Kee Safety Limited


II. Executive summary

The Marketing Strategy plan survey is been carried out for Kee Safety Ltd to gather information together in order to provide Kee Safety with a best Marketing strategy to successfully carry on with their operations.

III. Introduction

Kee Safety Limited is a leading global brand when it comes to Safety and Protection for People. Kee Safety Limited provides best custom made systems, barriers, edge protection, balustrades, fall protection systems, guardrails and handrails.

3.1 History of Fittings:

Fittings concept was originally launched back in 1934 in Reading, England by Mr. George H. Gascoigne and his colleagues. These fittings were invented for the manufacture of milking stalls for cows. In 1936 Mr. George H. Gascoigne Co. Ltd. set up to market Kee Klamp Fittings.

In late 50s Kee Klamp established 3 new branches around the globe Toronto, Canada, Germany and Buffalo, NY (USA). Later in mid 60s they also established a warehouse in Buffalo.

From early 80s Kee Klamp started to launch a new wide range of products which carried through 90s and even today Kee Klamp always look to launch new products.

With so much experience in their hands and their expertise Kee Klamp carried on spreading their operations around the world by launching their offices in Paris, France (1999), Dubai (2007) and in Poland (2009).

3.2 Kee Klamp Ltd Changes to Kee Safety Ltd:

Over the years Kee Klamp has launched so many different products and they have developed new ideas for the use of fittings. Kee Klamp decided to change their name from Kee Klamp Ltd to Kee Safety Ltd. According to Kee Safety's UK General Manager “As Kee Safety Ltd, the company will continue to provide its market leading Kee Klamp® fittings, Kee Guard® roof edge protection and other popular product and system brands. This name change is being instituted across all the Group companies around the world in Canada, France, Germany, UAE and USA to create a truly international safety company. This re-organisation will enable the group to focus its business more effectively on delivering high quality safety solutions to its many global costumers.

The Change to Kee® Safety underlines our commitment to providing you with a diverse range of effective safety products and solutions. It is a natural evolution and one that will ensure we are better placed to meet your customer requirements in the future and he challenges that lie ahead in creating a safer environment for us all”. (Barry, 2008)

IV. Company Profile:

Kee Safety is a one of the top global manufacturer and supplier of fittings and bespoke systems for handrails, guardrails, barriers, balustrades, roof edge protection and fall prevention. The company was established in the UK back in 1934, the company range has expanded from its original Kee Klamp fittings concept into a portfolio of safety equipment.

As a company Kee Safety is always expected to provide the best safety solutions for any size projects, Kee Safety also provides solutions for all types of customers and clients. They provide their customers with high quality safety solutions and design solutions. Kee Safety also offers a range of product which complies with Disable Discrimination Act (appropriate handrails for disable people). According to Kee Safety “No handrail project is too big, or safety railing too small for Kee Safety”.

Kee Safety is a global brand for their products. They have their physical offices in various countries of Europe, USA and Middle East.

V. SWOT Analysis:

5.1 Strengths:

Kee Safety is the original manufacture of its fittings concept. The concept was originally launched in Reading, England in 1934. Fittings are very easy to assemble and join together to construct balustrades, railing and roof edge protection systems. These fittings are also cost effective solution and it also eliminates the idea of welding and dwelling concept.

“KEE KLAMP tubular fittings are available in more countries, more styles, more sizes, and more colours than any other brand of tubular fitting”[1].

5.1.1 Kee Projects:

Kee Safety offers a full design packages for all their products through their Kee Project division and they ensure compliance with all major standards and requirements. They can assist their clients from designing stage all the way to the completion of a project. Their dedicated construction professionals always stay on the move and they serve their customers by meeting them on site and off site on daily basis to offer them the best construction solutions so clients can meet their requirements.

5.1.2 Design and Technical Teams:

Kee Safety assists their clients on every step. Kee Safety has their in house design team and in house technical department. These teams are available on the phone lines and their clients can also get in touch with them through internet. Their technical/design team always keep them selves up-to-date with new Standards and Regulations and they also guide their customers according to the rules and regulations.

5.1.3 Distributors and Strategic Partners:

Kee Safety has one of the biggest distribution networks in UK for their products. Clients can purchase their products from firms like BSS, Travis Perkins and Build Base through out the country.

Kee Safety also has their partners around the country to ensure that their product awareness and their services reach's every where.

VI. Weakness:

Kee Safety should have their physical offices or representative throughout UK which will cover all regions and areas to deal with all size projects and customers rather then customers have to go through via their partner network for most of the jobs in North areas. This will eliminate the doubt factor for their customers within Kee Safety's services that they offer. Their customers can approach them with more confidence and they will expect a high quality services every time they approach Kee Safety.

Too much information is available which people can access on Kee Safety's website for their designing and their systems. This does not make Kee Safety a unique company which provides technical and designing services to the clients.

VII. Opportunities:

Kee Safety always markets their products through internet and through personal relations. They should also look into market their products and services within construction magazines and construction news papers, with their products they can also advertise their projects and along with their projects the faces of their dedicated professional individuals who work really hard as team to make sure they provide the best customer services and build positive relations. This will help them to get more product awareness and big construction companies will also get familiar with their services that they offer. It will also boost an energy level and motivation level of their staff.

Kee Safety is a market leader in fittings. They have also been developing new products to create a safer environment for public. They have launched so many different products over the last 75 years. With so much knowledge in hands and expertise Kee Safety should also look into start advertising and selling fabricated products (Specially manufactured items, according to the order). This will help them to build more relationships with their clients and as a safety company Kee Safety will be able to offer a full range of safety products and services to a vast range of customers. The best way to take this further they can start with a separate section on their web site which can be called as Kee Fabrications or Kee Safer Fabrications.

As well as advertising their products on the web Kee Safety can also sell their products on their web site. Kee Safety can issue a list of their fittings with prices on their web site. This can be a real benefit for their customers to get what they want quickly.

VIII. Threats:

Being a premium company and a market leader in their field, Kee Safety faces threats from their competitors all the time. Price is a one of the big factor which can be a threat to Kee Safety. To cover their overheads and to achieve high quality finish on their products Kee Safety's prices are normally higher then their competitors on some of their Key products.

Kee Safety's competitors can copy their design and their systems and they can create their own railing systems and sell them at cheaper rates. This can damage Kee Safety's sales plan and it can make difficulties for Kee Safety to achieve their targets.

Recession is one the biggest threat for Kee Safety. Kee Safety has seen a fall on their sale on the current recession period.

IX. Marketing Strategy:

Most if the big construction firms like Balfour Beatty, Carillion and Costain have their own supply chain system. They prefer to place orders with companies who are on their supply chain list. Not just orders these companies also sends big tender inquiries to those companies who are on their supply chain system. Kee Safety should target every big construction firm to be on their supply chain management system. This will help them to get involved in bigger projects and ultimately it will give them more opportunities to win more work.

As Kee Safety has limited recourses to meet with the amount of opportunities they have around them. Kee Safety should have partners within their local town who should be dealing with small scale projects and Kee Safety should carry out a regular audit on their local partners to ensure quality and best service. This will give them some leeway to concentrate on bigger jobs like Olympic project in Stratford.

Kee Safety should also work on how to get as much as possible from the 2012 Olympic project in London. There are number of opportunities available for companies like Kee Safety to sell their products and services. They should have a dedicated team only for the Olympic project. This team should only concentrate on a particular project and they should create a strategy on how to be on the Olympic site.

[1] (

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