The time management

  1. Who do you know who is a good time manager? Think about that person's characteristics and draw up a list of what it is that they do in terms of managing their time well.
  2. All the boys at my work place are very good time manager and my chef de partie is one of the best of all. In the restaurant we have to do mise en place everyday for every service so time managing is very important otherwise there wouldn't be enough time to finish all the tasks are given. He taught me:

    1. A prepare list has to be done before and after each service so I can be ready for the next service.
    2. Always thinking ahead. Understand the things that must be done for service and what needs to be done for the next service or next day. If something that can be prepared beforehand, and then get it done.
    3. Communicate with others. Good communication can save a lots of time and by doing that we can help each other if someone has finished his job and able to give others a hand.
    4. To keep it real. It was my lesson in the first day. As he said perfection is always something we are trying to achieve but sometimes with something that don't have to be done perfectly we shouldn't waste time trying to make it perfect. Otherwise we lose time. Just knows if it worth your efforts and be flexible.
  3. Do you know someone who is a poor time manager? Draw up a list of what it is that they do in terms of not managing their time.
  4. Actually I don't know anyone who is really bad at time managing or at least not someone who I know well. But year ago when I first start cooking I was very bad at time managing. Never wrote a prepare list, never thinking about what I might be able to do for tomorrow and everything were so messy and not organized. And it always resulted bad and sometimes chaos for me.

  5. Think about the number of times you have been stressed about submitting work on time.
    • List the time wasters that could have created the problem.
    • What strategies did you adopt to overcome you stress?
    • How could you have managed your time better?

    Time waster has to be not able to say no. At work sometimes the guys expected me to help them even when I am very busy. And normally when they do ask, I always say yes because I don't want anyone think that I don't want to help them when they need it. But sometimes it does creates some troubles for me and once I almost couldn't finish my work on time because of that. After that I started to realize I have to communicate with the guys and knows when to say no because they might think I am not busy when I say yes and if they know I am they simply wouldn't ask me to help them. The thing is if I can't finish my job because I went to help someone else and he could've done it himself I didn't just put myself into trouble, the whole kitchen would be in trouble as well because of me. So after that I would give them a hand only when I'm not busy and if I do, I would just say no and the guys wouldn't blame me because they know perfectly how teamwork goes.

  6. Maintain a time log for two days - One weekday and one weekend day - using the attached sample
  • Using a new page for each day
  • Detail your activities in 30 minute sections. Doing this will ensure you get a very clear picture of where your time is actually going.
  • Record each activity accurately; exact time is not essential
  • Record what you actually did, NOT what you were supposed to be doing
  • Don't forget to include time taken on phone calls and getting snacks, etc
  • Be honest with yourself, record all your actions.

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