Task 1

You need to do some research to familiarise yourself with the subject area and to gain some ideas about how you can carry out the rest of the project. There is a number of websites available specialising in the sale of environmentally friendly products to businesses. In addition to this, you should also undertake some research to identify the key elements that an effective security policy typically includes. Use a maximum of 2 hours to review these areas. Bookmark the relevant sites and make notes of information that you can use in your assignment.

This assignment contain a major sensitive tasks to have a general idea about what I am going to undertake I am going to do some research on the internet and surfing the web and jumping from site to site and hitting link after link I collect some notes about the websites that have relation with sale of environmentally friendly products to businesses, then I make some notes and effective notes lead me to understand the project aim and the topics that this assignment hold

The power of the site depending on which revenue model that the site adopting to use and, which is a specific collection Of business processes used to identify customers, market to those customers, and Generate sales to those customers. But first you should know that the good site

The most websites that attractive me and also fancy my mind is

I bookmark the following websites





I got a very comprehensive sight in marketing on the web and how to sale and how to develop or customer provision for our site we intend to build for more use to E-commerce and (IT) in our new organization perspective. By reach new markets and new customers to have a big share in the internal and external markets

Task 2

Produce a project plan for the way you intend to complete the rest of this assignment. For planning, use the timescale you have been allocated for this assignment i.e. from the date you start to the date you submit your assignment. Submit a copy of your plan to your tutor BEFORE you proceed further with the assignment.

The plan is:

After my reading of the assignment and read it again with my tauter and when I reach to a full understanding of the tasks requirement I decided to start directly with (task 3) prepare the presentation outline to the bank manger and started to surf the internet and draft down my notes on a paper and allocate the terms that I should do and how to do (task 1). then start in( task 4) by going to a local firm and make meeting with the marketing manager and some excusive manager to have deep under stand of my tasks to prepare the desired marketing plane have the practical site experience specially in issues that related to marketing on the web strategies and project stages to develop the website (task5) and have general ideas about ,security policy for online business (task 6)my project and it is really useful advice from them I think that time scale will be effective and good to accomplish this assignment it start after one weak have the assignment.



To do

To see/due


Research plan\ case studies\visit sites\task1

General vision


Draft up some ideas\ Interviews with tauter and analysis the information and details about \task3+task4+ task 6



Start to write up and determine the marketing plan , project plan and project stages to lunch the website develop the security policy \task4+task5 + task 6

Progress reports


Finish final draft and hand in; work on perspectives in presentation\task3


Task 4

Write a marketing plan (of no more than 1500 words) identifying the ways in which the new Green Office Online site could be promoted. The plan should specify the various activities that could be undertaken in order to make potential customers aware of the new e-commerce site and encourage them to visit it. These should, ideally, be a mixture of online and offline activities. The plan should specifically include the ways in which you might exploit existing online communities or the establishment of a new online community in order to promote the new site. It should also emphasise the fact that this is a business-to business application that in the first instance is intended for a business audience.

This task is exiting to produce a marketing professional plan that ensure the success for your website so we will be familiar with these aspects

* How to promote the site to both buyers and sellers

* Approaches to online and offline marketing

* Importance of domain name in marketing

* Introduction to market strategy

* key elements of marketing plan

* the key marketing messages

* Feedback ,collecting the results and assist future marketing activities

Market Strategy

* A plan that details how the green office online intends to enter a new market and attract customers

* Best business concepts will fail if not properly marketed to potential customers

* To gain a clearer understanding of the implication for E-Commerce in the marketing strategy, it is important to gain a clear understanding of the environment and its relevant effects. This helps to understand the rationale in a developing marketing strategy for the website

Key elements of marketing plan we are going to insure and adapt them with a good approach to these factors and know how these factors influence our market plan and activates

* Email marketing

* Search engine and domain name

* Product-Based Marketing Strategies

* Customer-Based Marketing Strategies

* Communicating with different market segment

* marketing messages

* Customer relationship management(CRM)

* Affiliate Marketing Strategies

Online and offline marketing have a major job to reach our goals

First online marketing

1. Email marketing

* Good, targeted email messages sent to willing recipients will get us new and repeat customers. Our current customers are using the web based email

* Sending company newsletters and building an online community.

* Sending announcements and updates.

* Offering special discounts and sales incentives.

* Offering reminder services.

* Sending order confirmations and billing notifications

* Conducting surveys and running competitions

* Press releases

* Permission Marketing by using automated e-mail communications

* Combining Content and Advertising by sending email contain hyper link to the site and the updates

* Outsourcing E-Mail Processing by buying valid emails address and contact them

2. Advertising on the web

* Banner Ads very good to reach more costumers for our site or our product on famous websites.

* Banner Ad Placement

* Site Sponsorships site sponsorships give advertisers a chance to promote our services as sponsored by Google.

Second the offline marketing

* By publish a weekly magazine for our website introduces our mission in the environmental green products and service.

* The last inventions and product updates.

* Article in the newspaper about our successes stories and how we helping the society.

* Also customer can download our magazine from the website.

The marketing plan for attracting both buyers and sellers very important approach

* The best thing a site can offer a buyer is certainty that nothing will get in the way in the purchase transaction.

* encourage buyer to create an account and log in

* The shopping cart page should offer a link that takes the visitor back into the shopping area of the site

* The seller and the buyers meet online easy and make their own dialog

Search engine and domain name

* Search Engines and Web Directories :take it in mind while design our web site so the spider can easily collects the URL of the pages and information contained on the page and to insure the key words included in the page's text that indicated to our service

* Paid Search Engine Inclusion and Placement: This is the option of purchasing a top listing on results pages for finding and put our web site at the top term and priority

* Buying, Selling, and Leasing Domain Names: very important it reflects that name or reputation an important part of establishing a Web presence that is consistent with the company's existing in the physical world.

* URL Registry: very important to achieve the maximum benefits of our site by register it

The importance of the domain name to the ongoing success of an e-commerce site is

* A domain name adds credibility to your business. Having our own domain name makes our company look professional.

* A domain name says we're forward-thinking. Having our own domain name indicates we're part of the Digital Revolution, and it implies that we're up-to-date on emerging technologies.

* A domain names are important because Internet's addressing scheme is not very effective without them. And also we can makes procures including our websites and hardcopy advertising in the newspaper

Product-Based Marketing Strategies

* Must consider both aspects the nature of their service and the nature of their potential customers. uses product categories very useful for costumer

* Design our page to meet the needs of the customer who has a specific product category in mind.

Customer-Based Marketing Strategies

* the Website insure creates an environment that allows buyers and sellers to engage in communications modes

* Insure that users see the Website is flexible enough to meet their individual needs.

* identify groups of customers who share common characteristics and interests

* advise companies to think as if they were their own website

Communication with different market segment& marketing message

* By Identifying groups of potential customers is just the first step in selling to those companies. An equally important component of any marketing strategy is the selection of communication media to carry the marketing message

* Credibility and The challenge for online businesses are to convince customers to trust them even though they do not have an immediate physical presence.

* Offering Customers a Choice on the Web

Give a big consideration for who will visit our website and for what purpose and know that we expect that they are different ways visitors as

* Browsers: we must prompt the visitors to stay and investigate the products or services offered on the site

* Buyers: the best thing a site can offer a buyer is certainty that nothing will get in the way of the purchase Transaction

* Shoppers: whom the really we must support and encourage them to make their own carts and make their purchasing more easily inure the delivery and the quality that desired by them.

To build a good optional customer we must working on the following aspects to insure the success of our website

* Awareness: the Customers must recognize the name of the website or one of its products is in the awareness the first stage of customer loyalty.

* Exploration: the potential customers learn more about the company or its products and services about the green business products

* Familiarity: Customers who have completed several transactions and are aware of the company's policies must have a special treatment from our side and good offers

* Commitment: after the dealing with us we must have a huge base off loyalty for our customer either from companies or individual they are going to tell other company who are interest in our business the as type reflecting a positive about our website and our green business we handle

Also our marketing plan insets having a good team its duty to concerned with the customer relationships

Customer relationship management

* CRM as a Source of Value in the Market space we must use

* By captured every bit of information about every customer and companies business natural

* Our service will be better at automating the collection of data and subgroup the costumers and their interests

* By using a particular tools and software that accomplish this mission correctly

* Enable us to develop our service and do more profit and use the benefits of the integrated e commerce site that we released

* CRM must be the biggest calling to our service quality

Affiliate Marketing Strategies also adapted by our website marketing plan

* Includes descriptions, reviews, ratings, or other information about a product that is linked to another site that offers the item or car for sale. For every visitor who follows a link from the affiliate's site to the seller's site, the affiliate site receives a commission. The affiliate site also obtains the benefit of the selling site's brand in exchange for the referral.

* Affiliate Commissions also very good in making profit

* Affiliate when we use this technology we are in the correct pathway to promote and wider our site and famous it and go to globalization

At the end after we do all the above approaches we will have a successful marketing plan and the conclusion is to:

* Analysis of our business

* Design and creation of banner advertising

* Placement of the advertisement

* Registration of our site

* Site usage analysis

* The establishment of links with sites related to our business

* Email campaigns

Any online e-communication must consistent with the overall marketing goals and current marketing efforts of the business. The mainly components of the e-marketing plan will be include the following stages and elements and key messages

* Identify your target audience

* Set your objectives

* Action planning - identify the tactics for implementing the selected e-marketing activities

* Measurer success - build in feedback mechanisms and regular reviews to enable you to assess the website

(Hint the words of this task are 1500 words as required)

Task 5

Put together an outline project plan for the development and launch of the Green Office Online ecommerce site. This should be made up of TEN key project stages and associated objectives, together with a brief description of each. The project plan should also include the associated timescales for undertaking these project stages and achieving the specified objectives.

This task divided in two major phases, phase number one contain the first 4 stages which in time scale take around 10 working days

Brief/requirements - proposal - concept

Phase number two have six stages and the project still under construction and development (sing off) till reach the lunch of the site these stages take in timescale around 25 working days to finally go live.

Development - prototype - build - test - GO LIVE

Task 6

Write a short briefing document of no more than 600 words that outlines the major benefits of having an effective security policy in place for an online business. The document should also briefly describe FOUR areas that should be addressed by a security policy and provide a reference to an international standard that could be used by businesses as the basis for the development of a security policy.

Purposes of a Security Policy

The primary benefits of a security policy are to tell users, staff, and managers of those essential requirements for protecting various assets including people, hardware, and software resources, and data assets. The policy must specify the mechanisms through how these requirements can be met.

A security policy is in natural a formal statement of some rules through which people are given access to an organization's technology, system and information. The security policy inform and define what business and security goals and management desires, but not how these solutions are engineered and implemented.

Security Policy benefits and goal

* Building ‘consumer' trust and confidence

* Ensure the availability to the data and processing resources.

* Provide assurance to the confidentiality and integrity for customer data and allow for the compartmentalization of risk for customers and to our company and also

Ensure the integrity of data processing operations and protect them from unauthorized use.

* Ensure the confidentiality of the customer's and your processed data, and prevent unauthorized disclosure or use.

* Ensure the integrity of the customer's and your processed data, and prevent the unauthorized and undetected modification, insertion, and deletion of that data

* Prevent unauthorized people access to sensitive data such as employee records, price lists, catalogues and valuable intellectual property, and then altering, destroying or copying them

* altering your website to damage your reputation or direct your customers to another site

* prevent gaining access to financial information about your business, employees or our customers for the purposes of fraud

The security policy should also address:

* objective and importance of information security to the business

* a statement of intent from management supporting the goals and principles of information security

* definitions of roles and responsibilities for information security

* details of the process for reporting, responding to and resolving security incidents

* references to supporting documentation, such as more detailed security policies, procedures, implementation guides or security specifications and standards

We can use reference international standard to develop our online security policy which called

The PCI DSS international standard how to develop our security policy using international standard

* The PCI DSS, a set of comprehensive requirements for enhancing payment account data security, was developed by the founding payment brands of the PCI Security Standards.

* The PCI DSS is a multifaceted security standard that includes requirements for security management, policies, procedures, network architecture, software design and other critical protective measures. This comprehensive standard is intended to help companies proactively to protect customer account and their data.

Build and Maintain a Secure Network

* Install and maintain a firewall configuration to protect cardholder data


Gary P. Schneider, Ph.D., CPA, T. (2008), Electronic Commerce (Seventh Edition) Galatea Training Services Limited. Singapore.

Kenneth C. Laudon, Carol Guercio Traver, ( 2004), “E-Commerce: Business. Technology. Society - 2nd Edition”, Addison Wesley.




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