Strategic plan to improve educational process

Abu Dhabi Education Council Strategic plan to improve educational process in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Al Gharpia.


With the increasingly changing world and enormous international progress in education technology in every country especially Europe and United State ADEC aimed at improving educational process in Abu Dhabi with the help of international companies like Benta, Tribal, and Mozaika. This project intends to discuss how ADEC manages this process and how the school managers react with the company manager, how the local teachers find it and whether the students are benefited with the new strategy or not. In this project we will study the ADEC strategy to improve the education in Abu Dhabi and explain its mission and vision which is being followed now to achieve these goals. We will discuss a strategic plan that supports and enhances the schools to reach a world class education in order to compete globally. We will take a school as a model and explain its management system with its strategic plan to develop the educational process. We will conduct an interview with the school manager and the Canadian management company which supervises and supports the manager and teachers at this school. Apart form this we will conduct an interview with teachers and students to find out the validity of the partnership policy that is followed in that school. Finally we will try to find out the strengths and weakness of that strategic plan and give recommendation accordingly which illustrates the future outcome of the new plan.


What is ADEC?

Abu Dhabi Education Council started in 2005 by Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan. Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan being the Chairman and Vice Chairman Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan. The council intends to improve and develop education and schools in Abu Dhabi using creative educational policies to enhance the schools, teachers and managers so as to accomplish the goals of the country improvement and development to cope with the highest world standards.(

ADEC educational function:

  • Aims to improve education and schools in Abu Dhabi by giving the needed support and resources.
  • Cooperates with the Ministry of Education to plan strategies that go with the UAE's general education policy.
  • Implement plans to support the staff in order to improve the educational standard.
  • Supplies the schools with the necessary resources.
  • Work along with the private school.
  • Provide better training to prepare the students for a better future with plenty of jobs.
  • Help all institutions to work together for the best possible education.
  • Help the private sector to give the best quality of education that goes along with the UAE laws. (


Abu Dhabi Education Council vision is to put education on the basic priority as a world education system which helps students to compete and enter the world market strongly. Its mission is to create new generation of students with a world class who focus on culture and heritage with powerful and able to compete worldly. The most important value is the basic improvement that happens in achievement and outcomes of the student's progress standards. Besides, it gives due care in working together as one team to achieve the over all view, does what ever the situation require to perform the right things, has an obvious policy of clarity in dealing with people and performing actions, and shows respect for all. (


You have to include all the positions in a chart then explain them

The management structure of ADEC is like the follow, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan is the council chairman, Sheikh Mansor bin Zayed Al Nahyan is the council vice chairman, and Dr mogheer Al Khaili is the director general of Abu Dhabi Educational Council. ( and it's divided into different departments that control and supervise the educational process in different schools in the field of education and examination. ADEC decides the curriculums and courses that are being taught at schools and who teaches them according to class world education. The schools are being managed by local people along with Canadian, Australian, American, and English managers.


It is the process of studying strategic planning, implementation, and evaluation. The best strategy may fail if management is not able to implement and evaluate the six steps process of strategic planning in a correct way. So ADEC hired foreign companies to implement a plan to improve students learning and student's outcomes then evaluate that plan. (Management, 2007)

Step 1: identifying the strategies, goals, and current mission of ADEC.

Each company needs a mission that shows the objectives of the organization to tell why they are running business to oblige manager to realize what business to do for example the mission of ADEC (Management, 2007). Abu Dhabi Education Council vision is to put education on the basic priority as a world education system which helps students to compete and enter the world market strongly. Its mission is to create new generation of students with a world class who stick to culture and heritage powerful and able to compete worldly. With the goals and objectives to improve the Quality of Environment and Community Involvement, Improve Student Knowledge of Heritage and Culture, to enhance student learning through strong leadership, Improve Quality of Teaching, and to Improve Student Learning and Student Outcomes. The strategic plane of ADEC is to provide quality education to all of the students, including public and private sectors and this is to be performed in ten years time. (ADEC strategy focuses on transformation of private education, 2010)

Step2: Doing an external analysis.

Differentiate opportunities and threats

Manager should realize the threats and opportunities that can be faced by any organization. The aim of that is to carry the manager make important development that may effect on the firm. Managers should make a list of all possible threats and opportunities that they may fancy (Marketing an introduction, 1997). Using SWOT analysis to discover the threats and opportunities at the educational organization, we will study the external analysis that affect ADEC strategy and schools which implement this strategy.

Managers in any organization should conduct external analysis to realize the best way of compotation and find out the threats that affect the organization. In schools for example managers should study the environment in which the students are grown up. They should investigate the student motivation to learn and threats which have negative impact on the way the students are learning. There are many threats such as new technology (mobiles, computers) and the effect of other culture on them. Some students have no motivation to learn this may have family background or friends who have affected each others badly. Other student finds education process as a tough task. Some parents don't follow up their children or try to know any thing about their standards or they don't even know if they are doing their homework or not. Some of them have no communication with schools at all and don't know even if their children go to school or not and they don't have communication with social worker at schools. This may affect their learning and acquiring of information or lead to deterioration in their standards. All these threats may affect ADEC strategy Or the schools development plan which aims at improving the student's educational standards and making them ready to compete in global market. This may happen if the managers and teachers could enhance the student's motivation to learn and make them be aware of bad effect of modern technology that it could have bad consequences of them. Managers and teachers should advise students about education telling them is not a burden but is a benefit or blessing for the future in order to make them help in achieving the ADEC strategic plan. After studying the environment managers should evaluate what are the possible opportunities they can make use of, and realize the threats that should be taken in consideration or be fight against. As we defined the threats to be the negative points, opportunities are positive point in external environment factors. Some times the same environment can offer opportunities to an organization and make threats to another in a same filed of business due to different resources and abilities.(Management, 2007). For example student in some countries may use the computer, internet, and mobiles in a way that may threaten their education on the other hand in some countries student use technology to serve the educational process I will explain how. In the former case student use this technology to chat or waste time by sending mobile massage or spending to much time on computer uselessly. They may not do their homework or study their lesson because of that. The latter can use technology as an opportunity in studying, researching, or doing their homework. Other opportunities are the new strategy adopted by ADEC through which they are hiring International Experiences embodied in the partnership with foreign companies to supervise and improve the skills of teachers and students. ADEC even hired foreign teacher to teach math, science, and English order to achieve a world class education. ADEC provided them with all the possible resources such as computers, printers, books, and new curriculum and courses above all it provided them with the all needed financial funds. They provided schools with all up to date equipments and tools in laboratories and class to serve the educational process which is consider a golden opportunity of education for students to improve their skills especially in science and English which serve to achieve ADEC strategic plan to make the graduate compete in a global scale. From the management point of view ADEC provided schools with a foreign manager who works along with the local present manager to supervise, direct, and train the teachers technically to acquire the most modern ways of teaching these managers give lecture on the professional development for teachers. They also put plans for developing the schools in different fields including (building, teachers, students, security, and safety). The last opportunities that ADEC offers for school English supervises who enter class with the teachers and give them recommendation how to adopt new ways for teaching that they should use in their class to serve the educational process in schools some teacher benefit from this because they acquired new skills and benefited from each others. Further more those supervisors sometimes they explain the lessons in behalf of the teacher to exchange experiences. These foreign supervisors tell or inform the teachers a bout the latest method of teaching around the world to use them in their class.

Step3: Doing an internal analysis.

Differentiate strengths and weaknesses

It means analyzing internally the organization and trying to find out which resources and capabilities are used in performing the job allotted to the organization in which the study is taken place like organization?? Change the sentence. Recourses are the assets of an organization and capabilities are the skills and abilities used in doing the work in business. The basic value that makes abilities and skills of a given organization are the core competencies which determine the organization competitive tools along with its recourses. On conducting internal analysis managers will be able to find out the organizational weakness and strengths. If the organization perform good activities or have recourses that are one of its type this is called strengths. And if the organization did some activities wrong or it need any resources but can not attain is called weakness (Management, 2007). For example, in ADEC strategic plan to develop and improve education in Abu Dhabi there are some weakness and strengths that are apparent obviously in the teaching process. First of all we will talk about the point of strengths like the huge funds aimed to support the plan financial. Many schools are supported with the best assets (furniture, disks, offices, classroom, and laboratory). Each class is provided with a data show set to be used in explaining lessons. Another point of strengths is providing schools with the most skilled teachers from all over the world who enjoys teaching and have skills with many years of experience internationally. ADEC also provided schools with different courses that can compete globally. ADEC put plans to improve the teachers' skills by giving professional development courses. Through this they can have teachers with high skills who are able to perform the job of teaching very well. ADEC also provides English courses for math and science teachers in order to raise their standards in English language and use it in teaching their subject for students to compete worldly. Hiring foreign teachers is considered as a good point of strengths because they exchange their skills and experiences with the present teachers which benefit the educational process in a wide scale. On the other hand, there are some weaknesses that are faced due to the plan. For example some of present teacher can't go along with it because some math and science teachers can not teach in English. Some students can't understand math and science in English. Some foreign teachers have different culture that may not suit the students. Some students can't understand the foreign teacher. Some times the foreign teachers themselves can't go along with the students and resign and leave there job. Also some schools are not well equipped with the needed tools for the educational process especially in remote places, unlike those in nearby places like towns and cities. Above all some present teachers and students even managers don't accept the idea of partnership with foreign companies and sometimes don't corporate refusing to work with the supervisors. This may hinder the ADEC strategic plan to fulfill it goals. Other point of weaknesses some of parents and families don't accept the idea of partnership not realizing this may help their sons to be able to have good class world education which give them the ability to compete globally. Some teachers lack the needed experience for the teaching operation like ability to present their lessons in a good way or making the students participate in presenting the lesson. Some of them don't use teamwork, group or par work they just lecture. Some of them are old fashion they don't use new ways of teaching like PowerPoint presentation and internet in explaining their lesson. Science and math teachers can't speak English very well and even can't learn it, may be because they are too old to learn it or don't have the ability to teach their subjects in English. Moreover, some students are very weak in English, so they can neither understand math nor science in English. Until now we can't say whether the points of weaknesses are outweighed by the strengths or not the only thing that can judge this point is the students' outcomes and exams results at the end of the year.

Step4: formulating strategies.

When mangers try to form the strategies that will be used in their organization they have to take into considerations many factors like external environment and the possible resources as well as the abilities to make their strategies in order to achieve the organizations goals. As we know there are three types of strategies corporate, business, and functional (Management, 2007). ADEC is running a business strategy which concentrate in one line which is providing a world class education that can compete worldly. They try to do that by exporting different experiences and using different available resources. ADEC also is trying to find the best teachers with the utmost teaching abilities. They also took in consideration the surrounding environment so they try to keep the cultural and traditional concepts in the educational process. They do so by teaching students about their past history for example they have lesson about culture, tradition, and their heritage in English lesson in which students learn about the history and know the heritage in the past like fishing, ships by and bouts, camel racing, hunting, and discovering the pearls. The company also displays chart and images about the cultural heritage and past tradition of the UAE. This all is considered regarding the environment in which students grow in. in the mean time they provided curriculums for students about the new technologies in the world around them like the robot project which ADEC leading now days and teach it for students who study computer technology in their grades. This project aims at helping students to make their own robots using chips and they create the software themselves. ADEC just provide them with the needed materials for the project but the students are the ones who build the robot by using the materials given by ADEC. The one who builds the best robot is rewarded in a national ceremony attended by Dr. Mogheer Al Khaily the principal of ADEC. These encourage students to compete with each others in learning and achieve the competitive advantages. ADEC try to achieve competitive advantages by using this strategy in which past is mingled with present and future. This strategy can be sustainable and has competitive advantage if it really can improve the education standards. And this in turn can be proved by the outcomes and examination results of students at the end of this year. Here the competitive advantage ADEC aims to achieve is to produce a future generation who are apt to have national educational standards with a world class background. Mangers are the one who can make continue competitive advantage this can done by using analysis. The organization that competes by presenting special style of education which is valued by students and parents is following a differentiation strategy which means using different sources with high quality, unusual services, new formation, technological capability, or positive education.(Management, 2007).

ADEC is using differentiation strategy in which it applies and uses sources of differentiation like technological ability and the innovative approach of using foreign teachers specially this year they are hiring many English, American, Canadian, and Australian teachers which consider anew innovative idea to be used firstly in the Middle East by the UAE. This movement can in reach the education in Abu Dhabi schools because they are using those teachers along with local and Arab teachers. In this way they are following a differentiation strategy when they use different teachers from different countries. Another differentiation strategy is when ADEC uses new technology embodied in using computers labs, PowerPoint presentation in teaching, and using the internet for research by students. The technology is clear also in class because each class has data show display which is used by science, math, and English teachers to present their lessons theirs also especial called resource rooms in which you can find different technological sets which can be used in the educational process. These all techniques help in the educational process make it easy and attract all students, because some students can benefit or get used to understand through visuals or audio means of education. Another point of differentiation is that ADEC provide schools with others resources and materials that help in the educational process like charts, images, cassettes, CD players, tapes, and text books. Those also help to provide a differentiation strategy which in turn helps to make all students excel and reach a world class education and that's the goal that ADEC wants to achieve. There is also the high quality differentiation strategy that ADEC try to offers for students by providing them with the best educational recourses whether from others countries or from the UAE like having the best books and subjects to be taught at ADEC schools which contains high quality information and data. These information or data might be taught in international schools all over the world. They extract these materials from teachers and supervisors who come from other countries. And try to take the parts that suit the Emirate culture and cope with the global changes. This makes the educational courses taught at ADEC school very reach in both the scientific materials which consider the high quality its basis and taken in consideration the cultural factors. This formulate a unique strategy that ADEC is consider pioneer organization in that field which offers world class education that can compete globally.

Step5: Implementing ADEC strategy:

After making the strategy it must be planed well and be applied. If it's not being applied in a correct way it well not succeed so when ADEC put its strategy with the vision of finding a generation who can receive a world class education keeping the cultural background and preparing them for a global challenge, it started a partner ship project with foreign companies from all over the world to achieve a competitive advantage. We will take Al Shwib basic and secondary school as a model for this partner ship. This school is being managed and supervised by local and foreign manager at the same time. There are Math, science, and English supervisors who work along with the teachers to enhance the educational process. The foreign managers Mr. Vector a Canadian experienced fellow is putting a school development plan that embrace ADEC vision to improve education in Al Shwib school. This plan concentrates in improving the students' level and the teachers teaching skills. It has goals to be achieved and key performance indicators as well as final outcomes to be judged at the end of every year according to the examination based line tests and in going assessments. This plan started just this year and we will discuss its goals with both Mr. saeed and Mr. vector to know how they implement it and whether it goes along with ADEC mission and vision or not this will be done through an interview with both of them separately to find out much about that plan. They started this plan by putting time table for Professional development on continuous assessment which aims at improving the ways to assesses the students levels and make sure its continues.

  1. Quality of learning and student outcomes:

    OBJECTIVE: Improve Student Learning and Student Outcomes

    Key Performance Indicators: 1 - 10


    1. Improve/Expand Student Assessment
    2. Improve the Level of Students' English
    3. Increase in Student ICT Performance

    This can be achieved or implemented by making sure that the teachers run an on going assessment by giving them baseline testes at the very beginning of the year. They make the resources needed for his assessments available. Teachers should demonstrate that their assessments are on going. The goal here is to make students be alert and work all time of the year. Another goal for this plan is to provide support for the implementation of the ADEC curriculum Promote/initiate English - based activities around the school. This can be done by English supervisors who direct and helps teachers in the implementing of this strategy in their class by telling teachers how to make the learning environment suitable for teaching English activities. This can be measured y the improvement in English baseline assessments, test and examination results. If the outcomes are telling us there is improvement in the students' exam results which can be shown in the key performance indicator at the end of the year. In the filed of technology they implement the plant to improve the students technology by enhancing and developing the present technological skills of students and providing them with up to date technologies over the world. Teachers and supervisors do this support and enhancement according to ADEC curriculums. And to measure the improvement students should show skills and using computer and technology daily. They should show improvement in ICT tests. Students can do this through having sustainable internet access and high quality technological equipment. This goal was to improve the school and students level at Al Shwiab School as a kind of improving the quality of students learning and outcomes. To sum all this up in the previous phase they try to implement the strategy to achieve the three goals which are number one widening the scale of assessment and improve it. Number two is improving the English level of students. Number three widening the technological skills and ICT.

  3. Quality of teaching:

    OBJECTIVE: Improve Quality of Teaching

    Key Performance Indicators: 29 - 35


    1. Improve teacher English performance
    2. Teachers will use a variety of assessment tools
    3. Design Teachers Professional Development Plan

    The company also implements a plan to improve the quality of teaching. It takes the following goals to be achieved in implementing its strategy first to improve teacher English performance , Teachers will use a variety of assessment tools and to design Teachers Professional Development Plan. As for improving teacher English performance this is being implemented by providing ESL training for English teacher by a professional teachers who deal with them weakly in a learning environment and this is measured by the score in ILETS tests given to teachers at the end the training course. The courses used here are books for ESL that deals with all level of the English called ESL materials. Implementing of Professional development in different learning styles and the appropriate assessment is also included. This is applied by the company representative, using professional development materials Teachers will illustrate/use a variety of assessment strategies, based on different learning styles to show that they get benefited from the implementation of this plan to improve them professionally. This can measure their progress in that point. A specific PD (professional development) plan will be developed and carried out for each teacher. Supervisors from the company with the help of school teachers and administrator will help carrying out this part of the development plan. The recourse used here are Specific examples of such plans .This can be measured by the Teachers performance that should show improvement in one or more specific/personal areas.

  5. Quality of leadership:

    OBJECTIVE: To enhance student learning through strong leadership.

    Key Performance Indicators: 11 - 28


    1. Development and implement a School Improvement Plan
    2. Improve the health & safety of the school.
    3. The School Administration will become well-versed in the teacher evaluation process?
    4. Improve the quality/variety of food available for students.

    Here in this developing plan for Al Shawib School there is also an implementing of a plan to improve the quality of leadership, the objective here is to enhance student learning through strong leadership. Implementing this part of the plan requires assessing the school's specific needs and develops a SIP (strategic improvement plan) that addresses those needs and understands the importance of creating & following a process to/for a successful SIP. Measuring this can be done through evaluating the plan at specific pre-determined intervals and adjusting the plan if required, and the school shows improvement in the specific areas addressed in the plan .the Creation of a Health & Safety Committee to continuously assess health/safety issues in and around the school. is a plan to be implemented in the school by SMA ( supervisors from mosaica ) & School Administration Health & Safety Reports to be submitted, acted upon and filed. File available for viewing. The aim of applying it is to save a clean good. School leaders develop skills to enable them to evaluate the quality of teaching by recognizing good practice and taking appropriate action to improve unsatisfactory practice.

  7. Heritage and culture:

    OBJECTIVE: Improve Student Knowledge of Heritage and Culture

    Key Performance Indicator: 36 - 38


    1. Incorporate heritage and culture in daily lessons.
    2. Bilinqual signage in and around the classrooms

    The goal here is to help teachers develop a strong knowledge base of the UAE history and culture by having examples of this in there books, like English books which lessons about the heritage and tradition of the UAE community .teachers will use this as often as possible to enhance and strengthen their understanding and learning in their classes .Te one who responsible for this is the company supervisors. The resources used here are the ways teachers explain and describe the UAE history and culture at the same time making them aware of the global change in the world around us. Here the company supervisors try to record and register the use of history and culture in their lessons and this can be done during the visits they pay to classes .the second goal here in implementing this part is using a bilingual approach to teach in two languages English and Arabic. This is being done by the company supervisors and the administration using an access to signage materials and translation. This to be measured by visual certification individuals and others do. When it comes to impellent this part requires the co-operation between the company and the school administration to keep the use of both languages easy for teachers and students. If this happens by implementing this part of the plan this will lead to achieve the two goals of incorporating heritage and culture in daily lessons, and Bilingual signage in and around the classroom.

  9. Environment and community:


OBJECTIVE: Improve the Quality of Environment and Community Involvement

Key Performance Indicators: 39 - 45


  1. Improve parental attendance at school functions.
  2. Share the community expertise with the school.

At last this plan gives due care and concern to the improving in the environment and community around school, this can be achieved by attaining a sustainable work to make parents come to schools and make them participate in the school educational process .This part can be done by implementing a strategy of innovation and creation of new ways that may bring parents o school, this can be done by the school staff ,teachers ,administration with the help of company super visors .here the company uses a promoting martial used in the advocating to ask parents to come to school in order to make all possible factors that might help making the educational process progress and be advanced because if parents realize and know what are their sons doing at school monitoring them will help to make them become more interested in their learning and value their education. The parents help will be great help if this really implemented. The measurement here is how to attract as many parents as possible, running lectures and workshops inviting parents to attend them will help achieving this point. Asking parents to attend school meetings and events will also give them chance to take part in the educational process. bringing some talented expertise to give lectures and speak on the school community .if they speak in front student ,they acquire new knowledge .teachers with the administration do this to implement this part of plan in which the company try to connect the school with the surrounding .teachers can do this with the help of company supervisors and administration. Materials to be used are the power point presentation as well as records of visits.

The company manger commented in implementing the plan as it is going on fast steps to improve the teachers and students skill. They also give due care to improving the buildings of the school .they also as we saw stressed on making the school keep in touch with the outside world. It stresses in culture and history .above all the implantation of plan needs more time he added. We think that implementing the plan is taking forward steps for the improvement of education as a whole in al shawib school .Mr. said that implementing the plan requires much more time to be clearer and easily adopted.

Step6: Evaluating Results:

In order to evaluate any plan we should know how effective the plan has been and find out if this strategy helped the organization or not to achieve the intended goals .there should be a clear idea about whether there are any needed adjustments to be done to improve the strategy. At the end evaluating the plan includes realizing if the organization achieved the expected results (Management 2007).

When it comes to our model the school we visited to discus the improvement plan that is being implemented there. We found out that they have clear plan to develop the school management, teacher professionalism .skills and the students' standards as well .the strategy is moving in stable steps to develop the skills of students, teacher .staff and even the buildings. We started our interview with Mr Victor the school management advisor who claimed that designing the school improvement plan it working progress. It is a continuous to change in order to solve any problem or issue that appeared .he claimed that there is a weak ability to figure the negatives. He spokes about opportunities mentioning staff and students. He said the staffs are defecated from five different countries and they are doing their best to teach their students, about students he said that they are strong, nice, and accept the idea of partnership. He claimed that the UAE has a strong educational structure so they make an amazing plan for this reason to be on the top. He thought that the real difficulty that faces is the changing administration or staff because leader ship requires stability. The student achievement is extra good from EMSA test results taken twice from the very beginning of the year. The result showed slight improvement in the students' standards. Through this plan they could make the class students centered not teacher centered which mean that students are the basic component of the educational process and they are the ones to do most of the work. The local manager evaluates the strategy claiming that the plan is clear and similar to ADEC strategic plan that improve students, teachers, buildings, and curriculums. At first it was difficult make a compromise between the company and the school due to some hardships. The plan that the company came to apply is good according to him. He thought that there are weaknesses in plan which is not taken in consideration some factors like, the school remote place and some teachers come from different far places. The over all evaluation that we extracted from both managers that they are having a good plan of improving the school in education, quality of learning, quality of leadership technology, culture and history. Both are finding it a suitable clear plan that will help in improving the students' results in examination and baseline line tests. The EMSA test for example shows a change in the students' achievement and their marks are improving according to Mr. Vector. And they said it is a beginning plan at the first steps of its implementation so it's too early to evaluate it at present time. The full evolution of this plan requires from three to four years to have over all view (comprehensive opinion). The true evaluation of this plan will be the real results of students and the clear improvement in their standards this can be shown on the way the communicate with each other and the outcomes or the key performance indicator that tell as whether this ADEC strategic plan will achieve the aimed goals and lead to good result or not. ADEC it self wanted to evaluate the improvement plan of Mozaica Company by hiring another company not working in the UAE called Tirbel Company to evaluate Mozaica. The Tribel evaluation ended that the school is improving through this plan in a satisfactory approach. It added that the strategy needs some adjustment to be applied next year and the Triblel Company will visit the school again in the first semester in order to evaluate the plan and find out if it doing well or not by observing the teachers performances in class and students results in exams which is considered the true measurement of the usefulness of that strategy. If the students' results improved from bad to good, this means the plan working successfully and vise versa. If the teachers' skills in teaching improved and they acquired a new technique and method of teaching, this means the same.


From our background and study we all know that any given strategic plan has pint of strengths and weakness as well as having threats and opportunities. The strategic improvement plan in Al Shiwb School is a new strategy taken from ADEC strategy and needs some times to be judged successful or not. We found that 68% of students know about ADEC strategy but 31% of students find difficulty in learning some subjects like Math, Chemistry, Science, and English. On the other hand 66% of students claim that they are acquiring new knowledge in the school when it works with anther Company in partnership project. About the result 55% of students claim that they are having good result in their subjects this year al though 33% of them find teaching Math and Science in English is hard task for them and 56% find it is okay to learn these subjects in other languages. From the above mention survey we can safely said that this strategy use by ADEC in compromise with foreign companies to manage and supervise school, staff, and teachers so as to improve the quality of education is a working plan that might be successful in future but its need some more time for students and teachers to get acquainted with this plan. This plan needs some adjustment like taking in consideration the low level of students in learning the English language. The plan has another point of weakness the school building is small and class are not wide enough the teaching process. Our suggestion for this plan is to consider the environment and the social background in which students grow up. The plan needs another adjustment about the curriculums which should be clearer and simpler. it should modify other ways to suit all teachers .it must have new strategy to improve the students ways of learning . Classes need to be wider this must be taken in consideration. There must be more technology sets. Students should be given training courses in English that contains grammar reading listening and writing to help them understand math and science even in English and this idea can be applied and include all subjects.

There should be a separate office for the company supervisors and manager to be able to work properly along with teachers. About the professional devolvement plan it should be activated more and more to enhance teachers standers .student should be aware of the importance to learn other languages and even be taught through them. Parents role should be given due care. We suggest having a part of this plan to connect the school with the outer communities more and more making the study more practical. The school plan needs to use more materials for the teaching process. We think if the school connects itself with other sponsors to help in the scientific research done by student especially the talented. Students must be detected there should be part of the plan to detect the excellent ones and to attract them to help the school take care and honor the skilled students. It should not neglect the weak ones as well. It should put a sub -plan for them. Above all there should be some enhancement for students' motivation to learn. If the company runs workshops for students to make them aware of the global change and the persisting need for world class education, student will like the idea for learning in English because English is an international language. This is the role of the company along with the teachers and manger of school to help the student widen their knowledge. Students should be convinced to learn more and more. They should realize how far it is useful for them to deal with teachers from all over the world. This is another good point.

Our recommendation is to adjust the plan to suit the social and cultural back ground of students and parents as well, Which means convincing them to accept the idea of seeing foreign people working along with their local teachers and trying to get benefited from this partnership strategy done for them by ADEC to prepare them for the global change with having a world class education. another recommendation is that teachers who come from abroad should be aware of the UAE society its traditions, morals and religious approach .this can be done through running courses for them to tell them about how students think and behave trying to do this will make the way the plan is being implemented easier and help to achieve good results because the center of the educational process is the student him se


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