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New Organisational forms


Technology is bringing change the structure of the organization and industries; it has changed almost every aspect of how customers are living. Every day business environments are changing different technologies are being introduced in organizations. Like it was happening before the companies need to adopt technologies to achieve competitive advantages those are more important. I will describe some changes which causes by digital technology, and I would like to discuss opportunities and challenges that managers and employees likely to deal. It is necessary for managers and employees to know that they cannot survive in business without networks. Managers need to communicate regularly with suppliers, customers, and employees. Before 1990 Mangers used telephonic, fax, and fax system for business communications. Today managers and employee using computer and email, the internet, instant massages mobile computers and cell phones are connected to wireless connection for this purpose. Internet and the networking are now almost equal with doing business. Opportunities and digital technology

Networking and communication trend.

In the past organizations used two main fundamentally different types of networks computer and telephone networks. Computer networks were used to for data traffic and telephonic network handled for voice communications. Throughout the twentieth century telephone networks were building by telecommunication companies using voice transmissions technologies hardware and software. And these companies almost operated as regulated monopolies around the world. Computer networks were originally manufactured by computer companies seeking to transmit data between computers in various locations.

Telecommunications providers such as BT and Talk Talk today offering internet access, wireless telephone services voice services as well as television programme. Same as cable companies Virgin media and Cablevision offering also internet access and voice services. Voice and data communication networks both become faster, powerful and more portable smaller and mobile and less expensive. The typical speed of internet was 56 kb within the organizations and domestic levels but today more than 60% people using high speed wireless broadband in business by telephone and cable TV companies those are providing million bits per second. Due to this innovation managers and employees have can perform their jobs with more efficiency.

Data base marketing

The type of information assumed on database used for marketing will typically include customer's market and compotators information; information may be gathered from both inside and outside the organization.

The database may be used to meet a variety of objectives with numerous advantages over traditional marketing methods

  • Evaluating new prospects
  • Focusing on prime prospects
  • Launching new products to potential prospects
  • Cross selling similar product
  • Identifying new distribution channel

An effecting marketing database can provide important marketing management information

  • Usage patterns for example reason why for account closing
  • Segmentation analysis to ensure accurate targeting
  • Account analysis for example value duration, product type
  • Evaluation of market activities like response rate
  • Update market search information

The information held on the database enables the effective tailoring of future offer massages to existing and prospective customers.

Direct marketing

Direct marketing aims to request a response.

Performance is the act of servicing the customer's feedback. This act may take many different activities including handling customer complaints, taking orders, offering advice and providing service and despatching goods. In all these cases it is safe to assume that the customer requires a prompt courteous and effective response. Typical fulfilment activates include.

  • Processing requests
  • Credit card validation and processing
  • Analysing and reporting response data
  • Packaging and picking and despatch

Telemarketing and its impact

Tele marketing is the planned and controlled use of the telephone for sales and marketing opportunities, unlike all other kinds of direct marketing telemarketing allows for immediate both way communications, it is a fast and flexible tool for gathering, maintaining and helping to utilize related up to date information about customers and prediction.

Features of telemarketing

  1. Personal

Telemarketers may determine and respond immediately to the specific needs of individuals, building long term personal and profitable relationship.

  1. Immediate.

Each outbound call receives quick result even if it is not paying attention or a wrong number, consumers and prospect can be given 24 hour steady access to the company.

  1. High quality

Minimum information can collect accurately kept up to date and used to select and prioritise leads for follow up calls.

  1. Flexible

Conversations can be tailored spontaneously as the representative responds to the contact's needs. There are no geographical constraints on calls and they can be timed to suit the contact.

  1. Experimental

Campaign variables can be tested quickly and changes made whilst the campaign is in progress

Telemarketing may be used for a range of purposes

  1. Building maintaining cleaning and updating data bases to be used in marketing initiatives.
  2. Evaluation of the market and testing market. About any feature of a market can be measured and tested by telephone. Feedback is immediate so response can be targeted quickly to exploit market knowledge.
  3. The telephone combined with postal innovations is the most cost effective way of screening leads and encouraging attendance at promotional
  4. Direct sale and account serving. The telephone may be used at all stages of the relationship with the prospects and customers, which includes generation lead, establishing buying potential and defining the decision making process.
  5. If there is customer scare than there is a sudden action to need to minimise commercial damage. A special number can be advertised to give information and advice.

E commerce today

E commerce refers to the use of the internet and the web to transact business. More officially e commerce is about digitally enabled commercial transactions between and among organizations and individuals. E commerce first started in 1995 when one of the first internet portals received the first ads from major corporations and popularized the idea that the web could be used as a new medium for advertising and sales. The idea that web could be used as a new medium for advertising and sales. No one envisioned at the time what would turn out to be an exponential growth curve for e commerce retail sales which tripled and doubled in the early years.

Mirroring the history of commercial innovations such as the telephone radio and television the very rapid growth in e commerce in the early years created a stock market bubble in e commerce stock. A large number of e commerce companies failed during this process. Yet for other like such as Amazon, Expedia eBay and Google the results have been more positive. Soaring revenues fine tuned business models that produce profits and raising stock price. The overall e commerce revenue picture is very positive in 2007.

New developments in e commerce

Technology base

Wireless internet connections Wimax, WI-Fi, and 3 g mobile phone grow rapidly. The internet broadband foundation becomes stronger in business as transmission price fall more than 42 million households had broadband cable or dsl access to the internet in 2005 about 38 percent of all households (e market, 2006) RSS, rich site summary or really simple syndication, grows to become a major new form of users controlled information distribution that rivals email in some applications.

Conversion of business

The first wave of e commerce changed the business world of music, books air travel. In the second wave, new industries are facing a similar transformation scenario telephones, movies, television, jewellery real estate, hotels, bill payments and software. The span of e commerce offering grows especially in travel, entertainment, retail apparel, appliances and home furnishings. The online demographic of shoppers continue to broaden to match that of ordinary shoppers. Pure e commerce business models will be refined further to achieve higher levels of profitability where traditional retail brands such as wall mart, Tesco, use e commerce to retain their dominant retail positions.

Internet services

Internet is based on client server technology. Individuals using the internet control what they do via client applications on their computers like web browser software. Data including email messengers and web pages are stored on servers. Customer's uses the internet to request information from a particular web server on a distant computer and the server sends the information back to client on the internet.

Customer's platforms now include not only PCs and other computers but also small handheld digital devices and other information alliances. Information appliance is a device such as internet enables cell phones TV internet receivers for web access and email. That has been designed to perform a few specialized computing tasks well with minimal user effort. Now people are more depending on these easy to use specialised information appliances to connect to the internet.

Intranets and extranets

Many organizations using internet networking and web technology to create private networks called intranets. Internets are an internal organizational network that provides access to data across the organization. It is using the existing company network infrastructure with internet connectivity standards and software development for the worldwide web. Intranets can create networked applications that can run on many different kinds of computers throughout the organizations that can run on many different kinds of computers throughout the organization including mobile handheld computers and wireless remote access devices.


An organization creates an extranet to allow authorized vendors and customers to have limited access to its internet intranet, like authorized buyers could link to a portion of a company's products. The company uses firewalls to make sure that access to its internal data is limited and remains secure. Firewalls also authenticate users making sure that only person those authorized can access the website.

Intranets and extranets both reduce the operational costs by providing the connectivity to coordinate disparate business process within the firm and to link electronically to customers and suppliers.

Technologies and communication tools and e business

Email enables massages to be exchanged from computer to computer reduce cost long distance telephone expenses while expending communication between other parts of the organizations. Email software has capabilities for spreading messages to multiple receivers forwarding massages and attaching text documents or multimedia files to massages. While some organizations using their internal email systems, a great deal of electronic mail today sent via internet. Nearly 90% of United Kingdom and United States employees communicating interactively using instant massages and chat tools.

Usenet news groups are around the world discussion groups posted on the internet electronic bulletin boards on which people share information and ideas on a defined topic such as rock bands and radiology. Anyone can post massages on these bulletins boards for others read.

In many organizations employees use email instant massages and internet for increasing worker's productivity. Most of the managers most believe they need to monitor their employee's online activity.

Groupware provides capabilities for supporting enterprise broad communication and collaboration on work. Teams and individuals and working groups in various locations of the organization use groupware for writing and for giving opinions on projects, conducting electronic meetings, tracking the status of tasks and projects, scheduling email sending. Every member can review the ideas of the group any time and add them. A single member can post a document for others to edit and comment. A number of companies using internet conferencing tools to conferences, stage meetings and presentation online

Clarity and empowered customers

The arrival of mobile technology and internet has moved the control from the seller to buyer. Customers were not that much empowered before in buying decisions. Due to price evaluation websites such as,, go helping customers to compare the prices of services and products around the variety of industries. This level of transparency has had reflective effect on various industries.

Customers using internet to search cheap deals agents, retail stores, wholesalers, brokers are suffering. Middlemen also suffering a lot. Managers and employees must aware of this culture that it can create bad effect on the future of the company where they are working. Managers must ensure that company remains element of the assessment chain. When digital technology changes the purpose of the company than it is necessary to analyse the strategy of the company. On looking at product reviews this level of transparency may also be seen. Purchasing decisions prior to the internet was mostly based on information from traditional media store employees and individual recommendations. Usually the most reliable information you could easily get through individual contacts. With the help of the internet customers express their views about product and services, according to a survey which shows that 81% holiday's shoppers read keenly customers reviews online, and also 86% read business reviews online before making their mind for purchasing, and 90% customers trust on these views.

Internal opportunities

Advantages of deta based

  • High confidance and moral
  • Motivation
  • Job satisfaction
  • Time saving
  • Customers satisfaction
  • Competitive advantages
  • Emplerroyees satisfaction
  • Reward and bonus
  • Qualified personnel
  • Better performance
  • Market reputation


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