Marketing plan proposal for boost

Executive Summary

The following marketing plan forms the basis for the basis of the introduction of an innovative product by Boost Company. The analysis allows us to outline the best strategies to follow for the achievement of the company's strategic goals.Boost will be marketed as a unique nutritional drink while striving to reinforce the status as the leader in innovation and successful product launches.The marketing strategies will enable to reach a huge market size,while satisfying the needs of the ready market for the nutritional drink.success will be reflected by a sizeable capture of market shares within this market ,while strategically carrying,the company up to the top spot as the market leader in the nutritional drinks.

The marketing plan is a review of where Boost has reached in 2008, and how the company intends to move forward in 2009 in all its markets.2008 saw Boost grow significantly in terms of increase in the number of consumers.

Making pleasurable nourishment available to the consumers on the go.Nutritional Food Services division was established in July 2003 to extend the availability of nutritional drink such as Boost.Vending was identified as one of the important vehicles to make them conveniently available out of home.

More than 500 Vending Machines will be placed at institutions such as corporates,Schools,universities and Hospitals,at cities acroos the country.These trendy machines offer a frothy great tasting cup of Boost inb four new flavours in attractive cups on the go.

Reverse vending machines, (RVM's) are automated machines that utilise advanced technology to identify, sort, collect and process used beverage containers. Used in Europe for over three decades, In most cases RVM's are used in markets that have deposits on beverage containers, offering a highly efficient method of identifying the deposit amount of each container returned and providing a refund to the customer.


Situation Analysis

Boost finds itself unique and India's leading malt based Health food drink in four different lavours and is set to launch its products in Singapore.Boost's brand philosophy being to continuously innovate and pioneer changes,inline with the changing market dynamics and ongoing consumer feedback,boost has been restaged in May 2005 and the brand now offers an even better product with the addition of Advance Energy Boosters.

Brief Company History

Boost is India's leading malt based health drink in a chocolate flavour.It was developed by the company's R&D team in 1974 and launched in 1975-1976.Its success characterizes the manner and skill with GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare has responded to the changing contours of this product segment in recent times.

Boost has a market share of 13% countrywide amongst all the health food drinks (HFD),While in South India - the biggest region for the category - it commands a market share of 24%.


SWOT Analysis


Brand Strength

Boost is a nutritional energy drink, especially for children. Boost is one of the major players in the Rs 1400 crore Indian Health Food Drink (HFD) market. The HFD market is having two segments: White powder segment and brown segment. The market is dominated by white powders. Boost is a malt milk additive with the flavour of chocolate. It is a chocolate flavoured health food drink made by GlaxoSmithKline. Boost has a share of around 12% in the HFD market. Boost is positioned as an energy drink. The tagline "Boost is the secret of my energy" has remained a blockbuster all through these years. The tagline has highest recall among the TG. Boost is also the first HFD brand to be endorsed by a celebrity. It was launched in 1977 in India.


Effective Strides in new markets

Quality of Products offered - Making pleasurable nourishment available to the consumers on the go using the vending machines.It has launched four different flavours in order to react to demand and changes in the markets of iced tea,coffee and other energy drinks.

Strong Existing distribution channels

Boost has operations worldwide and is well established in its distribution channels(such as store retailers or vending machines).Therefore a new product launch can typically rely on the existing distribution system in order to reach the majority of its target market while requiring no major supply or delivery developments.

Cost,Flavours,Technology and Location

When compared to other energy drinks, Boost is still cost effective.flavours offered are still the most popular in most markets

Four new exciting flavours with Reverse Vending Technology. Boost was the first brand to introduce yellow granules the Power BoostersIt is the first brand to develop a 'shrink sleeved' packaging,in recognition it has also won the World Star award for its packaging. Singapore is beginning to be seen as a good destination for energy drinks and has a good market for the product.


Relying upon line extensions

Boost is relying on brand extensions increase sales in specific lines,particularly its long-time nutritional drinks that is the introduction of new flavours may cause harm to the parent brand.However there is a strong risk of cannibalizing existing sales in the longterm.

Reliant upon particular nutritional drinks

The longtime presence of boost nutritional drink has established this particular line as a flagship product.Being launched in Singapore,Boost will face a heavy competition.It is very difficult to attracts consumers as the product is new to the Singapore consumers.Boost will launch its product in four different flavours,with which it may confuse the con sumers to choose which flavour to drink.

New Process

The Reverse vending machines are new to the people,so first they have to be educated well about that,which is a tough process.It should get approval from the Health ministry of Singapore to set up an plant here,it may take a long time as the government is strict and will check whether everything is fine.Already lot of schools,colleges and workplaces have vending machines,it is very tough to compete with them to set up a new vending machine.

Slow Market Demand

Slow reaction to market demand - Product should get launched and still has not started to run.And may not even have market for the product.Boost energy drink - most popular drink with Indian consumers. However complaints have been fed back from consumers that the drink still is not restructured with a different and good taste, various flavours advertised are not yet running, and the lack of any industrial attachment or input devalues the product.Boost must work hard to improve all these if the flagship products is to continue to attract such large numbers and avoid being overtaken in the market place.

  • Slow administration procedures - slow decisions on Product approvals both internally and from GSK has led to some consumers choosing to go elsewhere.
  • Poor consumer experience - some have reflected a general feeling that the taste of the Boost not belonging to the Boost family as a whole.
  • Lack of part-time jobs - compared to other countries and compared with other institutions in Singapore.
  • Website: Boost marketing tool requires a re-design to be more modern and effective.
  • Cost: when compared to other Energy drinks in Singapore Boost appears costly.


New Product Introductions

The nutritional drink market is one that particularly allows more innovation oppurtunities and gives greater freedom for creativity in the design,production,manufacturing,distribution,promotion and retailing choices and processes.

Brand is attractive to global partners

Because of the company's size(including value,brand name and operating revenues) and wide portfolio base,Boost enjoys a strong purchasing powers over its suppliers, and also attracts large partnerships with various levels of consumer reach.Existing brand awareness also provides an international playing field for powerful marketing strategies.


Strong Competition

Boost is competing in a global market that is characterized by an oligopoly between several competitors.The fight for market shares and sales in crowded markets becomes a complex one.

Potential health issues

The current trend of consumers and consumer groups'awareness towards goods and services is both beneficial and threatening for companies in the food and beverage industry.Over the last few years,concerns over health issues have risen in the media through an expanding and ever-growing network of "Knowledge outputs".Large companies can also easily become the target of consumer's apprehension.

Free Trade

In an era of globalization, large international can come out with comparative advantages.Issues arise when dealing with price competition and economic growth.Trade organizations are also faced with public pressure which can disrupt operation in one or more areas of the company.

Competitor Analysis

Boost vs Milo

Milois amilkbeverage withchocolateandmalt, produced byNestléand originating fromAustralia.Milo provides children with 50% of their daily iron,calcium ,Vitamin c and Vitamin B1 has a great brand value and recognition in Singapore.Boost which is loved by everyone in India,after its launch in Singapore it will be tough for Milo to compete with Boost.Because,Boost is going to be launched with exciting new flavours and it will be according to the demand of the market.

Boost vs Horlicks

Although both the health drinks belong to Glaxosmith Kline they have a good competition. Both Horlicks and Boost is been categorized for the people having high level of income. Horlicks is clearly segmented as a malt flavoured Energy drink.

'Horlicks the great family nourisher' is its slogan. The brand has been positioned and repositioned with the new delicious range of flavours. Boost beats horlicks because as Horlicks is an malted drink,the taste is not well received.

Boost vs. Bournvita:

Children always look out for the tastiest option, to make their daily dose of milk more enjoyable Cadbury Bournvita offers two options with its popular chocolate taste, and its latest offering, Cadbury Bournvita 5 Star Magic, leveraging the rich chocolate and caramel flavour of Cadbury 5 Star.

New Bournvita++ offers the children the best of both worlds - nature and science. It's a well-balanced combination of natural, wholesome ingredients and essential nutrients.

Discover how they work together to boost your child's physical and mental energy. boost beats Bournvita 5 Star Magic by providing new flavours in Boost [chocolate, Vanilla,Almond, etc.] and beats New Bournvita ++ with their slogan Drive the exam demon away).

Indirect Competitors

Coffee, Tea, Milk, etc.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing entry strategy

We will launch Boost into the Singapore market by exporting the finish products from India.The Glaxosmithkline pte ltd will be responsible for the promotion and distribution of the brand Boost.We will have Boost warehouse to store our products.

Market Segmentation,Targeting and Positioning


The market segmentation of Boost has been segmented as Geographically and Psychographic.


Boost has segmented Singapore market into four major places such as Little India,Raffle's place,China town and Sentosa.The brand Boost is not limited to any age group,religion,proffesion etc.Firstly Boost will be launched into these four major places and if the consumer response is good then Boost will expand its market to the whole Singapore.


Boost will cater the whole population of Singaporean market belongs to any age, profession,attitude and lifestyle.

Target Market

Target four major places.They are Little India,Raffles place,China town and Sentosa.

Target school and university students.

Boost will be targeted at health drink consumers as a new health drink which is not available in the market.

Target health conscious customers who prefer to have healthier products like energy drinks,fruit juices,fruit drinks.


Boost will be launched in four new exciting flavours.

Glaxosmithkline as a parental company will have some psychological effect on consumer which force consumers to taste Boost atleast once.

Boost has planned to position itself as a healthy drink which could be used as a median drink between carbonated drink s and fruit juices.

Boost will use Glaxosmithkline brand's goodwill to position itself.

Critical Success Factor

Brand Name

Today Boost is a very huge in health drink beverages.Boost has a market share of 13% countrywide among all the Health Food Drinks,while in South India - the biggest region for the category.It commands a market share of 24% and it has expertise in marketing, distribution and promotion.So,it is an added advantage with brand Boost.

Cost Factors

We will keep our product's cost competitive as compared to other health drinks brand. So that health drinks consumers prefers to try our brand due to its low cost.

Changing Trends

Nowadays, more and more consumers are getting health conscious which is by the fact that the fruit juices and drinks market of Singapore is continuously increasing. According to DATA monitor report, the market share own by health drinks and drinks were 19% in 2006 which is currently at 23%. So, our product would be having an advantage of being a non carbonated fruit drink.

Increasing consumption

According to the recent statistics, Singapore is also the largest consumer of health drinks as Singapore's per capita consumption of drinks is growing steadily with no end in sight.

Increasing immigration

Singapore is experiencing a large number of Asian immigrants which are familiar with the Brand boost, which would provide us a variety of potential consumers. As Boost is already a well established brand in many Asians countries.

Marketing Objectives

Our main objectives with respect to launch of Boost in Singapore are as follows:

  • To penetrate the market and achieve a market share of 5% by the end of first year and of 7% by end of third year.
  • Achieve profit by third year and break even by end of second year of the launch of Boost.
  • We like to launch Boost into the Singapore market by associating it with some Celebrity. May be sports person or Film personality.
  • If the Response of the consumer will be good then we will expand our market to the whole Singapore.
  • Once we cross break even and run into profits, we will share part of our profits with a cause associated with saving environment.

Marketing Mix Strategies

Product, Price, Place and Promotion


As far as the product is concern few things of the product will be standardized and other would be adapted according to the Singaporean standards.

  • Company will not change the core value of the product like Quality and Taste of Boost.
  • Company plans to launch the product in three different size i.e Booster instant sachet 25gms ,Can 240 ml and Tetrapack 250 ml.
  • Product will come in two different packaging, which will be in Tetra packs and Cans. Specially designed steel cans will be introduced after 6 months in order to maintain the curiosity of the consumers.
  • Product packaging will be according to the Singaporean consumers who prefer to hang with the drinks. So, our product packaging will be small, easy to carry and good looking.
  • Augmentation will be provided to customers by customer care, services, returns and reusability of bottles for other tacks.
  • Reverse vending machine one of the newest technologies will be launched in Singapore along with the launch of Boost.


  • Existing market of soft drinks is very competitive and also there is small percentage of Health drinks consumers. So, in order to increase the percentage of health drink consumer and to penetrate in to the market, company planned to come up with low cost leadership strategy which often proof effective in gaining market share in short period of time.
  • The Low cost leadership strategy will force consumers to taste/try our product without any second thought.


The product will be manufactured in India and will be exported to Singapore.The finish product will be sent to mother warehouse of Boost for storage purpose which is in Singapore and from mother warehouse finish product would be further forwarded through Carriage and Forwarding Agent.


  • Marketing plan starts with the free sampling in every CBD area of city, trail by an icebreaker, children competition, fun games for elders and other stuff. The main purpose is to conduct an activity for whole family.


  • For Advertising Boost will be focussing on to use television, billboards, internet, radio, posters.
  • Boost will associate Christiano Ronaldo with the product Boost by taking Christiano Ronaldo in Ad films, posters etc.
  • Christiano Ronaldo posters will be used on Billboards, magazines and Newspaper ads.
  • Company will use electronic billboards at major train stations and areas

Celebrity Endorsements

Personal selling

Professional sales team will contact 5 star hotels, fast food shops, restaurants and other multinational franchises e.g. Mc Donald's,Burger King,KFC etc

Direct marketing

Company will use direct marketing like mails, e mails, internet ads, and telemarketing at initial stage to aware consumers about the product

Points of Purchase

Sales and marketing team will take care of shelves of shops to make sure that product should be in front position. Moreover, Company will make sure the availability of the product in the vending machine at major stations, school canteen, universities.

The company will launch a Boost's official website especially for the Singaporean region.


Separate budgets are allocated for completion of formalities of contract, setting up of warehouse, distribution costs, internet related costs, advertising costs that will include promotion in Cinemas, T.V, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, Hoardings. Budget is also allocated for other sales promotion activities like personal selling, free samples at public gatherings, promotion in malls, etc. Transportation and product launch will also be given separate budgets.

Given below are the allocated budgets for each item along with date of completion.


The Implementation of the Marketing plan will take as follows

  • The Contract and all other formalities like distribution, storage, promotion etc will be negotiated with Boost Pte Ltd Singapore. This would be done by Board of directors and marketing manager of both companies.
  • With the help of Boost Pte Ltd Singapore, a Mother warehouse would be set up in Singapore. We will be using Boost Pte Ltd Singapore 's warehouse managers' expertise in setting up our mother warehouse and other warehouses in other parts of Singapore.
  • The Proper distribution network will be established by 1st Feb 2010. For this we will use Boost Pte Ltd Singapore.

Evaluation and Control

  • We will evaluate our performance on two parameters; Financial and non financial parameters.
  • The financial parameter like sales figure, market coverage, market share, cash flow, and profit and loss will be assessing on monthly basis.
  • The non-financial performance of the product would be measured on qualitative parameters such as quality, customer satisfaction, and effectiveness of marketing activities.
  • The qualitative parameters would be measured on a quarterly basis by engaging an external agency such as a market research company
  • There will be a visit of Boost India experts once in a two month to assess the performance of the product.



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