NatWest bank



An interim presentation-report will be submitted, just after the completing of the qualitative research.

Afterwards a meeting with NatWest managers will be organized in order to discuss the next steps of the research. The researches will create a detailed outline power point presentation and once this has been approved, there will be a formal presentation of all the researchers' findings and conclusion.

The researchers will submitted three complete copies of the whole market research, which summarizes the findings of each stage of the work. Three sets of tabulation will also be provided.

Please notice that the transcripts of the interviews are available on request, but these are provided at extra cost.


The complete duration of the understudied NatWest market research is of 18 weeks, meeting the deadlines previously set out.

During the whole duration of the project every Friday at 12 noon we will send weekly progress reports in the form of emails. This aims to summarise the week's work and give us the opportunity to put into place any modification clients might suggest.

The table below indicates the suggested timeframe for the understudied NatWest market research.




Desk research


Definition of qualitative fieldwork


Desk and qualitative research report available


Questionnaire development


Definition of pilot (25 managers)


Pilot interviews


Quantitative research (400 pers.)


Data collection and preparation






Final written report available

It is possible to note that in the timeframe table there are overlapping periods, that has been decided in order to ensure that the deadlines are respected.

9 Fees

Please note that the fees quoted below are exclusive of VAT and are subject to the assumptions contained in this proposal. We reserve the right to make any required adjustments whether any assumptions prove to be incorrect.




Desk research

-17 hours senior executive

-35 hours junior executive

-£1,000 to purchase any

relevant report


Qualitative research

Population: 4 different groups


Quantitative research

Survey, telephone, email population 4 groups



Report and additional docs



Report and additional docs



Report and additional docs



To researchers and customers


Total fee


10 Limitations

It is noticed that the researchers might go through some limitations that may affect the accuracy of the results.

10.1. Random sampling errors

These errors occur depending on the variations in the sample data. That is when people refuse to cooperate, for example in NatWest project people may refuse to answer questions about information that are related to the amount of income they receive per month or also their age.

Moreover people may also answer questions in way that does not completely represent the truth, which is called as response bias.

It is also remarkable that the researcher or the interviewer may sometimes influence the answers of the customers. And finally people might try to create a good impression in the interviewers presence, for example when asked about the amount of income per month, they could answer giving an higher income that they receive.

10.2. Administrative errors

These errors are made by the researchers, who may improperly administrate and execute their research tasks.

10.3. Data processing errors

This happens when the researcher wrongly store the data receiver from the interviewee on the computer.

10.4. Interviewer errors

This can occur when the interviewer incorrectly records an interviewee answer.

10.5 . Interviewer cheating

This type of errors occurs when the interviewer fills in questions that were left blank by the interviewee.

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