Microsoft Surface

Executive Summary

The intention of this report is to generate a practical marketing plan for the launch of an amazing multi-touch computer technology called Microsoft Surface, originally introduced by MICROSOFT Corporation, which was established in April 1975 by William Henry Gates III, commonly known as (Bill Gates). It is an internationally reputed computer technology corporation that develops, manufactures, licences and supports an extensive variety of software system for computers.

Microsoft Surface is an innovative technology that will enable the users to interact with the digital gadgets in a very easy and handy manner. Multiple users can use the same screen simultaneously just by placing their mobile phones or cameras on the screen and moving the pictures or other data just by grabbing the contents in the hand or by simple gestures and touches. It will be installed in the places like hotel lobbies, lounges, television rooms and others.

We believe that by targeting the Australian market, we can productively occupy a promising position in the field of computer technology.

2.0 Introduction

Microsoft Surface is a fundamental change in the world of technology. This will bring in a revolution in the Australian Market. It is an innovative multi-touch technology that reacts to ordinary hand gestures and real-world objects. This type of interface works best for photo sharing maps and menus. There is no need for any mouse or a keyboard. It helps people to work together with the digital information in a very easy and spontaneous manner. Microsoft surface is a big horizontal surface in the form of a coffee table that acts as a screen for the users wherein they can view the files or exchange data just by the dragging the files from one media mode to another. This is an extremely versatile technology that can be used by multiple users at the same time.

3.0 Situation Analysis

3.1 Market Summary

The target audiences for Microsoft Surface are almost all the sectors in the commercial market like entertainment, finance, hospitality, Telecom companies, hotels, military and educational providers. This technology will prove to be extremely successful in the Australian Market. Microsoft being a manufacturer of computer technology and related software's, it does not restrict itself to any one particular target market because of the large range of products it offers that may appeal to different demographics.

3.2 SWOT Analysis

3.2.1 Strengths

Ø The greatest strength of Microsoft Surface is that it's the product of the world renowned company Microsoft Corporation, who has already accumulated in-depth industry experience and insight over the years.

Ø Microsoft is a strong brand name having years of reputation in the market worldwide.

Ø Microsoft already has good relationships with many perspective customers in the target market.

Ø This technology is one of its kinds and will be launched for the first time ever in Australia.

Ø Object recognition without any cord connection.

3.2.2 Weakness

Ø This technology is just being launched by Microsoft so it is yet to gain recognition in the market place.

Ø Privacy is one of the biggest weaknesses.

Ø The price for the Surface computer may vary between $5,000 and $10,000 each which is a bit too expensive

Ø Possibility of getting affected by virus.

Ø These kinds of high tech gadgets have high maintenance expenses.

Ø Lack of Mobility due to the huge projection system.

3.2.3 Opportunities

Ø Microsoft hopes to launch a cheaper and affordable version in next three - five years.

Ø Microsoft is also planning to make is easily available for household usage in next few years time.

Ø Microsoft can produce a smaller size of the surface to avoid the shipping difficulties.

3.2.4 Threats

Microsoft Surface does possess quite a few threats

Ø Competition from any of its existing competitors like iphone.

Ø Competitors launching any new entrant in the market with the similar kind of touch screen technology and with cheaper prices.

Ø Disposing this kind of huge gadget can cause a big environmental damage.

3.3 Competitor Analysis

3.4 Product/Service Offerings

3.5 Issue Analysis

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