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NESTLE-Nestle was founded by Henri nestle in 1866 and is a swiss company.It markets its products in 130 countries across the world and it sells over a billion product every day. The core competency of nestle is nutrition and it generally focus on health and wellness,their main consideration is good food and good life to all consumer.

Core of Nestle business

  • They not only focus on the enjoyment and social pleasure of eating together,but also more in terms of personal health and nutrition.
  • Nestle is committed to provide their customer. Consistent quality, safety as well as value for money and convenience
  • Great taste is the fundamental of their products and consumer appreciation of good food
  • Priority on nutrition, health and wellness

Maggi in India

Maggi noodles is a brand of Instant noodles by Nestle. It was founded by the Maggi family in Switzerland in the 19th century and is the Iconic brand of Nestle and it is not only a hit brand in India but also globally as well.

Some of the facts of Maggi as a flagship brand of nestle in India-

  • It is known as a product of Instant noodles with its various sub segments such as the traditional dal atta,veg atta and rice noodles along with their various variants.curry,masala, tomato, Chiken in the traditional and shahi pulao, Lemon Masala and Chilly chow in the rice noodle segments.
  • It was established among 25 years ago in 1983 with the launch of its traditional '2 minute noodles' in its masala, tomato and chicken flavours, followed by its curry flavour some years down the line.
  • Maggi was launched at the time when the instant noodle was not that well known a category.
  • When maggi was launched it used the tagline "Fast to cook good to eat" to not only promote the product, but also to educate the ever growing aspirant consumer about the advantages of using it


Before the launch of maggi there was a key need for a product that provides

Good quality made it an easy to city food and at the same time was convenient, maggi visualized that there should be a product which takes less time to cook and consumer uses that product to get fast relief from hunger.

Target market

First, Maggi targeted at the kids, because they know these segments want such kind of product from which they can get relief whenever they feel hungry. As a result, they came up with Maggi-2minute noodles.

Over the years Maggi has promoted itself as a "Fast to cook Good to Eat" food product. No doubt the ads of maggi have shown a hungry kid saying "Mummy bhook lagi hai" to which his mom replies "bas do minute" and soon he is happily eating maggie noodles. The company could have easily positioned itself as a meal,but did not,as a study shown that Indian mentality did not accept anuthing other than rice or roti as a meal, instead of it they made it as an easy to cook snack to be prepared in just two minutes.


Positioning is about a brand occupies in a market in the minds of consumer. Strong brands have a clear, often unique position in the target market. For maggi, it's positioning as a healthy tasty and quickly made product, which is achieved through several means, including brand name, image, service standards, product gurantees, packaging and the way in which it is delivered. In fact, successful positioning usually requires a combination of things


Repositioning occurs when a brand tries to change its market position to reflect a change in consumer tastes. As said earlier Maggi also tried to change its taste but failed miserably.


  • Promotional campaigns in schools
  • Advertising strategies that is focusing kids
  • Availability of maggi in different packets
  • New product innovations
  • TVC, Hoardings, Print media and Digital media are the other things used to develop and sustain customer perceptions.
  • Internal Marketing


  • Maggi focus on wellness and nutrition
  • Changed their advertising campaign
  • Firstly they related their product as to get fast relief from hunger, but later they visualized and make their products for fun and adventure.
  • They came up with the popular character of pankaj and javed to communicate with target audience
  • They went for sales promotion in schools and offices.
  • They have also done some market research exercise, regards of taste and health issues. This helped Maggi to force their consumer to think about them.
  • They have distributed free samples in the period of new launches and gift on return of empty pack.
  • Invite Housewives to send new innovatives recipes made from Maggi and introduce rewards for the same, as a brand development and brand sustaining exercise.
  • Organizing contests, games and industrial visits for school kids to further strengthen the brand image.
  • At now days they have invited people to share their story with maggi noodles so to promote Maggi in a new way.


The strategy used by Nestle is push strategy basically because maggi is a low involvement product and its competitors are also available in the market so that's why they have to adopt a push strategy so that they can attract a large chunk of customers.


What is the brand that comes to your mind when one say noodles?-I guess Maggi so thats what the brand name is and that is how Maggi has grown and positioned itself in the Indian market. By doing emotional marketing they were successfully able to promote these products like MAGGI(Vegetable Atta Noodles, Dal Atta Noodles, Rice Noodles Mania, Healthy Soups, Healthy Soup-Sanjeevni).

However once they have failed also but again they Repostioned themselves and targeted the Children and women for their convience with health issues. So following are the alternative strategies that maggi can do to achieve more customer base.

  • Conduct test marketing before launching new product.
  • Focused on creating a distinctive image and to create a promotional campaign at schools in small town with population more than 10,000.
  • Strengthen the distribution channel of the rural areas within 100 km of all the metros.
  • Launch new advertising campaign (T.V., Radio and print media commercial )with hte brand ambassador.
  • Conduct market research to find out the market penentration in the rural areas covered.

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