Beautician services (4Ps of marketing)


Beautician services cover a wide range of services which spans from cosmetics and skin care products, beauty treatments and hair care. Beauty industry has been in existence since mid-nineteenth century (Black, 2004). This is the time when advertising aimed women started and since then there has been tremendous development of the industry through selling of beauty products and giving treatment services to clients. According to Black (2004), beauty services industry is a multinational business involving millions of dollars. When marketing this service we need to take into account the 4ps of marketing namely; price, promotion, place and product (a service in our case).

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The marketing decision variables that affect the level of demand by the target audience of beautician services are price, product (service), promotion and place. When these four variables are addressed properly, one has a better chance to make good marketing programs with the capacity to expand the business. The product variable in our case is the beautician service which refers to the service to be offered. The specification of the service should be provided explicitly to ensure customers' needs are met. Beauty services change with time and therefore there is need to keep on studying customers' demands so that to satisfy them. For example, a certain hair style can become obsolete with time and there is need to phase out that style and adopt the emerging one. Customers are mainly attracted by some elements of the service offered like quality, and options. Knowledge of the target customers and competitors enables one to offer a service that is appealing to customers. New business succeeds when they it remains alert to changes in the market and working towards adapting to such changes (Kyle, n.d).

Price refers to how much money is charged for a service or product. Fixing a price for a beautician service can be tricky because many new businesses feel they must offer the lowest price in the market so as to attract customers (competitive pricing). However, this has the potential of creating an impression that the services offered are of low quality. The pricing should result in a profit making activity and therefore pricing too low can make the business sink. The selection of the pricing strategy is dependent on the service offered, customer demand, and competitiveness. Pricing also may include costs of installation and other services needed to bring a complete solution. Sometimes a beautician service business may forego a bigger profit margin to enlarge its customer base by pricing its services lower compared to the competitors (, 2007).

Promotion refers to methods used to communicate o the target market about the existence of the service (Reid & Bojanic, 2009). The aim of this marketing variable is to make people understand about the service and why they should opt for it. Using a clear message make people understand about the beautician services available using advertising, selling personally, sales promotions, and public relations. Methods that can used to advertise beautician services are; radio, television, print, electronic, word of mouth or generic. The purpose of promotion is to agitate the audience to take some action e.g. visit the place, recommend to friend or get the service. Promotion messages should capture customers' attention and keep them interested.

Place is the distribution channel used to take the service to the customer. It also means the physical location of the service. Beautician service can only be delivered to the customer directly. This variable also entails deciding the location where there is a demand for the beautician services. In this regard, a beautician service business should accessible and easy to find for new customers.


For the beautician service business to succeed, the four P's of marketing should all be considered with the same weight. Mostly, decisions on one variable will affect the choices in other elements. Once you have made the right market mix i.e. where the four P's are followed, success is guaranteed.


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