Geodesic Information Systems

Executive Summary:

Geodesic Information Systems is a 10 year old Mumbai based software product and solutions company focused on the lucrative collaborative communication market leading the eventual convergence of mobiles, desktops, smart devices and the world wide web.

In this report, I am suggesting a marketing plan for Mundu IM for Mumbai city, India which will be implemented from next year. The Plan will get necessary resources from head office. Mundu IM's current market share is 9% in Mobile IM Market in Mumbai and implementing this plan at the end of the next year Mundu IM's share will be 13%. The total user base revenue for Mundu IM will increase from 2.1Million to 3.9 Million.


Geodesic was founded in the year 1999. Geodesic operates in a niche area of developing various innovative products in the information, communication and entertainment space.

Geodesic is the creator of unified IM platform that aggregates popular IM services viz. MSM, Yahoo, ICQ,AIM. This platform lets users communicate, colleagues, friends and family in real time.

Geodesic reported net sales of Rs 1544.06 million for the quarter ended September 30, 2009 . The Company added 195,000 new users for Mundu products. The current share in the IM Market is 9% This document is focused on the next one year marketing plan for Geodesic's Mundu IM . Note: (The data for Mundu IM are taken from Geodesic's Mumbai Office and this marketing plan is made considering that data only)

Geodesic - Mission &Vision:

Geodesic's mission is 'To enable seamless communication for the connected world.' Geodesic has a statement of purpose. This helps stakeholders to understand why the business exists. Geodesic's vision is 'To provide people with power of choice through our products and services, internet and huge potential of wireless technology and make communication more affordable for everyone'.


Like any firm Geodesic also has both internal and external stakeholders. Internal ones related to the business. These include Employees and management. External ones are outside the business. These include customers, investors, shareholders and regulators. Each group's need may differ.

  • Customers want low priced, good products, value for money. They also want to see that Geodesic is involved in their community.
  • Employees are able to help the community feel better about their jobs.
  • Investors, Shareholders want a good return. They also know that doing well in the community makes good business sense.
  • Regulators want the Company to obey laws written by them.

Critical view of mission & vision statement:

The above mission/vision and statement of purpose clearly mentions and indicates that Geodesic is in the market to make communication more affordable. Geodesic wants to provide products with excellent customer services. It also takes care of external stakeholder by involving in community services and investors, shareholders know that it will increase business for the company and they will get more return on the investment.

Overall mission/Vision statement meets the test of defining its Role and Contribution, Business Definition, Distinctive Competencies and indication of Future.

Market situation review:

Market overview: (Model adopted from {2.Kotler, Philip 2004 ;})

Following is the market overview of the Mobile Instant Messenger Market

Geodesic's marketing function

Geodesic's Mundu IM:

As per table 3.1 .1 Geodesic and main competitors (branded names e.g. Meebo Messenger, Ebuddy, Fring , Agile messenger, IM + and other) are providing Mobile Instant Messenger for Smart Phones

on various mobile platforms Windows Mobile Pocket PC , Symbian 9.x, Windows Mobile SmartPhone, Palm OS, Blackberry, Sony Ericsson, iPhone, Android

Mundu IM expands on traditional instant messaging to simplify and unify multiple messaging mediums and provide a richer user experience.

Mundu IM enables real -time communication and collaboration between trusted lists of IM contacts across public IM Networks (viz. Yahoo, MSN, GTalk,ICQ,AIM,and Jabber) on the web, desktop and mobile phones. This product is white labeled by B2B and B2C enterprises and retailed to end consumers on smart mobile phones. Mundu IM supports following Platforms : Windows Mobile Pocket PC , Symbian 9.x, Windows Mobile SmartPhone, Palm OS, Blackberry, Sony Ericsson, iPhone, Android


All-in-one Messenger
File Transfer / Photo Sharing
Smart Group Management
Background Mode Support
Message Archiving and Chat History
Manage your online presence
Scroll the conversation
Quick text messaging
Direct Calling & Browsing
Customized Alerts

Geodesic's Prices:

As shown in Graph 3.1.1 Geodesic's prices for Mundu IM are lowest in all the category of paid Mobile Instant Messenger than major brand names in the market.

Retail consumers pay a lifetime license fee of US$11 for the interoperable instant messenger

Graph 3.1.1 Price comparison of Geodsic's Mundu IM with competitors

Note 1:

Ref for price comparison taken from sources below;

The figures for above graph obtained from ( ;¤cy=usd;;;; ; on 16th Nov 09. 7.30 pm)

Geodesic's Mundu IM Physical Evidence:

Logo (Previously was Mundu Boy now it's a square face with two eyes)

Icon on the desktop

Product Brochure

Note 2:

Ref for above information/images are taken from (; on 15th Nov 09, 8:00pm)

Geodesic's People:

As per table, 3.1.2 Geodesic has 15 Offices globally with most qualified people mixed, diverse workforce at every level of the organisation with the total strength to over 500 employees

  • 15 Offices including domestic and International
  • Clean and Environment friendly office with the latest infrastructure
  • Online Presence (website for online shopping).
  • 500 Employees with diverse interests, proven capability and experience .
  • Employees participate in multiple challenges of technological evolution, constant productivity and quality improvement across the Company

Geodesic's Mundu IM Process:

Geodesic has various processes in place as shown in table 3.1.3 for various transactions and online support services and online shopping cart for customers.

  • Software /application download from the product website on your desktop or download on your mobile using the website
  • Software download available from partner website, web store.
  • Payments- debit/credit cards, paypal accounts and online secure payments.
  • Accepting return of goods.
  • Home delivery service.
  • Online Customer service for any product enquiry, business enquiry and technical support
  • A complete user guide is available on the product website
  • Product website has FAQ having range of questions about the product and services

Geodesic's Mundu IM Promotions and Place:

Geodesic runs promotion and product downloads from corporate websites homepage, product websites home page i.e. , partner websites i.e. handango, click apps, mobihand, Web stores like Nokia OVI , Telecom carriers eg: Idea Cellular etc, original device manufacturer i.e. HTC, Blackberry etc

Note 3:

Ref for above information/images are taken from ( ;;;;;; on 15th Nov 09, 8:00pm)


Macro environment of India Mobile Instant Messenger market:

Fig 3.1.1 (adopted from {l, Jobber, David 2006}) represents various environmental forces that affect globally. Geodesic is politically stable as government laws on corporate taxes, foreign direct investments are supportive for information technology industry. Economically, there are benefits because of recession people are moving towards cheaper communications and more towards social applications to express the state in which they by staying connected for long online, just the higher interest rates are major concern for the corporations. However, economic gloom can also play vital role on consumer buying capacity. With the growth of innovative technology lower bandwidth and infrastructure are the major improvement india needs as a support. Government's intiative for the increase awarness about Green IT is seen all over by the major IT companies. India legal system needs to tighten its copyright law in order to protect piracy and more strict cyber laws are required to maintain quality of the Software industry.

Micro Environment of Indian Instant Messsenger Market:

Ref, to Fig 3.1.2(based on Porte's five forces model-{6, Ranchhod, Ashok 2007 :}). The initial cost to Mobile Instant Messenger business at software development level is very high and it needs distribution set up. Geodesic has leading edge on distribution channel and strong brand in the Developed Countries. Geodesic's Mundu IM competitors are mainly focussed on high price strategy and Geodesic's Mundu IM has the lowest price in the mobile instant messaging market the lower price than Mundu IM is free IMs .


  • IM+, Agile Mobile, Fring, Meebo Mobile, eBuddy are the main industry rival in Mobile Instant Messenger products across India but their prices are higher than Mundu IM and the lowest prices is Mundu IM below the price of Mundu IM there are no price competition others are available free IMs.
  • Geodesic has very heavy cash and resources for promotions in the particular sector so it is a positive factor for growth.
  • Very aggressive promotion from above competitors can be a negative factor for growth in sales.
  • Main industry rivals can start price war and Mundu IM should always take care of that


Geodesic's suppliers are the original handset device /equipment manufacturers. The supplier are global companies. Geodesis requires few specific software for the development of products and the coding of the applications. Geodesic's needs to purchase the devices from the global mobile and other devices manufacturers and the prices are very high as they are the latest product and technological advance devices that the company are producing and that is a very high cost to Geodesic .Geodesic also has strategic partnership with suppliers like HTC, Blackberry . Geodesic has strategic partnership with it's suppliers as they want their customers to use their handsets and geodesic wants access to consumers and conversions of the customers from the trial period.

Productivity: Geodesic's Mundu IM

  • Geodesic is operating from its offices and online its key strength is lifetime usage charge, innovative but stable real time interoperable messenger communication application, and recommendations of its small group of users which makes it more profitable by gaining more sales volume through its word of mouth marketing.
  • Geodesic reported revenues of Rs 154.40 crore for the quarter ended September 30, 2009 as compared to the corresponding quarter of the previous year. The revenues remained flat despite revising our licensing prices downwards for the enterprise segment. Geodesic issued few licenses of Mundu IM to the OEM/ODM segment owing to the drop in smart phone shipments.
  • Geodesic's net profit for the second quarter ended September 30, 2009 declined by 24% at Rs 57.03 crore as compared to the quarter ended Sep 30, 2008.
  • No advertising or media cost


  • No advertising or media cost (+ve/-ve)
  • Higher volume sales as the lifetime charge is per user fee paid (+ve)
  • Revenue model is based on annuity consisting of license fee and maintenance charges (+ve)
  • Higher Growth in Co- branding of products through ODM/OEM (smart phone market)

Cost Effectiveness

  • Low cost of sales through online selling (+ve)
  • Have product website and corporate website for advertising (+ve)
  • 5 days trail period helps in attracting and retaining customers helps sales (+ve)
  • No Additional Resources are used in addition of new features and any maintenance done on the product (As the company owns the core product build about 9 years ago and make changes to the same rather than building new product all the time)

Systems: Geodesic

The online sales give the accurate information about registered users . The website traffic and online sales and marketing effectiveness (online visitor) measured by use of google analytical . Website has product features, price and user guide, Feedback form for Customers/users , Product Enquiry form for Customer/users. PayPal account for making the online billing more convenient. Download available from web for accessibility from anywhere. Download is faster (small size file for convenience). Website available on mobile for downloads from mobile handsets/Phones.

  • Website for product details, online shopping, feedback or enquiry form. (+ve)
  • Google Analytics for online sales and marketing Effectiveness (+ve)
  • PayPal Account for online payments (+ve)
  • Online bill view facility and online order management (+ve)
  • Accept debit, cash cards for the transactions also (+ve)

Organization: Geodesic


  • Upto 70% Reduction in Communication Costs, Entertainment on the Go.
  • Widest Range of Mobile Platform Support for competitive pressure.
  • Reduction in Communication Costs, Virtual Collaboration, Productivity Enhancement for change s in customer demand.


  • The company is divided according to the business segment
  • Geodesic is structured in a way wherein the Managing Director handles Marketing, corporate communication and the Mundu brand of products, the Executive Director handles the Human Resource , Administration, Accounts, Legal and Company secretarial the chairman handles the products which are targeted to e-governance projects
  • The various department heads report to the MD , ED And the Chariman respectively on monthly basis
  • The team members are divided in the seniority wherein they train the representatives and handle the project work and report to the respective department heads
  • The decision making is centralized and in the hands of the Managing Director and the Executive Director
  • The lines of communication are implicit


  • The main system that run the organisation are normal Microsoft office package
  • There is attendance tracking hardware which is linked automatically to the software
  • The software developers use different versions of the operating system for development and testing of the applications.
  • The Accounts uses the Tally software
  • There is no intranet
  • There are high levels of controls and they are evaluated and monitor on everyday basis
  • The projects are times and needs completion before the deadline and applies to all the levels of the organisation
  • There is no day reporting system

Shared Values:

  • Every employee of every department plays a valuable role and makes invaluable contributions that enable to maintain high levels of excellence product development
  • Highest level of dedication and commitment from the employees
  • The values are strong enough to enable the company loyal employees for more than 10 years giving the best of performance
  • Encouragement and support career development through continued learning, independent highest level of dedication and commitment from the employees thinking and open communication


  • The leader including one or more employees in the decision making process (determining what to do and how to do it). However, the leader maintains the final decision making authority.
  • Using this style is of mutual benefit -- it allows them to become part of the team and allows making better decisions.
  • Employee tend to be competitive
  • The are just nominal groups


  • Highly qualified with diverse work experience and cultural background


  • The strongest skill represented is of product development and innovative products for a diverse and balanced business segment
  • Marketing and awareness of the products are the skill gaps
  • The company is widely recognized for its pioneering universal interoperable instant messaging system.
  • Performance is evaluated on an annual appraisal basis

Geodesic is a organization supported by well diverse and balanced business segment, highly motivated employees, and online distribution network.

  • Geodesic is the creator of unified IM platform that aggregates popular IM services viz. MSM , Yahoo, ICQ,AIM. This platform lets users communicate, colleagues, friends and family in Real Time.
  • Well known for brand 'Mundu ' in instant messaging market in developed countries (+ve)
  • 9 office locations across the world and online user friendly web site for online shopping (+ve) ({ 9th Dec 08, 9:00pm)
  • 550 well trained and highly motivated employees (+ve) ({ Geodesic Annual Report 09, 29th Nov 08, 9:00pm)
  • Winner of Asia Mobile Awards 2009 in the category of Mobile internet Services for Mundu IM (+ve)
  • Continuously 7th year winner of Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific and Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India for fastest growing technology Company awards (+ve) (12{, 9th Dec 09, 9:00pm)
  • Winner of Handango Champion Award 2009 in the category of best social application for Mundu Instant Messenger ({} 12th Nov 09,9:00pm)
  • Winner of the Inaugural Red Herring Small Cap 100 award (one of the only Indian companies to be included in the Red Herring Small Cap 100 list)in 2005 ({ 9th Dec 08, 9:00pm)
  • Well coordinated and established Product (software) department and Product Research Department.

Strategy: Geodesic

  • Upto 70% Reduction in Communication Cost
  • Entertainment on Go
  • Products for each segment of the society
  • Products are effectively segmented diverse and balanced
  • Continuous focus on innovation in product , processes and cost competitiveness
  • Give customer value and choice

Marketing Effectiveness Review: Geodesic (Ref. Kotler.P)

The marketing effectiveness review shows the level of marketing as Poor as the score was 10 when the marketing effectiveness instrument was used.

Geodesic- SWOT analysis:

Based on the Market Audit Analysis carried out in section 3.1.Table 3.2.1 represents SWOT of Geodesic for next 12 months

Key issues:

Following are the key issues to be addressed for next 12 months.

  • Penetrate in existing Mobile Value Added Services customers who are using the services but not buying Mundu Instant Messenger
  • Increase Brand awareness to cope with fear of the unknown and resistance to change
  • Increase users through conversions from trial period
  • Increase number of users and spread evenly across demographic profile of customers
  • Market ing and promotion activities supported by Market Research to measure impact.


  • Brand awareness for Mundu IM is very low in India (Assumed).
  • Mundu IM is not focused on Marketing and Promotion.(Assumed)
  • Mundu IM is not focused to any particular Market segment.(Assumed)

Strategy Development

Geodesic's Objective

Following are Geodesic's objective for Mundu IM for next 12 months.

Corporate Objective

  • Corporate Objective of Geodesic for next year is to improve operating income from the retail business from 247m to 453m
  • Increase market share of Mundu from 17% in 2009 to 29% by 2010

Marketing Objectives - Next 12 Months:

Following are the Marketing objectives for next 12 months.

  1. Achieve a steady increase in user base revenue from 2.1 Million in 2009 to 3.9 Million by 2010
  2. Targeting 25 million handsets by 2011
  3. Expand User Base from 2.5 Million to 4.1 million by 2010
  4. Bring Increase in 5% of user base through Conversions in the next 12months
  5. Increase brand awareness among the 35% VAS existing users in Mumbai India about Mundu IM (Further Research needed)

Geodesic's segmentation, targets, and positioning:

Geodesic's Mundu IMs R etail segment is Extremely High Priority and will be the first priority, Geodesic's Enterprise customers will be the second priority, Geodesic's Other segment for whom custom developments is done will be the third priority for next 12 months. Geodesic is currently performing very well in Enterprise Segment. Also the retail segment has expanded globally from 13% in year 2007and 15% in year in 2008. As the retail segment is one that is most promising with emerging value added service and manufacturers market for smart phones particularly in India

({India's telecom equipment manufacturing sector is set to become one of the largest globally by 2010. Mobile phone production is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 28.3 per cent from 2006 to 2011, totalling 107 million handsets by 2010. Revenues are estimated to grow at a CAGR of 26.6 per cent from 2006 to 2011, touching US$ 13.6 billion. According to the CII Ernst & Young report titled 'India 2012: Telecom growth continues', revenue from India's telecom services industry is projected to reach US$ 54 billion in 2012, as against US$ 31 billion in 2008.
Exchange rate used:
1 USD = 48.22 INR (as on July 2009)
1 USD = 48.82 INR (as on August 2009})
So will be targeting this segment keeping an eye on the market for period of next 12 months. (These priorities are decided with consideration to the sale of year 08-09, shown in above graph A also above research figures)

Geodesic's Strategic alternative:

Generic competitive strategies:

The company will follow the generic focus strategies and will go by focus differentiation strategy (19{Porter M). The company is at present the leader in the developed country and need to go further in developing countries and here the company will start effective marketing communication along with promotions and brand awarness for market penetration and profitability.

Competitive position and strategy:

Mundu IM will be a Challenge for Other Mobile IMs:

Geodesic will create a sustainable strategic position of Mundu IM by putting trade-off by communicating the usefulness of IM and how it helps to communicate more at the same time save more a contrast to the any existing mobile services, and with its award winning best mobile services and best social applications in mobile category will help in improving its brand image for the time of next 12 months in Mumbai, India. Geodesic will keep close vigilance on the actions of Other Mobile IMs Meebo Messenger, Ebuddy, Fring, Agile messenger and IM + and will take action in proportion to them for saving and increasing its share in IM and Mobile applications market.


For the next 12 months to meet corporate and marketing objective Geodesic will adopt mainly focused target marketing of Geodsic 's Mundu IM to customers who are Existing 35% of Indias Mobile Services market . Primarily targeting the working professionals and business professionals, students and inviduals who form the upper upper class, upper middle class and middle class with regular income and own smart phones. Geodesic will continue business as normal but will start aggressive promotion and sales activities to penetrate existing as well as new market.

  1. Achieve a steady increase in user base revenue from 2.1 Million in 2009 to 3.9 Million by Dec 2010
  2. Targeting 25 million handsets by 2011
  3. Expand User Base from 2.5 Million to 4.1 million by 2010
  4. Bring Increase in 5% of user base through Conversions in the next 12months
  5. Increase brand awareness among the 35% VAS existing users in Mumbai India about Mundu IM (Further Research needed)

Marketing Objective: Achieve a steady increase in user base revenue from 2.1 Million to 3.9 Million in next 12 months.

Geodesic will focus mainly in selling to existing customers 35% Indias Mobile application market as it has competitive advantage over Geodesic Mundu IMs in retail segement and excellent customer feedback in the same segment has been received in the past in other countries where the product is doing good. Table 4.3.1 shows marketing mix to be implemented.

  1. Formation of marketing team concentrating on Geodesic's Mundu IMs brand awarness and promotion strategies.
  2. Renegotiate prices with all major mobile phone stores like Nokia, HTC, Blackberry webstores, websites and partner sites for placing ads and for product promotions
  3. Conduct 'focussed group discussions' every week with customers selected from various segments on various social networking sites orkut , facebook, twitter and other social networking sites through Digital PR
  4. Conduct market research of various Geodesic Mundu IM customers to identify customer needs and satisfaction
  5. Based on demographic analysis and potential for business Geodesic will identify prominent stores and Coffe shops like Café Coffe Day , Barista, etc and travelling means like trains(local), buses (local), airplanes(domestics) to increase sale and for product promotional activities and Merchandising activities for Mundu IM.
  6. Analyse website traffic and improve/modify website to increase online selling.
  7. Analyse mobile internet usage and the number of downloads done per day using the mobile phones.

Performance Review and Expected Result:

Performance review: (Key performance indicators)

  1. Quaterly percentage increase in sales through offline and online promotions and places
  2. Feedback from users of Mundu IM while shopping in Physical store and online by the Research Agency
  3. Monthly review of offline and online mediums
  4. Monthly review of marketing activities and its impact
  5. Quaterly review of performance of promotions in various segments
  6. Monthly review of IM Market performance and the Competitors
  7. Identification of unique growth opportunity
  8. Identify the user needs and the issues related to product if any


Weekly meeting of Head of Marketing, Managing Director and Marketing Manager to review sales and take the necessary actions to further the strategic marketing plan

Expected result:

At the end of the next 12 months, following Marketing and corporate objectives will be achieved.

Marketing Objective 1: Achieve a steady increase in user base revenue from 2.1 Million in 2009 to 3.9 Million by 2010

Marketing Objective 2: Targeting 25 million handsets by 2011

Marketing Objective 3: Expand User Base from 2.5 Million to 4.1 million by 2010

Marketing Objective 4: Bring Increase in 5% of user base through Conversions in the next 12months

Marketing Objective 5: Increase brand awareness among the 35% VAS existing users in Mumbai India about Mundu IM (Further Research needed)

Contingency Plan:

In case of the above plan meets with a serious incident that prevent it from running as planned and not able to meet expected results and as shown in figure 4.1.1 at the end of the quarter 4 of 2009 contingency plan to recover in the minimum time, with minimum disruption and at minimum cost will be implemented outlined as below and marketing mix as per table 5.4.1.

  1. Review the result at the end of 4th month and forecast the 6th month result
  2. If result is not as expected, Penetrate into CDMA mobile phone market as shown in Figure 4.2.3 and implement from 7th month
  3. From 8th month onwards , Penetrate into other interactive handheld devices market other than mobile phones like iPod, PSP etc
  4. Start aggressive Digital PR to take short-term lead and active promotions to achieve objectives.


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Meeting stakeholder needs through community involvement


Good marketing is vital to the success of a business. The process may be defined as finding out what customers want Then making sure that this is what they get. Most businesses now put more depth to this. It is not just customers that are key, but the places where they live. It is good to have a good effect in the communities in which they work. ASDA is the second largest retailer in the UK. The retail sector in which it works is highly competitive. It is therefore vital to keep Customers loyal. ASDA can do this through low prices. It can also do it through a vision that includes doing good in the Community.

Mission statements

Stakeholders need to know the direction the business is taking. ASDA states its mission, purpose and values to help Them. Its mission is 'To be Britain's best value retailer exceeding customer needs always.' Its purpose is 'To make goods In addition, services more affordable for everyone'. Its values show what the company believes. Values include:

  • Respect for the individual
  • aiming for excellence
  • Good customer service

New colleagues receive a detailed induction into all three of these.


Like any firm, ASDA has both internal and external stakeholders. Internal ones are within the business. These include Colleagues and managers. External ones are outside the business. These include customers and shareholders. Each Group may want different things:

  • Customers want low priced, good products. They also want to see that ASDA is involved in their community.
  • Colleagues able to help the community feel better about their jobs.
  • Shareholders want a good return. They also know that doing good in the community makes good business sense.
  • Suppliers may be local.

Community programme

The programme has been running for seven years. It takes its focus from:

  • People
  • Health
  • Education
  • Community
  • 'big' events.

Under 'health' for instance, ASDA stores hosted blood donor vans. They also raised money for Breast Cancer Care and Breast Cancer Campaign. Under 'people', they helped set a world record. This was when 50,000 children took part in a 'Walking bus' in a year. This is a way to get children to walk safely to school. The programme is designed to aid Colleagues in helping their community.

Benefits to stakeholders

Each stakeholder group gains in its own way. For instance, customers gain because their local and wider community is Improved. Wider issues include appeals such as for victims of the Tsunami. Colleagues gain, as they feel more valued through bringing improvements about. Colleagues surveyed by ASDA were driven by:

  • taking action
  • gaining recognition for their efforts
  • being free to use their own initiative.

If colleagues are more motivated, they work better, feel better and have less time off.


The business sector in which ASDA works is highly competitive. Supermarkets need to keep customers loyal. ASDA Keeps them loyal by having a good effect in the places in which it works.

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