Kissan promotions management

Kissan is India's leader in quality-assured jams/jellies. Kissan Mixed Fruit Spread is a delicious combination of fine fruit. The medley of different flavors create a unique fruity experience that can be enjoyed in so many ways. Liven up your toast or bagel, enjoy with hot parathas, make a great milkshake or put a dollop on ice cream for a Sunday. The segments in the foods market are very fragmented and most of these markets are small in value and the jams market, for instance, is valued at about Rs 80-90 crore.

  • Which segment are being targeted and strategies used to influence the targeted segment?

kissan jams are mainly targeting on kids and modern youth who are found to be make their food more tastier and healthy and this is also beneficial for all age groups.A large target market for kissan jam is people who are paying guest and hostelers.Example: Tops and Sil are the major players in this segment.

Kissan influenced the target segment by these following strategies:

  • Promotional schemes and offers specially for kids who are the main target customers by the company.
    1. For example. Sil jams has entered into a promotional tie-up with Camlin Industries for children. With every bottle of Sil jam, the consumer will get a Camlin School Kit free. The kit will be available with each 500 g and 270 g jam bottles and 200 g tub. The kit comprises a Flora pencil, an eraser, sharpener, six-inch scale and labels as a result market share of Sil jams went up from 9.6%to 15.1%.
  • Interacted with targets in parenting &motherhood, women, men, bargain shopping and marketing &advertising communities through word of mouth messaging, digital PR, and micro-blogging to build awareness and drive video views.
  • Created an official initiative used to promote campaign initiatives and build brand recognition..
  • In 2002, as a part of its repositioning, the brand came out with different flavours to make the product more tastier and flavoured. It was first of its kind in this segment &this increased the sales of the product.
  • Kisaan also innovated in packaging. Over these years, the packaging became contemporary and stylish to reflect the changing consumer preferences. This was good enough to attract children. With competitors like Sil,Tops this brand attracted the children and provide them with a better, healthy and tastier food Product.
  • The brand realised that kids are strong influencers of the purchase process for such products and once kids get hooked onto such food products, brand loyalty can be assured.
  • More resources and add campaigns are being started by the company.
The strategy of the company behind these promotional tools is just to make a differentiating image in the minds of customer about this product . This also will make the consumers aware about the product &they will be encouraged to buy the product. All factors from improved packaging to continuous improvement in the product helped them make one of the successful brand in the food product market.
  • Different Promotional tools used and the strategy behind using these tools?

During the early 2000, the brand Kissan was rebranded as Kissan Annapurna. Kissan Annapurna was marketing not jams and squashes by Atta,salt and other staple foods.Later Annapurna and Kissan was splited into two seperate brands , one concentrating on staple foods and other on processed foods. This migration strategy proved to be very costly for both Kissan and Annapurna brand.

The brand takes the positioning of a "Great Accompaniment ".

Although the brand had problems at the strategic level, Kissan had its own share of innovations. It had a innovative squeezy package for the jams which is available for only Rs.2.which became very popular. Besides all migrations, its Jams were very popular . Kissan even used Rahul Dravid to endorse the brand.Main reason for endorsing the brand at that time by rahul dravid is that he is carry strong player in the minds of the consumers due to his performances and specially kids are the big fan followers of rahul dravid at that instance of time.The brand also has came out with Low calorie jam to appeal to the health conscious crowd to all of its consumers who want to take it as in both advantages of this product as taste with health.

Another tool used by kissan jam was that they are partnering with disney to design packaging strategy for their brand in the processed food sector.In this specially to woo kids kissan is designing disney characters such as king louis,mogli and sher khan on the packaging of their jams.The packaging and and identity has been designed by "D cell" and the advertising has been created by lowe india.They feature famous cartoon characters to lure kids as recognising is the pester power of kids.

Another tool should be using magzines,news papers radio announcements,web pages,telivision adds,press kits and campaigns and hunt shows specially targeting for kids using their intrest sources so that they are more indulge to buy it.

They are also introduced a new easy to squeeze tube jam called kissan jam squeeze.This tool is mainly used by the company to pump up the volumes and to make product avilable in a good loooking and convenient tube so that the product have a looking factor also.This format of kissan jams in tube is based on the insight that they are helping the moms of kids to get wholesome food to kids.

Kissan jam is a classic example of "Messing Up a Successful brand".

Kissan was synonymous with Jams and Squashes during its initial years. Kissan was a market leader in jam segment but these experiments and myopic strategies pushed the brand behind the focused and aggressive products. So all through the period 2001-2005, Kissan was in a sticky wicket. But now Kissan as a brand for processed food like Jams ,ketchups.

  • Which strategy out of Pull or Push is used and why?

A "push" promotional strategy makes use of a company's sales force and trade promotion activities tocreate consumer demandfor a product. A "push" strategy tries to sell directly to the consumer, bypassing other distribution channels (e.g. selling insurance or holidays directly). With this type of strategy, consumer promotions and advertising are the most likely promotional tools.

A "pull" selling strategy is one that requires high spending on advertising and consumer promotion to build up consumer demand for a product.If the strategy is successful, consumers will ask their retailers for the product, the retailers will ask the wholesalers, and the wholesalers will ask the producers.

In kissan jams mainly the target segment are kids and the main purchasers for them are their parents who used to purchase the product after considering various factors and when it is beneficial for all then they used to buy it.While considering these factors some what here pull strategy is being applied because kissan jams are demanded by the consumers itself then they are using it subsequently by taking health and taste factors inside it.

  • Critically Appraise the Promotional strategy of your selected brand?

I think that the promotion strategy for "Kissan jams" as a brand was excellent as they have been able to make a place for themselves in the tough competitive market. It is this promotion strategy only that in taking world's preview kissn has come up with a market share of 13% in the food products market.

They have used all types of promotion tools i.e. television, print ads, posters (with celebrity endorsing the brand) etc. &thus have differentiated from the competitors. And not only promotion is done by the company, the company is being providing with continuous improved product to its customers. In every promotion they are just promoting the Taste with health factors the product is possessing &how it will help the children persue the same by consuming the productand specially they are using the promotional strategy specially for kids as they are main target consumers of jams.

There strategy also is the best as they were the making their endorsement of the product through celebritiy such as Rahul dravid &thus making the brand trustworthy &credible in the eyes of the parents too. This strategy of the company changed the overall prospect of the brand. With that they were providing different variants and flavours of their jams and in a new improved packaging, this helped in the effective advertising of the brand as now they were able to cite these features also through their promotions

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