate.
5. Plan and monitor the best option.
6. Verify the successful resolving of the problem.

*For meeting management also a set of skills is needed by any manager. Some of them required very necessarily are-

1. Selecting potential participants.
2. Developing Agendas.
3. Opening meetings on time and accurately.
4. Establishing ground rules for meetings.

*Time management is another very important aspect for a proper management. As time momentum is to be maintained for any moving process. There never seems to be sufficient time in the roles of administration and direction. Hence, the objective of managing the time should not be to find more instances. The aim is set a rational quantity of time to spend on these roles and then use that time intelligently.

The role of leader can be very worrying! Administration study has options that these roles comprise a very broad combination of behavior, most of which cannot for all time be proscribed or even predicted.

New managers and supervisors - generally the supervisors - are almost weighed down with the burden of the job. They were perhaps promoted to be in charge of populace, mostly because of their achievement in a preceding role that was listening carefully on raising a particular commodity i.e. either the service or the product. Suddenly, they're faced with being in charge of people, which is much less expected and has much less control than the supervisor had before. Consequently, the ability to administer time and stress is completely serious to the success of the roles of manager and leader. The two topics of time management and stress management are often addressed together as they are so closely interconnected.

*Management is the skill of making things done. A Presentation is a quick and potentially efficient method of making things done through extra people. In administrating any project, presentations are used as a official method for bringing people jointly to plan, monitor and review its growth.
But let us look at this another way: what can a presentation do?

Firstly; it puts you on show. Your employees want to see proof of important planning and leadership so that they are sure in your position as their manager. They need to be motivated and stimulated to responsibility of the tasks which you are presenting. Project leaders from extra sections need to be convinced of the qualities of the project and to give any essential hold. Older management should be impressed by the ability and capability so that they provide the profits so that the team can get the job done.

Secondly; it allows you to ask questions and to start debate. It might not be appropriate inside the presentation formats of the corporation to clutch a discussion throughout the presentation itself but it do allow you to lift the issues, present the harms and at slightest to institute who amongst the viewers could provide precious input to the decision making.

Finally; presentations should be enjoyable. They are your possibility to talk your mind, to swagger your material and to inform the people what the globe really likes. While you grasp the phase, the spectators are bound by good protocol to sit still and watch the performance.

The most appropriate way to keep the processing's updated in any organization is to go through SWAT and SMART approach by the manager's. All objectives within a company by the manager's should be SMART which means Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timed.

• Specific - Be specific about what you are going to attain.
• Measurable - calculate your objectives.
• Achievable - how much company is attempting.
• Realistic - Do you have the funds or other resources to compete the target? (Men, money, machines, materials, minutes)?
• Timed - time of achievement of objective.

This is used by the companies to analyze following objectives-

• To facilitate a company to manage its marketing plan.
• To help to inspire persons and teams to attain the objective.
• To present a decided, constant focus on the functions of a business.

Another approach is the SWAT analysis. This means strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities of an organization. Strengths may include any new product or the location of the business or process and procedures etc while weaknesses includes lack of marketing practices or poor quality of product or services etc. On the other hand threat covers any new competitor or price of products etc and opportunities includes looking for new market or product etc. This analysis serves the companies in very good way. Managers should regularly check these things. A great example is Wal-Mart. It has analysed its all-round performance and opportunity in market and resulted in being one of the best retail industry of world.


-a powerful retail brand and have a status for value for capital, convenience and a huge range of needed products in one place.


-the World's largest retailer and control of firm, despite its IT advantages. Opportunities - take over, merge with, or form strategic alliances with other global retailers, focusing on specific markets such as Europe or the Greater China Region. Threats - Being number one means that you are the target of competition, locally and globally.

Another example is NIKE.


- Nike is a very spirited group. Phil Knight (Founder and CEO) is often quoted as saying that 'Business is war without bullets.


- no diversity of the products.


- Product development offers Nike many opportunities.


- Nike is open to the international market.

Third example is the current and most demanding sports event named as IPL (Indian premium league). This is the first league of cricket of its own type. This is its biggest strength and the weakness is that in future they have to regularly update the rules as per the viewer's interest. A lot of opportunities are opened for this game with a threat of its fame in competition with football leagues.

Learning and development needs. Weaknesses to be overcome and strengths to assist. Learning actions to be taken including resources needed to achieve them. Monitoring and feedback point. Time frame for success.


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