Case study: Michael Jackson


Even though the late legend of pop music was considered the best before I was born, his impact on fans and the world of music is far greater today. Michael Jackson was an idol with talents that distinguish him from other artists across the globe. Coming from an unwanted racial group in the old days, he managed to hit the highest point of the bar and became a world renowned singer. He has changed in color and used several techniques as an artist to promote himself through various sources of media. Many of the world's largest corporations had been sponsoring Jackson's concerts and with no doubt they were a success.


Today, musicians spread worldwide mourn the death of Michael Jackson and pray for him to rest in peace. Jackson has not only been a role model for all pop singers but has entered the hearts of people regardless of their age, nationality, gender and social group. In this case study, I will go beyond what Jackson has done in his life span and discuss the affect of sales after his death.


According to Mary Green of, Michael Jackson has hit as the number one album on iTunes and Amazon. Not only that, MTV and various other media sources have been broadcasting various video clips of Jackson due to the high demand coming from his fans all over the world. (Green, 2009) As we can see Jackson's death has increased the sales of many companies.

Furthermore, according Ben Sisario from The New York Times, Jackson's death has resulted in enormous amounts of sales in the U.S with hundreds of thousands of copies sold. Moreover, many stores did not have stock of the albums on demand and this has been an advantage to companies operating online. Over two million downloads have been sold all to fans of the beloved late Michael Jackson. (Sisario, 2009) This is yet another proof of how the death of the king of pop has resulted in a huge increase in sales for companies.

On the other hand, according to Daniel Kreps from, album sales in general have gone down in the world even though Michael Jackson's death resulted in an increase in sales. By this they mean that the overall sales of albums from all artists have gone down regardless of fame. (Kreps, 2009)


As mentioned earlier, sales from the albums of Michael Jackson have increased after his death even though overall sales of albums of all artists have gone lower than last year, might be because of the global financial crisis. Most probably people are downloading pirated versions of famous albums to cut down on their expenses in a time of crisis which is obviously unethical.

Many companies have experienced an increase in sales due to the death of the king of pop. These include: iTunes, MTV, Amazon, etc... For example, iTunes sells various albums to customers through the internet and pays a minimal fee to the artist for the rights purpose. These low costs and high revenues surely result in a great amount of profit.

Companies who either promoted various products of Jackson during his lifetime or after his death did indeed make a lot of money. For those who used his name after his death surely attracted the millions of fans Jackson had and will always have.


Overall, Michael Jackson was and still is a great figure in the world to many people. We can see his legacy still being passed down today through the success of those companies who sell his products or use his reputable name to promote their products/services.


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