Total quality management TQM


The mainstay of this project is to implement an in depth analysis and investigation on the Total Quality Management of a particular organization and provide a report to the board of directors of that organization with firm suggestions on their quality system.

For the same purpose the company chosen is a U.A.E based organization which is a food manufacturing venture known as AL GHURAIR FOODS. This is a multi-product enterprise since 1976 which started as a small scale flour-mill and is now one of the leading agro -food companies in UAE.

The name coming from the owner and the chairman ESSA Abdullah AL Guairį is not only running the foods firm but also is the founder of AL GHURAIR INVESTMENTS which has business interests pertaining to Banking , Shipping, Construction, Cement etc..

The primary production consideration is that of flour business its related products.

Total Quality Management also referred as TQM, is carried out as a combination of different management practices which is held across the company. It describes the culture, services, extent of customer satisfaction and the attitude of the firm towards it. Though this is not a regular feature in each and every company but drives a venture to improve its position in the market.

The focus is to investigate a firm which is in my case AL GHURAIR, its TQM implementation and its culture and the difficulties in constant and swift upgrading due to some barriers.


It takes us back to many years back when it all started in 1976 where the emphasis was to create a leading food company. The primary focus was on the employees which are the driving force of any organization. AL GHURAIR always maintained a high quality employee structure to guide them forward. Various motives were kept in mind like innovation, respecting one's ability to perform and backing it, teamwork and above all customer satisfaction.

The recession in 2009 resulted in managers to thinking in new ways as to how to manage the

Company's resources and refine its course so that it gets to its desired result

In these turbulent times, Arabian House got through many challenges for survival

Emphasis was on establishing new performance management tools to enhance manage risk, see cash flow, contain costs, and maximize gains. There was a need to form a coherence team which was able to respond better to customers, who underwent into detailed implementation and formulate the products quickly .So the company started building the skills and enable people perform the tasks which they are good at and look for such employees to hire who fit as to this culture.; employees of all levels were encouraged and became an integral part of the business.

They have always been a change competent organization that backs a competitive work force. They constantly improve competitiveness and turn technological and economic challenges to their working.

Al Guairį Foods encourages the deeds of distinction in work, and business practices.

For this purpose, the Chairman announces special awards for employees who put in personal

Effort to improve the professional qualifications and achieved a distinction in the relevant field of their function or job are eligible for an award.


The main barriers of the total quality are that the maintenance of the quality of the product is very difficult to do. So most of the organization are not able to cope up with the quality standard needed to grow in the market .the other barriers are ,despite of maintaining the quality of the products they are not able to market it properly so they are not able to stand in the market.

The one of the factor of the total quality is that employees must be of the standard and they should be creative and innovative but the barrier is that the availability of an employee is very difficult and which creates a situation that they have to employ some lower standard employees which are not to the standards of the total management.

The another barrier is availability of the raw material of good standards due to lack of source and black market so they have to comprise on the lower quality of the raw material which causes lower quality of the final product.

The another barrier is that they are not able to manage the system as they have to look many issues and they are not able hire as much manager level officials which are required for this task so many they mess up due to lack of management system.


These are consider to be the barriers of the total management as the barrier are maintenance of the quality of the products is very difficult so they are not able to make the product up to the standards so this is the major issue for the organization.

The other barrier is availability of raw material of good quality and this is considered to be the barrier because if they do not get the raw material of good standard it effects the quality of the final products and which is of great concern for the organization as it leads to the downfall of the organization due to low quality of products.

The other barrier was that the availability of the employees of the appropriate level, they do not get the employees of particular standard so which causes them a lack of good ideas which restrict them to grow in the market.

The lack of management is also of great concern for the organization as they are not able to manage the production and sales of the company which results them to end up in a mess and they are not able fulfill the demands of the customers on time and of the exact quality they asked for.


Characteristics of the total quality culture are as following:


The main motto of TQM is to achieve quality; the policy for quality should be according to customer, which should satisfy customer needs and we should try to attain a quality which we have set before. They should always try to do something innovative as it is a very important part of TQM.


They should extend their policy to the contractors and the suppliers. About 70% of product cost may account for input material so they should set a quality standard so as to improve the quality of their products they should also vary their methods for orders according to the manufacturing way.


Humans are the main basis of TQM. They should also focus on the quality of the employees, so they should hire the employees according to the set standards so as to improve the quality of the products .it is one of the main three factors of the business.


They should organize the quality culture in their organization .They should keep some upper level managers as well as some middle level managers so as to maintain the system .They should apply new management policy and should also maintain some good points of old policy. (


One of the differences between the both is that al ghurair do not try to change their product quality according to the customer demand, they always try to manufacture a product of a set quality.

The other difference is that the organization we went do support and encourage their employees to work and have some sense of responsibility but they do not give any kind of training to the employees they hire. They should give some basic training before hiring any individual in their organization.

They do not try to change their policy to maintain the total quality management culture they are just applying the old techniques to follow it .so they should change their policy according to the TQM.


The overall summary of this case study can be visualized as a very professional approach which is being adopted by the organization with respect to TQM. There are some aspects which can be handled and some of the recommendations on the same which are told to be delivered are mentioned below

As I went through the different aspects of the management scheme adopted by the firm reminds of an effective scheme with a definite amount of considerations required in terms of twisting the culture to an extent to prevent further mishaps like that in 2009 not to happen again. These can be eradicated by overcoming the total quality barriers discussed before and maintaining a fare bit of transparency with the employee section and as well the customers to an extent. Although it seemed that the organization is ready to cope up with any amount of repercussions imposed by the market but still a scope for improving on the quality management aspect by meeting the nuances of the changing taste of the society could do them a world of good.

A firm culture behind has helped the organization to grow and with the advent of TQM as a tool they could move leaps and bounds in the UAE as well as on the world stage market.

It is not easy to implement TQM in the venture straightaway; it demands strong thought processing and knowledge of market strengths and weaknesses. But the progress in that regard is satisfactory and may bear the fruits for them in coming days. The traces of the policies mentioned in the TQM are already on the implementation stage

Their policy of felicitating the employees on putting in their strong efforts as an appreciation acts as a source of inspiration for them and drives the best out of them and is worth mentioning.

So, the conclusion can be inferred as a case study where it was found that the venture studied was firm in its approach and is an exciting example of how the TQM is growing in stature day by day.


Al Guairį Foods have a really good culture of their own but they should maintain this good culture to make their company bigger and better.

They should implement some new methods to improve their quality of products and to reduce their cost of product .There was a recession in 2009 due to which company faced heavy losses and they suffered a lot due to this recession. They overcame these crisis but they should implement some new methods so that they don't face these types of problem again.


To improve customer satisfaction they should response fast on the demands of customers. They should implement a way which should be able to act according to customer demands and they should manufacture the products according to that. This will help in reducing the time for the production of the goods and will increase customer satisfaction.


They should implement TQM culture in their organization. They should involve employees in the issues of the organization. Employees should feel that they are responsible for the satisfaction of the customers so they should be involved in making strategies of the company. So they will feel that they are the active member of the company and they will work hard to improve the organization.


They should hire well trained employees who are committed toward work. They should also give some basic training before hiring them, so that they are able to work accordingly to improve the quality of products. They should encourage their employees to be more creative and should take some more responsibilities to improve the quality of goods. They should also be encouraged to improve their communication skills.


They should advertise more about the products of their company so that they get more public attraction which will be good for sales of the company products. They should also provide some schemes and offers with their products so as to increase the value and demand of their product in the market. They should also start some joint ventures with some other companies so that they can promote their company with the products of other companies.


Although AL GHURAIR has1 q a wide range covered but the rigorous competitive and constant changing market environment demands you to be on your toes for that matter, creating a better and a more competitive marketplace with many more suppliers could be the need of the hour... A continuous and a regular need for better products can be achieved. With improved tools of food production and make use of the upcoming and new emerging food technologies. Keeping a track of what's on offer from the customer's side and its demand for greater variety and working on it surely helps.

One of the aspects which go untouched is the heightened health concerns showing the nutritional issues and general food safety a rapidly demanding and changing environment should also be kept in mind. The point that the Retail and wholesale customer has increased his demanding for levels of efficient service. As UAE has a well equipped communication and transportation system that these implications wouldn't be hard to come by and will keep track of the ever changing and constantly demanding needs of the market?

Moreover a recognized need for quality partnership with their suppliers can be obtained.

Emphasis on quick response, time to-time inventories, and constant replenishment is to be seen with much more intent and care. A rapidly changing work force, both on the industry bottoms and right through the management ranks.

The current operating environment of the food industry needs some different approaches if a continuous improvement is to be evidently (TQM -a good fit for the food industry):

Make sure the communication is regular with different groups of employees, customers and competitors to make sure the understanding is advanced and multifaceted.

Default to sharing information - unless there is a valid reason not to. There are also transparency constraints.

Total transparency is not possible and nobody craves for it as well of it a. Organizations have legitimate interesting holding competitive information confidential.

Strategic secrets are important and reasonable as it protects the privacy of individual employees and customers.

Where to draw the line between what information must be revealed and what should be kept close is another aspect of concern.

We all are aware of the need of saving our planet from global warming and fast repercussions and we need to be as eco friendly as we can be for that you should introduce a concept of the baling machine as part of the recent Waste Management initiative which has proved its effectiveness all over.

This will send all the damaged polypropylene bags directly to the landfill which would then take years to breakdown. Also, dumping plastic would fill up the landfill sites quickly.

These damaged polypropylene bags could now be baled into 200 - 250 kg bales and sold to a plastic recycling factory nearby the AL GHURAIR outlet. This initiative would not only reduce the amount of dumped plastic but also reduces the number of skips that are used , saving money, and reducing the carbon content outlet that will be burned to transport the bags to the dump


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