Draft marketing plan


The aim of this report is to draft marketing plan of changing environmental situations of mobile industry and imply to Marketing Department what will influence their industry. In recent times mobile phone industry is developing rapidly due to globalization taking place everywhere. Mobile phone devices are becoming one of the parts of our life; therefore the external and internal environments are influencing the big industry of mobile phones. According to the news in British Broadcasting Channel the utilization of mobile phone is increasing dramatically, where the two third of population of United Kingdom have one mobile phone device. It is evident that mobile phone industry has a big influence in country's development however without mobile phone devices life would be difficult to imagine. Mobile phones are making nowadays life much easier than in previous generation. Therefore the requirement of mobile phones has to be more prevalent. In order to promote new range of mobile phones every business has to identify to current environmental issues of industry.


Nowadays most people know what is marketing about but majority of people think that marketing is about selling and advertising, but looking at wider into the marketing world it is one of the widest subjects. According to Lancaster and Reynolds (2004) marketing is a business function which utilises a range of well developed management techniques in addiction an overall business philosophy which should permeate the entire business. Marketing has been defined differently by many scientists and marketers. According to the Chartered Institute of Marketing (2003), which is worldwide organisation, they defined: marketing is the process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirement profitably. However the American Marketing Association(2003) defined that marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion and distribution of ideas, goods and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organisational objectives. The Chartered Institute of Marketing determines expressed in few words but aiming the overall of marketing, but the American Marketing Association described more precise identifying the contraption through which marketing realises the objectives. Looking at two definitions it is evident that marketing is one of the important areas of business.

Marketing environments

However business has a variety of environments which are the most influential in their future accomplishment. Organisation cannot exist in vacuum as well as without customers. There is various way of defining marketing environment, but the marketing must develop out the detailed strategy of environment. On the one hand within the environment there are distinct basics: micro environment and macro environment. On the other hand both macro and micro factors cannot operate separately.

The micro environment indicates those elements which can be managed or used to gain information to provide greater satisfaction to the customers. In addition micro environment includes those who are closest to organisation and most direct influences for the company. For instance: satisfaction of customers, distinguishing the competitors, suppliers and distributors. In micro environment to identify the issues within the organisation there is an analysis called SWOT which stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. A SWOT analysis is drawn up for a given time and some consideration should be given to the dynamic aspects. (Curtis T. 2007). Therefore a SWOT analysis can help organisation to control over their influences within the organisation.

Furthermore, the marketing has wider environment, which business has less control, and can have a greater opportunities and threats. Organisation cannot stop development and be aware of the environments for instance, credit crunch, organisation cannot know what will happen in their economical environment. In macro environment there is a PEST or STEP analysis but it has wider point of view. Political, economical, social and technological mnemonics described in macro environment. For instance, micro environment will not have strong power to control in some areas, where the weather is extreme. Organisations need to continually control both internal and external environments within the organisation. The aim of this analysis is to keep their customers, be aware of the environmental issues, know the efficiency of the organisation and choose the accurate employees and keep them motivated.

Segmentation and targeting

On the other hand besides being aware of environments the importance of organisation is to keep customers, build strong customer relationships in order to capture value from customers in return. Marketing segmentation can be defined as the process of dividing the potential market into distinct and subsets of customers with common needs and characteristics. Forces outside the marketing that affect management's ability are to have a good customer relationship. However, having a good relationship with customers the organisation has to identify their common needs putting into groups and target the accurate customer. There is four basis of segmenting:

  • Demographic-gender, age, physical appearance
  • Geographic- place, location, country, city
  • Psychographic- personality, motivation
  • Behavioural-buying behaviour (where, what, how)

After segmentation the marketers must identify that is that market targetable, therefore there is four basis of targeting:

  • Identification-which segment
  • Sufficiency- enough individuals for justify the tailoring
  • Stability- must be stable over the time
  • Accessibility- must be able to reach target market

Impacts of the mobile industry in the external environment

In every business the environment can change unpredictably therefore marketers cannot predict what will happen in their environment and which changes will occur. However the most important issue is the changes are uncontrollable; business by its self cannot control for instance recession

Political issues that might impact the mobile industry are those problems which are related with law in mobile industry the laws about health care. The majority of customers are the pay as you go users or pay monthly users however becoming the customer of the network they must fill the application forms related with legislation, where the terms and condition shown.

Nevertheless, the mobile device which has been developed lately can be moreover mobile phones are the decease causers.

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