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Background of the Study

The LIFCO group of companies is a group that is in business based permanently in Sharjah. This group is mainly into trading in food other services allied to food, and various products. LIFCO owns on its own capacity, a large number of warehouses all across Sharjah, Dubai and also Abu Dhabi, and an active and efficient network of trucks used in their delivery, which are also refrigerated and container based.

The LIFCO Group of companies was set up around six decades ago and has since then been a pioneer in fields of marketing. Subsequent to establishment, it grew with tremendous success in the field of Logistics, Marketing and distribution and carries the badge of trading food products and Allied Services of first-class quality.

The team of more than 1000 members including the Board of Directors has developed a brand name of LIFCO group for growth, performance and value with its vision and focus.

With business in Logistics and also distribution, LIFCO achieved a rapport for being a company with a word class status in food products and other services as well. It has a turnaround of approximately around S$ 100 million per annum.

Problem Identified

As claimed, The LIFCO Group of Companies stands for its core values which include partnership, integrity, commitment, and services. The strategies adopted by the company in relation to dealing with human resource problems, and the relation of the company with its employees, Human Resource strategies of the company, and the relation with its employees' and whether they concede that the LIFCO Group of Companies has stood up to the previously mentioned core values that it has claimed to imbibed is the basic problem the solution of which is sought in the following study.

Statement of the Problem

The understanding and the analysing of the behaviour and attitude of the employees towards the proper management and total Human Resource strategies in the complete LIFCO Group of Companies, and to find out whether the entire staff is dedicated towards and genuinely committed towards the values of the company.

Aim and Objectives of the study


Therefore, the primary goal of this project is to find the answers whether the employees working for this organization The LIFCO Group of Companies are in respect to the values for which the company stands.


By means of analysing the attitude of the staff and the management towards the different Human Resource Management strategies of the company itself, I hope to conclusively derive a fair judgement.

Scope of the project

Through this project, I hope to highlight not just the problems and issues with HRM in context of the LIFCO Group of Companies in the UAE, but can also be extended beyond that to cover in our domain other companies as well, to see how the attitude of the employees is a representative of the kind and health of the workforce present in an organization. Furthermore, deducing and analysing, fairly accurate predictions can be made regarding as to how to move towards and plan for the creation of a workforce which is psychologically, mentally and physically productive. Also, based on the answers of the employees in the questionnaire, it can be known whether the workforce is diverse, in terms of ideologies and mind-sets, and so on.


A positive response towards the HR strategies is an indicator of a healthy and productive workforce.

Alternative Hypothesis

The retention of the employees identified as productive can be carried out in a thoughtful and strategized manner. It can, in addition, be hypothesized that knowledgeable and proficient employees can be attracted into the organization through healthy and proper treatment of the existing employees.

Research Questions

Personal interviewing could involve asking the employees such questions which could help in signifying the general attitude and attitude towards specific issues towards the HR Department. It would be of great significance and aid if the questionnaire is manipulated and constructed in a way which is also directed towards bringing out the views and opinions, through the descriptive questions. Proper evaluation of objective answers and interpretation of the answers can be an authentic source of indication about the basic and common temperament of the staff, and the measure of dedication towards the core values and ideologies of the company.

Focus of the study

Fundamentally, the focus is on the mentality and approach of the employees towards the organization and also towards the Human Resource strategies that are incorporated within the company. An invaluable insight regarding the organizational behaviour after extrapolating the answers and responses of the employees could be genuinely obtained, on the basis of which the retention and various other human resource management strategies can be designed and implemented.

Significance of the Study

The conclusions drawn from such a study are not clearly limited in the context of the company itself, but are valid and could be applied. Furthermore, the HR arm of the LIFCO group can crucially benefit from such a study, since the existent attitude may reveal a necessity to change or implement new strategies. Moreover, an analysis of the study in a comprehensive manner can go a long way in helping to crystallizing some substantial inferences pertaining to the staff and the present scenario of the organization. In addition, as it is apparent to a prominent extent from the questions in the questionnaire, regarding the approval level amongst the employees this study would give an extremely instructive and helpful.

Limitations of the Study

It is not hard to understand that any study like this which includes writing descriptive answers and giving responses to questions is inevitably influenced by bias of personal nature. Hence, the results that come out may not give the exact picture of the situation, and there could be ineffective formulating strategies based on such a result.


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