System appraisal


Emirate Holidays is the premium tour and travel service providers in UAE. It is tour and travel operating agency of Emirates Airlines. The company believes in making every moment of the trip enjoyable by investing heavily in choosing the destinations, hotels and appointing local officers to ensure that the customers get only true enjoyment. The company offers huge discounts on booking of trips up to 45 days before the planned journey. With a unique travel through one of the leading airlines of the world Emirates, the trip becomes more joyous right from the start.

It offers the finest selection of tourist destinations. From the explorative lush green tropical rainforest of Australia and to the pillars of golden history in Europe, sailing out on luxury cruiser and or choosing the several islands from our portfolio to enjoy the way the consumers want, Emirates Holidays has them all. The services do not last only till the arrival but till the departure of the tourists every path is carefully traced to ensure full comfort.

The annual brochure of Emirates Holidays A World of Choice offers information about 100 destinations in over 31 countries in Australia, Europe, Indian Ocean and Africa. Pioneer in the use of IT tools employs Trade Net to book destinations and confirm prices with over 1000 agents in 12 countries. Thus Emirates Holidays is the premier tours and travels service providers in the Middle East with exotic flavors of various destinations that give all tastes to its portfolio and to become one of the most trusted companies of the world.


Appraisal System

Appraisal systems are meant to increase the outcome of an activity or employee which may benefit the organization by an overall increase in the productivity of an organization. In a performance appraisal system usually the measurement of the work effectiveness of employees and then implement plans to higher outcomes. This is usually done by the use of delineating the employees methods to meet their job specifications. Defining performance standards is one of the main challenges while analyzing the performance of employees on the basis of which decisions for the implementation of appraisal plans are taken (Definition of Appraisal Systems ).

The process of managing human resources in an organization is largely dependent on the data collected using performance appraisal systems. The information retrieved before the application of appraisal system is very useful in taking decisions relating to recruitment hiring training and development of the existing staff. It helps the HR to know the steps needed to motivate and maintain a work force that would help him to get larger outputs. If the performance appraisal system of an organization is not good it would lead to the failure of human resource management system of the organization.

The performance appraisal policies are created with two primary purposes which include evaluative and developmental purposes. The data collected is also used to analyze the performance of the employees of the organization. Based on the data collected an organization may reward the employees that perform well and may punish the employees that do not perform their tasks in the amount of time given for the completion of the task.

Criteria for Developing a Performance appraisal System

The usefulness of a performance appraisal system is only when the performance appraisal system is able to produce reliable and valid results consistently. The designing of criteria for appraisal system plays an important role in the success of the performance appraisal system. The factors used in rating different aspects of a performance appraisal system should be such that the result of the system does not vary depending on the raters and timing of the assessment (Definition of Appraisal Systems ).

The measurements done in order to measure the performance for a performance appraisal system must be valid. It is important to make sure that the criteria used for measurement are measuring the intended performance or target behavior. If the criteria does not measure the behavior correctly the information system usually gives poor results and leads to negative outcomes for the organization. (Definition of Appraisal Systems )

Characteristics evaluated with the help of appraisal system

The appraisal system of an organization is usually meant to evaluate an employee on the basis of traits, behavior and task outcomes.

Evaluation on The Basis of traits

The traits of employees such as personality, attitude, aptitude, abilities and skills are used assess employees. It is easier to assess an employee once the rater comes to know the person whom he has to assess.

Evaluation On The Basis of Behaviors

In some of the cases the spread of performance is so broad or the job is very conceptually designed so it becomes very difficult to define performance measures which are reliable in nature. In these cases the performance measure used is the behavior of an employee which is judged on the basis of certain desirable behaviors and it is believed that these desirable behaviors would lead to good performance. This type of assessment encourages the employee to adopt certain desirable behaviors which may lead to success of the organization.

Evaluation on The Basis Of Task Outcomes:

Using task outcome is one of the most appropriate methods of evaluation of employees performance. This method is used when the goal of the organization is well defined and the organization works for the achievement of its goals. This approach is usually recommended in fields such as the sales force of an organization. The problem with this method is that in some cases employee behavior may not be directly related to task outcomes.

Role of appraisal system in Emirate Holidays

At global level every organization is concerned about the productivity of their employees. Today every customer is aware about the various products which provided by organization, its price and the services related to it. Due to awareness among the customer, the role performed by the manager and employee should be efficiently performed. To get the maximum output, the manager has to perform their role very efficiently and motivate their subordinates continuously.

Those employee who are working in the private organization, are worried about their future and they try to give good feedback because their non financial and financial benefits depends on their performance.

Performance appraisal basically done once in a year in most of private organization but they are done twice in a year in the fast growing organization. Those organizations where the performance appraisal is irregularly done, the manager fail to keep their employee motivated and the control on the staff will lose and due to which it affects the productivity. (Definition of Appraisal Systems)

Creating a employee appraisal system of the employee of emirates holiday

The manager should actively participate in establishing the strategic plan. They appoint the team which works appropriately and the manager should give active participation to demonstrate the performance management importance in the process.

There are four main criteria for establishing the ideal system. They are who evaluate the appraiser performance, performance of whom is assessed, the professional of human resource who judge the system, the future management group that leads the company. The implementation team should be appointed for the successful system which is responsible for the two major requirements. First, develop appropriate policies and appraisal forms and second, the success of the deployment should be assured. Design the appraisal form as early as possible and get lots of feedback on it, which attract everyones attention.

While building the form give emphasis on the goal, mission, values and their vision. The performance management system of the emirate holiday has the aim to ensure that strategic plan of the organization; their vision should be properly achieved.

The communication between the user and organization should be done properly by circulating the drafts and users are invited to make recommendation. The process of the development should be made visible through updates and regular announcements. The purpose of the program and procedures should be explained in advance. It should be explained with enthusiasm so that everyone will be affected. If self appraisal is required by the new performance management process, it should be provided by the skill training.

Monitor the quality of the appraisals and check whether it met original objective. The feedback should be provided to the management and appraisers. Training should be given to the new appraiser so that they should work properly. Suggestion should be provided so that they can incorporate them in the form.

Smart appraisal

To improve the productivity of the human resource and line manager, we use the smart appraisal which automates the time consuming development process of the employee performance appraisal.

It can accommodate any change in the goals, values, objective, competencies, key performance indicator which is knows as performance measures. Online review can be build like the existing review based on paper which is allowed by the human resource. When the evolution process changes, the form, templates and reviews should be updated. (Smart Appraisal)

Performance appraisal

The appraisal which began as the income justification is called performance appraisal system. Whether the salary of an employee is justified or not will be decided by the performance appraisal. The salary of the employee is depending on the job performed. If the performance of the employee is less than the expected then it will follows in the reduction of pay and if the performance of the employee is better than expected then it will follows in the rise in the salary. By cutting the salary or by rising the salary, the employee will try to perform better and improve its performance, this will help in the development of the organization.

The performance appraisal system sometime succeeded in giving the expected result but most of the time it fails.

For example, the worker roughly of equal abilities should be paid equal salary even there is a variation in their motivation and performance level.

Modern appraisal

The interaction between the supervisor and employee, which takes the annually or semi annually interview, in which performance of employee is examined by discussing on their weakness and their strength and their chance of improvement and development.In most of the organization, the result of the appraisal is used indirectly or directly. This result of the appraisal is used to determine the performance of the employee according to which increase in the pay and the bonus of the employee is decided.

The appraisal result is also used to determine the poorer performance of employee which requires a proper counseling and in the extreme case they result in the decrease in the salary.


Appraisal system basically used to determine the increase in the outcome of an activity or subordinates which help in increasing the productivity of the organization. In performance appraisal system the effectiveness of the work done by the employee is judged then according to that the reward is given through increasing the salary and punishment is given through cutting the salary. This will help the organization to increase its productivity.

The performance appraisal system is useful when it is able to produce the desire and valid result. In the success of the performance appraisal system, the designing of the criteria plays a very important role. The appraisal system basically used to evaluate an employee on the basis of traits and behavior. There are three characteristics on which they evaluated are evolution on the basis of traits, evolution on the basis of behavior and evolution the basis of task outcomes.

Due to the globalization emirate holiday is concerned about how to increase its productivity. As the customer is well aware about the products and services provided by it, the role of the manager and the employee should be properly done. Smart appraisal in the emirate holiday basically used to increase the productivity of the employee.

The appraisal system in the emirate holiday is used to increase the productivity of the employees and help in increasing the production. (Emirates Holidays)


The operations of the Emirates Holidays have seen several shortcomings right from the point a person takes off in Emirates Airlines. Let us start the journey of recommendations:

  • Emirates Airlines on board services are to disturb a traveller all through the night with too much and odd hospitality. Thus Emirates Holidays should take care that the passengers in general should not be given too much of comfort to destroy their comfort zone.
  • Emirates Holidays boasts of giving the best to their customers but they are narrow on their options to let a customer choose only that hotel/resort that benefits their profit be it either expensive or not worth of quality. This has to be sought out as Emirates can generate more sales to earn the same or higher profit by delivering more options, more economy together with better quality of services.
  • The biggest problems arise during the trip when although everything is arranged on the side of Emirates Holidays they fail to materialise it at their friend locations and customers have to go dissatisfied. The agents of Emirates Holidays at every such halt should ensure that the travellers do not have to hassle around for meals, rest rooms etc.
  • Emirates Holidays though has got plans both economic and expensive but moderation of plans is urgently required to boost the bookings as it lacks in this area. Although people are well aware about its policies but still the plans and policies are not popular in India and south eastern Asia.
  • Advertisements are required through national media in different countries to have a deeper market penetration as when a company is operating in different countries it has to also have policies for outside people other than UAE.
  • Diversification is an important policy that supports tourism. A travel company if extremely rigid in its policies cannot run for long. Same is with Emirates Holidays as it has no options for the tourists who fail to turn up for spot visits during the trip as when somebody gets ill etc. This rigidness has to be made flexible and as stated there should be proper medical arrangements throughout the trip to avoid any mishap which is generally the most neglected part of the trip.
  • Giving more than expected is a winning strategy but Emirates Holidays seems unaware of this as after booking and arrival of tourists the company completely neglects that whether the facilities promised to the customers are being delivered at the right level as they should be.
  • This makes many people in the trip to lose their mood and it destroys the flavour of excitement and joy. This is an important agenda and can be taken off by giving surprise gifts, concession coupons and free parties at any of the locations of the trip.


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