Advertising Is Important Of Marketing

Advertising is an important part of the marketing mix. It presents a company's products or services to the buying public and its objectives are to increase sales and profits and increase awareness of the product or service

Increasingly, business advertises on the internet and there is competition between search engines for advertising revenue. Google is the most-visited site on the internet and accounts for more than a third of UK traffic. Consumers increasingly use the search engine to find even the most familiar brands - making any change to its policy critical (The Times, 3 May 2008).

  1. A right celebrity endorsement is like a trump card for any company.
  2. Itgives a ‘LARGER THAN LIFE ' image to the brand being endorsed as well.
  3. The affinity a layman has towards an iconic celebrity in turn transforms towards the brandhe or she is endorsing.
  4. However, many a timesa celebrity has received a back lash for endorsing a poor quality product. So a careful selection of celebrity bearing in mind all the aspects should be done.

Robbie Williams' appearance on X-Factor formed part of the promotional campaign for his new album, due for release in November, and its lead single Bodies. Since Williams has been out of the public eye for three years, there is a lot at stake for Virgin Records who signed the £80m recording contract with him in 2002.

Purpose of advertisements

  • To attract new buyers and try to expand customer base
  • To compete in the market.
  • To create an organization's recognition among consumers.
  • To promote subsidiary or products manufactured by the same company.
  • To bring into notice the changes, special offers or current developments of the interest of the consumers.
  • To increase the sale of a particular product.
  • To carry out public relations and public service program
  • Stars, who are known to shape destinies, cast an enormous influence.
  • We're referring to the powerful effect of celebrities on destinies of brands.
  • One approving nod from a famous face can translate into millions in brand sales
  • The reason behind the popularity of celebrity advertising is the advertisers' belief that brand images built through celebrities achieve a higher degree of attention and recall for consumers, which will eventually lead to higher sales.
  • Although the potential benefits of using celebrity advertising to promote brand images and products are significant, so are the costs and risks.
  • Knowingly or unknowingly every activity of a celebrity is watched.
  • Key qualities associated with celebrities

    • Success
    • Strength
    • Uniqueness
    • Versatility
    • Charisma
    • Perfection
    • Class
    • Durability
    • Physical beauty

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