The success of seniorlink

Triumph of SeniorLINK

Every individual in the society is competent of making the positive change by his actions and determination. This has already been proved by the success of SeniorLINK that was basically initiated by Lou. I must be the best possible individual to identify the potential that this ideology possesses and how far it may be taken as I myself have been an integral part of the program in the form of a senior student. This program also faced several challenges in initial times, but with highly dedicated team, ValleyLINK was able to make appropriate application of its well defined plan.

I was an individual associated with transportation sector throughout my life, but was attracted towards technological advancements that the world was experiencing. Despite of all the obligations that I used to have during that time, I found time to spend time with new appliances that made human work simpler. Computer was one of those equipments that I was highly attracted towards but was unable to try my hand on because of one reason or the other. Now I have a kid who is working in a MNC and settled in London with his wife and daughter. He visits me once or twice a year. Due to this, sending e-mails and general computer applications helped me a lot and have increased the interactivity level with my family. SeniorLINK could be considered as the best possible option for a large number of individuals like me that are unable to maintain distant relationships because of inability to access several latest equipments. Also there are a number of other people that are learning to operate the computer applications along with me, which act as in a supportive manner. It also give strength to a number of people those are not willing to join such institutions because of their shy nature or other reasons. This place also helps in reducing generation gap as it also includes students.

This program was started on a trial basis with the help of fund made available by Foundation for Senior Action (FSA). Program Manager's were given tenure of six months to check feasibility of the project and make its application in best possible manner. But after observing the success and perfection in the way SeniorLINK operated in different regions of the society, it further extended its assistance to the program in diversified format. Success of the project could be depicted from the stat that about 247 senior have associated themselves with the program since its beginning, out of which about 173 have joined in past 4 months. This is a remarkable result for programs that are being conducted in this particular domain and related to societal enhancement. This learning comes along with other benefits for the senior citizens like they are allotted unique e-mail ids in the form

I have encountered several alterations in the operations that are being performed by ValleyLINK in its projects, like initially its training needs were fulfilled by individuals directly linked with ValleyLINK, but after a while, this dependency was shifted over to Central Valley College. It provided ValleyLINK with its five computer students to assist operators in SeniorLINK. It reduced substantial burden from various people correlated with SeniorLINK in different format. Also other social organizations have made their help available to SeniorLINK in accordance to the demand possessed by it. Like Anytown Health System has provided with three more terminals to the SeniorLINK as compared to single machine provided beforehand on a trial purpose. But there is a limitation over other site usage of 20 minutes as its demand has gone considerably high in comparison to the availability.

I joined SeniorLINK almost at the time of its starting, i.e. 12 months ago. At that particular time, it had very limited centers at which it used to carry out its operations, but after a while various other senior centers were being allotted to it to carry out functions of social welfare. Initially only Anytown Health System provided it with the senior center, but Othertown after 2 months, Sometown after 3 months, and numerous Senior Center Coalition sites after 5 months were added to the list looking at the prosperity and acceptance it gained from the society. Most of such associations work over several projects in a direct or indirect manner for the purpose of increasing society's standard, but after a while they reduce their operational pace due to lack of the spirit or unavailability of resources in different streams that are necessary. This was not the case with ValleyLINK as it was supported in each and every manner by other associations to enlighten the senior citizens of society to make sure that they are able to retain their identity in this fast moving scenario. Also it helped us in maintaining the values by delivering thoughts in one way or the other with the help of computer and related equipments.

Further to this operation, some of us were also given the opportunity to work with kids studying in fifth grade in Elms Elementary School over a three months project that was related to history of Anytown in 20th century. This was based over the fact that most of the seniors involved in this project were grown in this very region and were extremely familiar with most of the aspects of it in a combined form. In this project, students were not able to find direct information of the topic as records were not available after 1900. Thus with the help of senior people, they sent e-mails to find required data and gather prominent information in order to complete the project.

Another project was initiated in which about twenty seniors came forward to work with eighth grade students that laid its focus over life-story writing of individuals. In this project also, online assistance was taken into account for the purpose of event identification of senior's life and obtaining minute details for the completion of their story.

Two individuals that can be considered as the soul of this project are ValleyLINK President and Anytown Mayor. Without their efforts, this project would not have attained the noteworthy position as it has attained in present situation. But we can not forget supplementary contribution made by other associates functioning at different levels, as without them all these implications would not have been possible.

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