Muthoot Finance

An analysis of marketing Strategy of Muthoot Finance

Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy is a method of focusing an organization's energies and resources on a course of action which can lead to increased sales and dominance of a targeted market niche. A marketing strategy combines product development, promotion, distribution, pricing, relationship management and other elements; identifies the firm's marketing goals, and explains how they will be achieved, ideally within a stated timeframe.Marketing strategy mainly includes 7p's of marketing i.e :-

1. Place

2. Product

3. Price

4. Promotion

5. People

6. Process

7. Physical Evidence

Muthoot Finance

Muthoot Finance finds its origin in the year 1887,a small beginning with Muthoot Bankers, foundedby Mr. Ninan Mathai Muthoot and Mr. M. George Muthoot in the town of Kozhenchery, Kerala. Providing excellent service and facilities, Muthoot Finance has grown intoone of the largest financial groups of its kind in India.

Core Values

* Let us not judge ourselves by the profit we make but by the trust and the confidence that people have in us.

* Let us cherish and nurture that trust and ensure that every person who deals with us deals with confidence that he will not be misguided but his interest will be carefully protected.

Analysis of Marketing Strategy of Muthoot Finance



Muthoot Finance offers various number of products and list is as follows:-

1. Gold Loans

2. Gold Coins

3. Investments

4. Money Transfers

5. Insurance

6. Security

7. Foreign Exchange

8. Travel Smart

9. Vehicle & Asset Finance

1. Muthoot Finance has generated the new concept of GOLD loans. They provide loan against your gold. Our gold which is lying idle in the bank lockers we can utilize it and can take advantage from that. The strategy of Muthoot Finance behind this is that in this case both the parties are getting the benefit a) we are getting finance from our idle asset. b) company is having our most valuable asset i.e gold which never depreciates only appreciates.

USPof Muthoot Gold Power Loan:

* They provide any amount of cash loan

* Loan available in just 5 minutes

* Any Need, Any Amount, Any time, Anywhere

* Simple hassle free loan with least documentation & unmatched safety and security of gold pledged

* Flexible payment option even on easy instalment

2. Muthoot Finance has also started the concept of ‘24 carat pure gold coins'. The strategy here used is that they want to change the perception of customers. Indirectly they can conveying the customers not to purchase the gold from jewellery shops rather purchase gold coins and gift to your dear ones. To some extent they are effecting the market of jewellers.

The advantages

* Purity: The gold coins of 999 purity. Now onwards you need not buy copper at the price of gold.

* 100% investments: When you buy gold jewellery, in addition to the price of gold you pay 30% more in the form of making charges, shortage while making etc. when you buy gold coin no such expenses occures. Moreover, you get full value when you sell it or convert it into jewellery,

* Easy to buy, Easy to store: Gold coins are available in different denominations of 2 gram, 4 gram, 8 gram & 20 gram. Hence investment can be made in small or large amounts. It is easy to keep and very convenient to convert into money when need arises.

* Non-depreciating asset: Even when value of money depreciates, value of gold coins does not come down, but only goes up. In other words, your investment in gold coins does not depreciate with the value of money.


Muthoot Finance is having 1500+ branches in almost 21 states and n number of districts. Earlier muthoot was in limited states but now they are expanding their business and they want to cover each and every corner. And moreover it is the number one gold company.


Muthoot Finance is using the animated Elephants for their promotion. The elephant represents strength, stability and trust. Animation is increasingly becoming clutter breaking and cost effective way for brands to communicate in the audio-visual medium. As the part of the thought out marketing strategy, the two characters are being introduced ‘Mattu & Mittu' through an integrated approach using several media. So, by using such type of strategy mainly company is targeting every age group but specially to youngsters.


If we talk about process of muthoot finance then they claim that just visit our place and have loan in only 5 minutes. They are using their this feature for promotions also.

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